Mix Tape: Tough Love Edition

By Jason Priestas on May 24, 2007 at 8:00 am
11W Mix Tape

Say Goodbye to Post-Game Partying
Joe Paterno has acted on the skull-bashing session that members of his squad took part in back on April 1. The verdict: On the Sundays following games at Beaver Stadium this season, Penn State players will be required to help clean the stadium. Not just the offenders, but the entire team. I like the punishment, but you have to wonder if a Full Metal Jacket-style blanket party is in the works for the culprits.

Oden Joins Redd on Team USA
Soon-to-be Trailblazer Greg Oden has been named to the US Basketball Men's Senior National Team. Managing Director Jerry Colangelo announced 8 new team members, including Oden and fellow college star Kevin Durant. The 8 join 17 other players previously named to the team, including former Buckeye Michael Redd. Oden has a great chance to earn some serious minutes with this squad as the roster lacks a dominant post player, while Redd could play a key role because of previous teams' inability to hit from long range.

Just Don't Call It the Kirk Herbstreit Challenge
Kirk Herbstreit has withdrawn his name from the Kirk Herbstreit Challenge, leaving the event in the awkward situation of having no name a mere 3 months before taking place. We previously reported on some financial woes the event was having and evidently Herbie saw some stank:

"I love high school football. But there was behind-the-scenes turmoil. It (event) almost went away."

The event was put together by one of Herbie's buddies and it's now safe to say they may not be exchanging Christmas cards this year. UPDATE (5/24 @ 7:48PM): Reader George wrote in to let us know that Herbie is denying the DDN report. Game on!

Archie Has High Praise for Kern
Archie Griffin is still taking food off our table and this time, he checks in to give Rex Kern the praise that we were too occupied with the Brokeback map image to give him when he was elected into the College Football Hall of Fame. I'm sure it's a function of age to some degree, but my dad always raved about how Kern was the best multi-sport athlete he'd ever seen.