Upon Further Review: Offense vs Youngstown State

By Jason Priestas on September 3, 2008 at 2:00 pm

You asked for it and here it is: our first ever Buckeye football UFR. Of course, our thanks to Brian at MGoBlog, not only for the inspiration, but also for actively encouraging his fellow Big Ten Bloggers to feel free to swipe the idea. We'll try to come up with a more unique name, but just putting this together sapped all of our energy -- and for that reason, we can't guarantee that this will be a regular feature, but we'd love to at least break it out on special occasions.

We're only going to stick to the offense this week, because quite frankly, a defensive UFR from the YSU game would be kind of boring. Also, we played football in our younger days but are by no means coaches, so if you have any terminology suggestions or see anything that we're doing wrong, we'd love your feedback on it.

14:54 - 12:06 1st Quarter, Touchdown
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-38 1/10 I-Form Twins Run Beanie 7
Tight end right (short side). Boeckman appears to have changed the play at the line to a run left. Beanie (+1) does a nice job of cutting back into the hole. Person (-1) decides not to block anyone and the guy in front of him made the stop. Boone (+1) drove the defensive end out of the picture.
OSU-45 2/3 Single Back Two Tight Run Beanie 3
Bunched right (short) coming out of a hurry-up. Pitch goes to Beanie to right side. Brandon Smith drives his man out of the play (+1). Wells picks up the first down on a generous spot.
OSU-48 1/10 I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie 2
The second-straight play ran without a huddle, Beanie carries the ball for a third consecutive down. The MLB did a nice job of closing up the hole, but Browning (+1) and Ballard (+1) collapsed their side of the line.
OSU-50 2/8 Shotgun Three Wide Run Boeckman 3
Boeckman (-1) misses an open Hartline and Sanzenbacher on inside routes (though I want to give him benefit of the doubt for sightlines, he is 6-4). The pocket actually formed up nicely, but Boeckman tucked it and ran with a quickness.
OPP-47 3/5 Shotgun Five Wide Pass Robiskie 4
Boeckman (+1) makes a nice, crisp throw to Robo (-1) who doesn't extend his rout far enough and comes up a yard short of the first down.
OPP-43 4/1 I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie 43
Wells (+1) takes a handoff left and made a nice cut off of the blocks of his line to take it to the house. Great blocking all around, but Brandon Smith (+1) managed to take out two dudes and Boone (+1) was shoving a linebacker 5 yards downfield.
Drive Notes: Nice opening drive. The line, as expected, was dominating and Beanie had some nice runs. Loved the way the YSU defender dove and got air at the end of the romp.
10:18 - 7:54 1st Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-41 1/10 I-Form Twins Run Herron 3
Boom gets the handoff to the left and away from the YSU blitz. Brandon Smith (-1) completely misses his guy who makes the tackle. Boone (+1) once again drives the defensive end away from the play.
OSU-44 2/7 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Hartline 47
Hartline (+1) runs a cross underneath Robo and goes deep on the sideline. Boeckman (+1) stays in the pocket, takes a hit and delivers a nice ball. Browning (-1) was beaten on the outside, but the ball was delivered in time.
OPP-9 1/10 Single Back Three Wide Run Herron 3
Herron bounces an inside run out to the left and takes on a couple of tacklers before going down. Another nice pickup by Brandon Smith.
OPP-6 2/7 I-Form Twins Run Browning -5
False start on Browning (-1).
OPP-11 2/12 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Boeckman 0
Good protection, but Boeckman (-1) throws too low for Small. He was pretty open, too.
OPP-11 3/12 Shotgun Five Wide Run Boeckman 0
Boeckman gets plenty of time and finally rolls out of the pocket before overthrowing Hartline in the back of the end zone.
Drive Notes: Such a promising drive after the bomb to Hartline, but a false start on the YSU 9 yard line proves costly as the Buckeyes settle for a Pretorius field goal and a 10-0 lead.
