The Program Keeps Rolling

By Jason Priestas on May 30, 2007 at 7:00 am

The Lantern, Ohio State's fine student paper, had a great article about how dominant the Buckeyes were this year in the Big Ten. While the story is a little on the rah-rah side, the facts are compelling:

Of the nine sports teams that were conferences champions, five (football, men's and women's basketball, tennis and men's gymnastics) all defended their championships from one year ago, creating a dynasty in their respective sports.

Yes, Florida still stings (twice), but to have the Heisman trophy winner and the #1 pick in the NBA draft during the same season? That's pretty sick. Toss in the fact that Jessica Davenport went #2 in the WNBA draft and there's good reason for every Buckeye fan to step back and appreciate what the class of 2006-07 accomplished in competition.

Buckeye Commentary points out that the Buckeyes are also rising up the standings of the Sears Director's Cup as well (also known as Stanford's bitch).

Good times, indeed.