11W Mix Tape: Multiple Formations Edition

By Chris Lauderback on October 30, 2008 at 7:00 am

Much like the Ohio State offense, I struggled to come up with something to hang my hat on today, so I present to you various items to digest in hopes one of them might sneak past the goal line.

Sutton Goes Under the Knife Though an emotional letdown wouldn't be much of a shock, the Buckeyes should have an easier time in Evanston a week from Saturday considering stud RB Tyrell Sutton will be out for the rest of the regular season following wrist surgery on Tuesday.

How Bad is the Offensive Line? So bad that in four of nine games Tressel has declined to name a Jim Parker award winner meaning zero linemen were able to pull a winning performance grade out of their ass. Further, of the five times the honor was miraculously given, Boone has won four times (including this week) and Jim Cordle once with the others being shut out.

That said, rumor has it Joe Pa awarded Bryant Browning PSU's "On the Take" award during yesterday's presser.

Pettrey Isn't the de facto Kicker After trotting out and connecting on both of OSU's field goal tries last week, Tressel announced yesterday that Pretorius is still the guy from 36 yards or less while Pettrey is the guy from 37 yards or longer. Pettrey nailed a 36 yarder last week but the only reason he got the call from inside 37 was due to wind.

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? How can a guy that has your confidence from 37 plus not be the same guy you have confidence in from 36 or less? I can even understand a two kicker system when the other guy boots the truly long ones but a 37 yard cutoff seems a little goofy. If it weren't for Boeckman, I'd almost be worried Tressel is more concerned about Pretorious' feelings than winning games. Almost.

Hoops Tix On Sale Monday The university announced yesterday that single game and mini-season ticket packages go on sale next Monday, November 3rd. Besides the single game offerings, a Scarlet package and Gray package will be available for 64 bones.

The Scarlet package gets you tix to Bowling Green, Jacksonville, Huggy Bear's Mountaineers and Purdue while the Gray package is comprised of Samford, Butler, Iona and Michigan State.

Hoops Media Announces Preseason Picks The writers tabbed Purdue's Robbie Hummel as the pre-season player of the year and rounded out the all-conference starting five with Manny Harris, Raymar Morgan, E'Twaun Moore and Marcus Landry.

The top three teams were Purdue, Michigan State and Wisconsin. The media only announces the top three but Bob Baptist's informal straw poll had the Buckeyes 4th.