By Chris Lauderback on May 18, 2007 at 10:09 pm
t1_laruinaitis.jpgLittle Animal: Q&A

Good God, when's the NBA Draft? When does fall camp start? The Buckeye sports landscape is dry as dust right now unless you're gonna feign excitement over the girls softball squad capturing the conference tournament crown. I'm not hatin', I'm just saying. Thankfully, I was able to scrape together a few brief notes worth a lazy post before Jason called to ask if my laptop finally fell victim to an overload of Nutty Bar crumbs rotting out the motherboard. Without further adieu...

Bob Hunter noted in today's Dispatch that Ron Lewis and Ivan Harris will join Daequan at the predraft camp in Orlando beginning May 29th. I think Lewis has a shot to stick in The League, but I can't envision an NBA with Ivan Harris in it considering his only real skill that might translate to the NBA is three point shooting. Oden and Conley will attend but likely won't play since their draft stock can't possibly get any higher.

Speaking of Greg, where do you want him to end up? Memphis (25%) and Boston (19%) have the best chance of winning the lottery next Tuesday but Milwaukee has the third best shot (15%). I'd love to see an Oden/Redd combo to give me an NBA team to follow while I continue wondering when Lebron will develop the killer instinct necessary to earn the comparisons to Magic, MJ, et al. Click here to see more mock lottery team drafts than you can shake a stick at and here to see the complete list of early entrants.

Lastly, James Laurinaitis is a 2007 Playboy All-American according to photos on and Buckeye Commentary. While Little Animal is a no-brainer, I agree with Keith - where's Malcolm Jenkins? Speaking of corners, I think Donald Washington is gonna have a big year with QB's forced to throw his way.