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By Jason Priestas on February 20, 2007 at 4:45 pm
11W Mix Tape

Oh My God, You Hurt Ginny
Georgia Sports Blog gives us Big 10 coaches as South Park characters. Joe Pa is on the money, but the character representing The Vest could use a little tweaking.

(Via the Fanhouse)

We Will Protect And Possibly Cheer In This House
If you have an extra C note or two hanging around and would like to catch the first ever Big Ten meeting of teams ranked #1 and #2, you're in luck -- StubHub currently has seats from as cheap as $100 all the way up to $589.

Beth Burns Still Wants To Kick Your Ass
Former Lady Buckeye coach Beth Burns is evidently doing good things at San Diego State again. Although in a profile for the San Diego Union-Tribune, she couldn't resist taking a shot at the 'Bus:

"I didn't fit at Ohio State. I didn't enjoy the quality of life, not being near the water, it being gray all the time. They had won two games the year before we came in and they had one athlete from Ohio. Look at their success now. We started that."