7:40 - 0:09 1st Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-35 1/10 Shotgun Five Wide Pass Thomas 9
Pryor (+1) enters the game and promptly completes a slant to Flash Thomas (+1) who goes into traffic to get the ball. Shugarts, Brewster and Adams see the first action of their sure-to-be glorious careers.
OSU-44 2/1 Shotgun Two Back Run Pryor 2
Pryor runs the option with Beanie to the right (short side) and decides to keep it for a short gain. If Shugarts (-1) had decided to block, it could have gone for big yardage.
OSU-46 1/10 I-Form Twins Pass Beanie 2
Great protection before Pryor goes through his progressions before showing nice touch by dumping the ball off to Beanie in the left flat.
OSU-48 2/8 Shotgun Five Wide Run Pryor 14
In a called run, Pryor (+1) keeps the ball and shows some good shakes (bye-bye, safety) before picking up the first down (and then some). Great downfield blocking out of Thomas (+1).
OPP-38 1/10 I-Form Twins Run Saine -1
Adams (-1) has two guys to choose from to block and chooses neither. Saine never really had a chance on the play as it was run right into Adams' side and the LB blew it up in the backfield.
OPP-39 2/11 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Nicol 14
Plenty of time to throw and Pryor hits Nicol (+1) for a nice grab over the middle for the first down. Pryor now perfect on this first three throws.
OPP-25 1/10 Shotgun Three Wide Run Saine 6
Pryor makes the pitch to Saine on an option left after the ROLB had closed on him. Saine (+1) turns a 3 yard gain into 6 yards by making the first guy miss.
OPP-19 2/4 Shotgun Three Wide Run Saine 14
A well-run option to the right this time, with Saine (+1) dancing the sideline for extra yards. Pryor (+1) does a nice job of sucking the defense up and looks like he's been running the option for 1,000 years.
OPP-5 1/G I-Form Two Tight Run Saine 1
Despite decent blocking, there's nothing really there for Saine on the inside handoff.
OPP-4 2/G Shotgun Five Wide Run Pryor -4
Great defense as Pryor is stuffed on the draw.
OPP-8 3/G Shotgun Five Wide Pass Pryor -6
Andrew Miller (-1) is blown up by his guy on the play and Pryor never really had a chance. First boos of the day.
Drive Notes: The future was on display with the Pryor, the freshman lineman, Posey and Thomas all on the field for this drive. It started promising, but the -9 yards after getting the 1st and goal lead to another field goal and a 13-0 Buckeye lead. Eight of the 11 plays were run out of the shotgun.
14:52 - 12:43 2nd Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OPP-34 1/10 I-Form Twins Run Beanie 25
Bauserman enters the game and pitches left to Beanie (+1) for a big gain. Brandon Smith (+1) provides the key block allowing Beanie to cut the run inside at the edge.
OPP-9 1/G I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie 3
Bauserman checked off into a handoff to Beanie to the right. Decent blocking and Wells falls forward for an extra yard at the end.
OPP-6 2/G Single Back Two Tight Run Beanie -2
Pitch left to Beanie but Boone's (-1) guy gets penetration into the backfield, causing Wells to cut up into a tackle.
OPP-8 3/G Shotgun Three Wide Pass Hartline 0
Good protection up front and a nice throw from Bauserman to Hartline, but it may have been a tad late and Hartline is unable to come up with the reception on the left side of the endzone (despite the call on the field initially being a TD).
Drive Notes: Ohio State had to settle for yet another field goal after recovering a fumble in prime Youngstown State territory. OSU 16, YSU 0.
9:00 - 5:17 2nd Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-31 1/10 Shotgun Three Wide Run Beanie 4
Draw to Beanie who picks up a few yards on the left side.
OSU-35 2/6 I-Form Twins Pass Hartline 12
Boeckman (+1) makes a nice throw and Hartline (+1) makes a nice catch on the right side. Good overall protection and good pocket presence as Boeckman completes the pass just before pressure arrived.
