Talking Hoops

By Chris Lauderback on November 10, 2006 at 7:54 pm

I've seen the 2007 Buckeye hoops recruiting class ranked as high as 4th, however they are 7th in this SI post. Looks like the Big11Ten might be on it's way back to being a top 3 hoops conference soon - 4 teams in his top 10. I wonder how much cash/jewelry Huggins had to get from KSU boosters to bring in his class? Just seems interesting that Huggy-Bear gets the top rated class to come to KSU. Yeah, sure - I bet that's legit. Bill Walker is a beast and will be an NBA All-Star someday.

That impressive banner you see to the left has just gone up in downtown Columbus. (Courtesy Jim Davidson at The-Ozone.)

On the Buckeye football front, my brother and I have been talking about it for 2 weeks and Tim May touched on it in a chat transcript today - Smith's thumb is the biggest reason we've been so pathetic on offense. If you recall, he even threw a pass straight into the ground on a 7 yard out last week and you know Ginn and Gonzo have been non-factors since this thing got worse on him. If that injury doesnt get better, I worry our offense will be even more buttoned down and predictable. Part of me says it's just Tressel playing November Football otherwise known as "win the surest way" AKA "Tresselball", but the other part says we are trying to hide what is going to be a problem for Troy until he gets rest waiting on the title game.

OSU 31 Purple Team 6