Blogpoll: Final Poll Draft

By Chris Lauderback on January 9, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Glitches carrying over from the final regular season ballot have the delta's out of whack once again but I'm sure you'll live.

Florida and USC are without a doubt the two best teams in our minds but it gets a little cloudy after that.

Since the final poll is obviously more important than the previous versions, please submit your feedback before Sunday so we can submit the final ballot Monday morning.

1 Florida Tebow and Harvin lead Florida to the Blogpoll Title. NR
2 Southern Cal We thought before the bowls USC deserved to be in the title game and their first half demolition of Penn State only reinforced our opinion. NR
3 Utah I'm just the messenger on this one since it goes against our season long criteria of ranking based on who we think would win straight up on a neutral field especially in the top 10 but I think this is more about making a statement regarding the need for a playoff. NR
4 Texas Colt McCoy's 411 yards passing and late game magic were just enough for Texas to prevent an upset by a game Ohio State team. NR
5 Oklahoma The Sooners hung in there but couldn't upend the Gators. NR
6 Penn State Because we Buckeye fans have been there, done that, we knew a Rose Bowl whipping was in order but that doesn't overly diminish what a great season Joe Pa's crew had in an inferior conference NR
7 Alabama 'Bama was ranked higher than they deserved all season by us and we knew it well before Saban's bunch choked on the last two games of the season. NR
8 Texas Tech The Red Raiders were clearly a team not happy with their bowl destination and Ole Miss made them pay for it 47-34. NR
9 Ohio State The Buckeyes were in it to win it but they scored with too much time left then got caught gambling with no safeties extending the BCS Bowl slide to three. NR
10 TCU The Horned Frogs finished at 11-2 while ending Boise State's bid for an undefeated season in a 17-16 victory. NR
11 Georgia Georgia awoke from a first half slumber to beat Sparty 24-12 in the Capital One. Dawgs finish 10-3, Sparty 9-4. NR
12 Oregon The Ducks scored 35 second half points to run away from Oklahoma State to finish 10-3. NR
13 Boise State Boise fell short of perfection (12-1) thanks to a 17-16 loss to TCU in the most awesome San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. I would kill for a commerative t-shirt from this one. Anybody knows where to find such a gem? NR
14 Cincinnati Big Brother turned it over four times in a 20-7 Orange Bowl loss to Virginia Tech to finish 11-3. NR
15 Virginia Tech The Hokies improved to 10-4 with a 20-7 win over Cincy. NR
16 Oklahoma State The Cowboys couldn't slow down the Ducks in a 42-31 Holiday Bowl defeat. Dez Bryant caught 13 for 168 in the loss. NR
17 Mississippi Ole Miss moved to 9-4 beating Texas Tech 47-34 in the Cotton Bowl. NR
18 Missouri Mizzou needed OT to dispatch Northwestern 30-23 in the Alamo. NR
19 Brigham Young BYU lost to Arizona in the Las Vegas Bowl to finish 10-3. NR
20 Michigan State Michigan State hung tough before wilting in the second half. Seems like the story of the program over the last however many years. NR
21 Northwestern The purple team almost pulled the upset of Mizzou before falling in OT 30-23. NR
22 Tulsa Tulsa blitzed Ball State 45-13 in the GMAC to finish at 11-3. NR
23 Iowa The lone Big Ten bowl game winner. Props! NR
24 Arizona The Wildcats won only 8 games but lost to USC by 7 and Oregon State by 2. NR
25 Notre Dame HaHa! Why not? That was one sweet 7-6 season capped by the first bowl win in 15 years. So weak. NR