11W Mix Tape: P.J. Bump Edition

By Jason Priestas on October 31, 2007 at 7:00 am
11W Mix Tape

Badgers to Hold Open Running Back Tryouts
Wisconsin rolls into town this weekend, but will they bring their rushing attack with them? Super soph P.J. Hill sustained a deep leg bruise in the Badgers victory over Indiana last week. After scoring from 1 yard out in the first quarter, Hill's day ended early (not before racking up 12 carries in the first 9 minutes of the game, though).

Hill's status this weekend is still up in the air, and as Jeff pointed out, Hill's backup, Lance Smith is unable to travel outside the state due to battery charges stemming from an incident where he pushed his girlfriend down over a cab fare dispute and get this -- later took her shoes to prevent her from leaving.

Should Hill not be able to go, freshman Zach Brown will get the nod. I'm sure the defense relishes the opportunity to take on P.J. Hill, but if you can play Wisconsin without Hill, you take it and love it.

This is Penn State, Bitch
There's a video out that shows Penn State fraternity rats pelting a couple of Buckeye fans (work warning: profanities). If you've ever had even the slightest neutral thoughts about Penn State, they will vanish after seeing the video.

A sampling of the reviews:

  • EDSBS: "Ohio State fans have achieved the impossible. Despite craving the taste of teargas from birth, allegedly beating up handicapped people, and entering each game with the homicidal zeal of an ultra-nationalist Spartak supporter armed with a Camelbak full of cut rate vodka distilled from radioactive Ukrainian produce, you have become an object of sympathy."
  • Black Shoe Diaries: "To the Ohio State fans featured in the video, I'm sorry. On behalf of the 99% of Penn State fans that are nice people capable of showing respect to opposing fans, I'm sorry. This is not the Penn State I know and love."
  • The M Zone: "And the little smiling turd 'from Pittsburgh' - and any others who can be identified - should be charged with something."
  • Men of the Scarlet and Gray: "Thank you Penn State fans for making idiotic Ohio State fans look like civilized gents who sip their tea with their pinky fingers extended."

For USC, the Hits Keep Coming Not only does Surfer Pete have to deal with the fact that his Trojan squad, ordained since February or so as the 2007 National Champions, has recorded two losses before the start of November. Now ghosts of the past -- namely Reggie Bush -- are starting to catch up with him.

A sports marketer has filed a lawsuit against Bush and his parents seeking to get back $300k in cash and gifts given to Bush during his sophomore and junior seasons at USC.

Will the Trojans be on probation when the Buckeyes square off against them next fall?