No, I Cannot Honor This Championship Team

By Jason Priestas on January 30, 2008 at 1:30 pm
Freedom FriesThe House during busier times

The running joke among reporters covering the House of Representatives is that they only accomplish two things: name posts offices and pass non-binding resolutions.

Today was resolution day and the 410 members that were not on a junket or asleep in the chamber voted on a resolution to honor the LSU football team for their BCS Championship. You know.. for that game in which they spanked your favorite team.

Simple stuff -- everybody throws up a "yay" so they don't look like a poor sport and the resolution is quickly passed.

Except today.

Democrat Marion Berry (not to be confused with the legend) was the lone vote against the resolution as it passed 409-1. Berry, a 1965 graduate of Arkansas, couldn't resist sticking it to a rival.

A dick move, to be sure, but that's gotta be worth a couple of thousand votes come reelection time, don't you think?