11W Weekend Update: Sponsored by Gravy

By Jason Priestas on November 27, 2008 at 7:00 am

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope that you all get a chance to take some time off, see some family and tune into some football this weekend. Please add 7-1 to the long list of things to be thankful of.

We're going to take the a few days off, but the action on the television should have you covered. And next season, we can all look forward to watching the streak run to six with a belly full of turkey.

Texas A&M @ #2 Texas
Thurs. 8:00PM ET - ESPN

The Longhorns, Oklahoma and Texas Tech have that whole BCS love triangle thing going on and you have to imagine Tech and Sooner fans will have their Aggie hats on for this one. A&M already has a loss to Arkansas State and blowout losses to Miami and Baylor on the books, so they don't have a chance in hell, right? Weirder things have happened in this rivalry.

West Virginia @ #20 Pittsburgh, Fri. 12:00PM ET - ABC
The 101st edition of the Backyard Brawl will be played on Black Friday this year, so the men and women in that region will each have something to do that day. The women, naturally, will be queuing up at Wal-Mart waiting to get their hands on that Travis Tritt box set, lawn ornaments and other Christmas gifts, while the men will be getting drunk and watching bad football. Hatred meter: charged.

Georgia Tech @ #13 Georgia, Sat. 12:00PM ET - CBS
Paul Johnson's Yellow Jackets rushed for 472 yards against Miami last week. Granted, it is Miami, but 472 is pretty rare against a BCS program. Georgia has held the upper hand in this series for a while, but this Tech team is playing with a bit of confidence and the Dawgs do like to take Saturdays at home off. Some highly optimistic Tech fans are even thinking blowout.

Syracuse @ #15 Cincinnati, Sat. 12:00PM ET - ESPN360
A home win against a terrible team away from a BCS berth. You're all growns up now, UC.

Auburn @ #1 Alabama, Sat. 3:30PM ET - CBS
What do you know. It's another Iron Bowl with nothing on the line. Well, technically, the Tide are playing to keep MNC hopes alive, but they're already guaranteed a spot in the SEC championship game. Auburn, meanwhile, needs a win just to get into a shitty bowl, but that hasn't prevented them from counting down to a butt-kicking.

#2 Florida @ Florida State, Sat. 3:30PM ET - ABC
Myron Rolle is a Rhodes Scholar! That's honestly a pretty remarkable accomplishment. Hopefully he spent this week devising a way to stop Tim Tebow. I'm not holding out hope, however. Trying to solve Tebow is what put Hawking in his wheelchair.

#21 Oregon @ #16 Oregon State, Sat. 7:00PM ET - Ham Radio?
The Civil War figures to get the best ratings in Ohio out of any of these games. Duck fans are feeling it and so are we.

#3 Oklahoma @ #10 Oklahoma State, Sat. 8:00PM ET - ABC
Bedlam, I tell you. Mike Gundy will get another chance to prove his manhood and his DC, Tim Beckman, can put together a good gameplan, but this Sooner team has too many weapons and too much confidence to stop right now.

Notre Dame @ #5 USC, Sat. 8:00PM ET - ESPN
Charlie is on life support after that loss at home to Syracuse last week. Tune in to this one only to see how out of hound the game will get. I'm guessing 56-0.