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Will Ohio State's offense be better than last year?



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Define Better. They will rush for less YPGame and likely less YPCarry.  But they may have more total yards and score more, but also with more turnovers. The real question is; can we get two yards if we really need them ?

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Apparently we couldn't get 2 yards when we needed it last season....

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Hard to say because I think the defense will give them more opportunities than last year.

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I don't think we will set some of more records this year but so I voted no. I do think that they will be better rounded and unpredictable.

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Yards pile up more quickly through the air. By total yardage, I think it'll be better. 

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Hopefully it's more unpredictable.

The only bad thing from last year is that when we really needed a first down, opposing defenses knew to key on the run.  Hopefully the passing game is more of a threat this year.

And hopefully they can use Dontre in some different looks.

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I need to see Braxton the passer and the WRs step up. I can't believe we'll be better at RB but we could be pretty good still. I say no.

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I think they'll be better balanced this year, which overall could mean they'll be harder to defend. Is that better? Remains to be seen...

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Voted better, but not in a quantitative light. If Ohio State can consistently score in the high 30's, of course I'll take it, but more interested in seeing an offense better at spreading the ball and meticulously picking apart a defense with a balanced attack.

I'm not lamenting how the offense functioned the past two seasons - they went with their strengths - but hoping to really see the spread click this fall (via air and ground).

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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i voted worse because i think although the passing may be better (still tbd), with 3.5 new o-linemen and new RBs we are unlikely to have 2 1000+ yard rushers along with another who will gain over 500. (our top 3 guys last combined for over 3100 yards and 35 rushing TDs.

ie historic levels, essentially on par with Archie and Pete Johnson and Corny Greene ran for in 1975. (in 75 those 3 ran for just over 3000 yards and 37 TDs.

so my guess is the rushing will slip much closer to 2012 numbers where the top 3 gain 2800 yards and but still about 35 tds

so will the passing game be able to make up the 300 or so yards lost in the run game, ie go from about 2880 yards to closer to 3200 yards or nearly 230 yards a game vs 200, my guess is no.

reason being is we will be playing a much tougher schedule this year, no Florida A&M, No Cal etc where we can rack up 1200 yards of total offense and 128 points. (the other 12 games we averaged just under 500 yards a game and 42 per game)

my guess is given these factors we will average over 14 games the same as we averaged in the 12 games last year that were not against Cal and A&M, so around 480 yards a game rather than 512, and 42 per game vs 46 per game. 

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I voted no but alot of the things lost on offense can be replaced by a good defense ie int's/fumble recoveries for td's. Special teams atleast for me were a definite sore spot .. There were atleast 5-6 punt and ko returns for td's that almost happened, that always helps a team.. With all these night games punts and ko returns for td's breaks momentum and get the team hyped...

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Different. Hopefully better, but last year's was pretty good...

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Bit of both... I think we're be more balanced. We'll have a better response if a defense is able to take away our bread and butter plays. I'll feel more comfortable on third and long, and less comfortable on third and short.

But damn... that was some damn good bread and butter last year.

Overall, I think we'll be less consistent, but hit higher numbers.

Personally I want to see Braxton get his 300 yards passing in a game.

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I say worse.  

Lost a lot of talent and experience on the O Line.  You just don't plug and play at this level even if Warriner is your coach and he recently turned around the O line.

Lost Carlos Hyde....a RB that history may show was even better than we thought -- and we thought he was pretty damned good.

Question marks around B Miller's health......pocket proficiency, etc. 

Too many question marks for me to even consider this O will be better than last year's.

Lastly.....the addition of Navy, VA Tech and maybe even Cinci will test this Offense in the OOC season much more so than previous early Septembers.  I don't expect X Box numbers with this schedule vs. the last 2 years.

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Braxton will be better.  The receivers will be better. The RBs won't be better than Hyde, but in a way they might be more suited to what Urban wants his offense to do.  The only question is the OL.  They won't be better than last year's OL, but they might just be good enough to create time and space for a boatload of speed at those skill positions.

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I say worse as well, without Hyde and the O-Line that is enough said

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What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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Said better, because I feel this year feels like the pieces are in place to have a true "Urbz" style offense.  Score quickly, score often. and score some more.

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We'll be more explosive than last year, but less consistent.

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Better passing production, slightly worse rushing.


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We have weapons galore

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No, but will be different ( short passing game) but will be as good ... A d defense will be better ... And that's what counts. 

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The passing game will grow more than the running game deteriorates , so my vote is yes

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It's gonna be different. Losing Hyde and 4 starters up front could easily cause a reduction in production. However, who knows? There is talent abound and the best coaching staff in the biz should optimize said talent. I know that I'm ready to find out!