OSU-47 1/10 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Robiskie 0
Boeckman again with all day to throw, hesitates twice and then throws deep for Robo in single coverage within the five. Despite acrobatics, Robo is unable to come down with the ball.
OSU-47 2/10 I-Form Twins Pass Ballard 9
Great catch out of Ballard (+1) as Boeckman throws the ball to the wrong side of his body.
OPP-44 3/1 I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie 4
Handoff to Beanie and he bounces it outside to the right for the first down. Brandon Smith delivers another nice block.
OPP-40 1/10 I-Form Twins Pass Robiskie 6
Boeckman does a good job of stepping up into the pocket to avoid pressure and hits Robo on the comeback.
OPP-34 2/4 Single Back Three Wide Pass Boeckman 1
Nice blitz pickup out of Boom (+1). Boeckman sees nothing and tucks the ball for a short gain.
OPP-33 3/3 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Boeckman 0
Decent protection and Boom was wide-open flaring out of the backfield, but Boeckman's pass is batted down at the line of scrimmage.
Drive Notes: Boeckman finished 3 for 5 passing on the drive and though Robo had a chance on the deep ball, his 3rd down pass was knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Pretorius bangs in the 51-yarder as the Buckeyes settle for their fourth-straight field goal and go up 19-0.
2:42 - 1:16 2nd Quarter, Touchdown
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OPP-45 1/10 Shotgun Two Back Pass Smith 0
Great protection again before Boeckman (-1) throws the ball into Brandon Smith's feet, earning boos from the faithful. Todd is now 5/10 for 78 yards on the afternoon.
OPP-45 2/10 Shotgun Four Wide Pass Small 9
Good rhythm, delivery and release as Boeckman (+1) with Ray Small on a slant.
OPP-36 3/1 I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie 2
Give is to Wells over the right side for a short gain and a first down.
OPP-34 1/10 I-Form Twins Pass Beanie 3
Boeckman shows nice touch hitting Beanie out of the backfield for a short gain. I love seeing Beanie getting thrown to this often.
OPP-31 2/7 Single Back Three Wide Pass Robiskie 31
Boeckman (+1) delivers a nice ball to Robo on a seam route, before taking a hit in the pocket. Robo (+1) was blanketed, but comes down with the ball for six. He leaves the field favoring his shoulder and would not return (uncalled facemask against Robo on the play as well).
Drive Notes: On their final drive of the first half, the Buckeyes end the field goal streak (slump?) by putting up another touchdown to take a 26-0 lead. After he earned boos with his first pass of the possession, Boeckman bounces back to complete his next three passes for a total of 43 yards.
11:23 - 7:14 3rd Quarter, Fumble (Turnover)
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-44 1/10 Pistol Pass Beanie 5
The first look at the pistol, or what closely resembles the traditional pistol, features Boeckman in a short shotgun with Beanie behind him and Brandon Smith to his left. Beanie (+1) makes a nice one-handed grab in the right flat and drags a tackler for two yards at the end of the play.
OSU-49 2/5 Shotgun Three Wide Run Beanie 16
Beanie (+1) bounces a draw outside for a 16 yard gain and ANOTHER BUCKEYE FIRST DOWN! Person (+1) picks up a huge block pulling on the play. Small (+1) had a nice block downfield as well.
OPP-35 1/10 Single Back Three Wide Pass Boeckman 2
Good coverage out of the Penguins as Boeckman moves through his progressions before tucking the ball for a short gain. He did put the ball on the ground (-1) at the end of the play, but was able to recover his own fumble.
OPP-33 2/8 Single Back Three Wide Pass Sanzenbacher 4
Play action to Beanie leads to a rollout to right where Boeckman promptly lays Dane Sanzenbacher out to dry. Props to Dane for holding onto the ball (+1) and to Nicol for being the first Buckeye on the scene to peal Dane off of the turf.
