Learning To Block, Part 1

By Joe Beale on August 2, 2009 at 9:06 am

Like many of you out there, I would really like to see Ohio State succeed in football this year. Not that the team hasn't had success for the past few years, it's just that I want to see the team go to the next level. What seems to have slipped a bit in recent seasons is the play of the offensive line. I was thinking that perhaps someone here at Eleven Warriors needs to step up and do his part to help rectify the problem. So here is my first attempt.

The video below is from a group called Clubhouse Gas, and is designed to aid coaches in teaching the most basic blocking techniques for players in the age group 5-15. I realize that the guys playing O-Line for OSU are much older than that, but after the last 3 seasons I'm wondering if going back and re-learning the fundamentals might not be a bad idea. After all, none of us wants to see another "pillow fight" anytime soon. Coach Bollman, take heed!

Incidentally, the guy who is doing the teaching is not a famous ex-NFL player or anything like that, but it looks like he's blocked a few guys in his time. It also looks like he took a few too many trips to the training table, but we'll leave that aside for now. Some of the commenters on YouTube remarked that the contact usually occurs on the 2nd step, not the first. But that's really nitpicking when you're trying to teach the basics. I'd like to see our guys master the technique of knocking the defender on his rear before I start worrying about how many steps it takes before they do it.

For those of you that prefer a more detailed approach to the drive block, this video might suit you better.