11W Mix Tape: Documentaries Rule Edition

By Jason Priestas on July 12, 2007 at 7:00 am
11W Mix Tape

HBO Readying God's Gift to Moving Pictures
Pfef's got the goods on a new HBO documentary about the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. Set to air Tuesday, November 13th, a mere four days before The Game, the documentary will be HBO's first foray into the college football realm. Featuring Bo's last major interview, this should be a real treat for fans of both sides. I'm a little stumped as to how they could just now be getting around to making a college football documentary, but if their previous sports documentaries are an indicator, HBO will not disappoint.

If a Tie Was a Great Victory, What is 5-1?
It looks all but certain that Gordon Gee will be returning as president of the university. This is certainly something of a coup for Ohio State as Gee is an academic's academic and seemed to be a great fit at Vanderbilt. The recent strides that Ohio State has taken to improve it's academic standing and reputation were surely pivotal in his decision, and let's face it -- the school is flush with cash from successful athletics programs in which to further educational and research offerings. He's also sure to get along great with the vest and we look forward to many, many vest/bow tie photo-ops.

Adidas Sales Expected to Plummet in Ohio
Michigan has signed a new eight year deal with Adidas that will cover all sports and comes to the astounding sum of $7.5m annually. We inch closer to the Crips vs. Bloods showdown. Rival shoe deals!