Four Buckeyes File NFL Draft Paperwork

By Jason Priestas on December 15, 2006 at 7:10 pm
The League

The AP is reporting that four Buckeyes have filed NFL draft paperwork. The four: running back Antonio Pittman, wide receivers Anthony Gonzalez and Ted Ginn Jr., and lineman Kirk Barton, all juniors, will now wait for an NFL advisory committee to estimate where they may be taken in the draft. The players then have the opportunity to enter the 2007 NFL draft or remain at school.

This should come as no shock to Buckeye fans as the program has historically been hit by early exits to the NFL. Just last year, three players: defensive backs Donte Whitner and Ashton Youboty and wide receiver Santonio Holmes were early exits.

The players are just performing their due diligence - and who can blame them - but I'd be surprised if Gonzo and Barton leave. Ginn is gone, simple as that. Previously I thought we'd see Pittman back in a Buckeye uniform next season, but his quote about taking care of his family has me thinking a little different. Couple that with the strong running back class expected to be available for the 2008 draft (McFadden, Slaton, etc.) and we could be seeing Beanie Wells full time next season.