OPP-29 3/4 Shotgun Two Back Pass Small -5
The infamous 10-yard running false start out of Small (-1).
OPP-34 3/9 Shotgun Two Back Pass Small 18
The Ghost redeems himself by making a catch and then making the first two guys miss (+1). Great pickups be Beanie and Boom, who each stayed in to block.
OPP-16 1/10 Shotgun Four Wide Pass Small 8
Bubble screen to Small to the right. Nice throw by Boeckman and great downfield blocking from Taurian Washington (+1).
OPP-8 2/2 I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie 6
Nice hole up the middle, which Beanie proceeds to gallop through. One lone defensive back prevented a touchdown.
OPP-2 1/10 I-Form Two Tight Run Beanie -2
The moment 100,000+ went silent. After hurrying to the line to get the play off, Beanie crumples in pain and coughs up the ball (-1). "Gentleman, it is better to have died a young boy than to have fumbled this football."
Drive Notes: After starting the drive with a one-handed catch and a 16-yard run, the series came to a horrific conclusion with Beanie's injury (and fumble) inside the YSU five yard line. Taking a more positive approach, Ray Small looked like a playmaker on this drive, at least.
5:00 - 2:01 3rd Quarter, Touchdown
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OPP-46 1/10 Shotgun Two Back Run Herron 5
Inside handoff to Boom, who makes a good inside cut (+1) on the run. The run was essentially a draw after faking a handoff to the other back first.
OPP-41 2/5 Single Back Three Wide Run Boeckman 4
Somewhat perplexed on this fake end-around which Boeckman kept to run up the middle. I've watched this play ten times and still can't decide if it went as drawn up. Was Small supposed to grab that handoff?
OPP-37 3/1 I-Form Two Tight Run Herron 5
Nifty running out of Herron (+1) as he cut up the inside to pick up the first down.
OPP-32 1/10 Shotgun Two Back Pass Smith 6
Nice touch on the Boeckman pass to Brandon Smith out of the backfield. Smith lowers the shoulders and picks up six.
OPP-26 2/4 I-Form Twins Run Herron 1
The blitzing corner picked up Herron near the line of scrimmage -- nice defensive play out of the Penguins.
OPP-25 3/3 Shotgun Five Wide Pass Posey 25
Posey catches a hitch on the right side, jukes his man (+1) and then jets to the pylon for the score.
Drive Notes: After the defense stepped up following the Wells injury and forced a punt deep, the offense inherited excellent field position and capitalized with Posey's first Buckeye touchdown.
0:13 3rd Quarter - 12:48 4th Quarter, Touchdown
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-32 1/10 Pistol Run M. Wells 2
Pryor is back in at quarterback and a *true* pistol is shown. Inside handoff to Rasta Wells for a short gain.
OSU-34 2/8 Shotgun Three Wide Pass M. Wells 10
Pryor has plenty of time to throw and starts to run right before dumping to Mo Wells who puts on a nifty move (+1) to extend a 6 yard catch into a first down.
OSU-44 1/10 Pistol Run Pryor 21
Out of the pistol, Pryor (+1) fakes the inside handoff to Wells before tucking the ball and racing down the right sideline for 21. The camera man bites on the fake.
OPP-35 1/10 Shotgun Three Wide Run Pryor 4
Finding nothing open, Pryor tucks the ball and runs for a short gain. His speed turns a play of no gain into four yards.
OPP-31 2/6 I-Form Twins Run M. Wells 13
Inside handoff to Mo Wells, who breaks two tackles (+1) on the way to a first down pickup. Rehring (+1) and Boone (+1) do a nice job of creating the initial hole.
OPP-18 1/10 Pistol Run Pryor 18
Wells lines up in behind Pryor in the pistol, and fakes a handoff before Pryor (+1) does his thing on the left side, walking/stretching in for six. This play will be hard to stop, regardless of the running back used.
Drive Notes: Pryor got his first shot at playing with the ones and delivered his first Buckeye touchdown. It's funny how much better Pryor made Mo Wells as an option out of the backfield on this series. Imagine the damage he and Beanie would do together.
10:57 - 5:08 4th Quarter, Field Goal
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OSU-20 1/10 I-Form Twins Run M. Wells 2
Bauserman is back in with the 2nd team line and the Penguins load eight guys into the box and gamble on the run, stopping Wells for after a short gain.
OSU-22 2/8 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Posey 4
Posey catches a hitch for short yardage. Good zip on the ball from Bauserman.
OSU-26 3/4 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Posey 11
Great protection as Bauserman throws underneath to Posey who turns the play up for four more yards after making the catch.
OSU-37 1/10 Single Back Three Wide Run Bauserman 1
Good coverage out of YSU on the play (though Posey was open again). After not finding anyone open, Bauserman (-1) tucks the ball for short yardage. Great line protection on the play as well.
OSU-38 2/9 Pistol Run Bauserman 8
The pistol is for white dudes as well, evidently. Bauserman (+1) fakes an inside handoff to Rasta Wells and does his own Pryor impression, rushing around the left end to leave a 3rd and one.
OSU-46 3/1 I-Form Two Tight Run M. Wells 4
Inside handoff to Wells who picks up the first down. Mike Adams (+1) was hammering on his guy five yards off the line of scrimmage.
OSU-50 1/10 Shotgun Five Wide Pass Larson 0
The Penguins were coming on a blitz and Bauserman hung in there before slightly overthrowing a wide open J.D. Larson down the middle of the field.
OSU-50 2/10 Single Back Three Wide Run M. Wells 11
Draw play to Wells who has a huge hole on the right side of the field thanks to Shugarts (+1) and others sealing things off.
OPP-39 1/10 I-Form Twins Run Saine 0
Inside handoff to Saine, but Lukens (-1) was stood up and his guy got penetration to shut down the play early.
OPP-39 2/10 I-Form Run -- -5
Penalty for breaking the huddle with 12 players. Not a shock with this many youngsters in.
OPP-44 2/15 Single Back Three Wide Pass Posey 7
Good protection for Bauserman as he hits Posey underneath for a short gain. Posey was a little slow to get up after the play (welcome to D1!).
OPP-37 3/8 Shotgun Two Back Pass Schwartz 0
Bauserman must have missed Posey after he went out because he badly overthrew (-1) Grant Schwartz on a sideline pattern. Nice pocket and protection once again on the play.
Drive Notes: By now, Beanie has made it back to the sideline and spirits are lifted. Bauserman is back on the field, although running with the 2nd team line. It sure looks like he's developing a rapport with Posey, but the team is held to another field goal, this one a 54-yarder from Pettrey as the Bucks go up 43-0.
2:59 - 1:36 4th Quarter, Turnover on Downs
LoS Down/Dist Formation Type Player Yards
OPP-43 1/10 Shotgun Two Back Run Pryor -4
Kerr (-1) watched his guy go right past him to tackle Pryor in the backfield.
OPP-47 2/14 Shotgun Five Wide Pass Schuck 0
Another nice pocket and protection but Pryor's pass glances off of Ryan Schuck's (-1) fingertips on a crossing pattern. Don't worry, I had never heard of Ryan Schuck, either.
OPP-47 3/14 Shotgun Three Wide Pass Pryor 7
The pocket starts to break down a little earlier than what he'd seen and Pryor tucks the ball and escapes around the right end, using his speed to get to the corner (+1). An illegal procedure penalty against the Buckeyes is declined on the play.
OPP-40 4/7 Shotgun Five Wide Pass Schwartz 0
Pryor ends his first game as a Buckeye by throwing high (-1) over Grant Schwartz who had found a spot in the middle of the zone.
Drive Notes: Pryor's third series of the day was run with the backups and although starting the drive at the YSU 43 and given several opportunities to throw the ball, the drive produced just the three yards and the Buckeyes turned the ball over on downs.