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Who's the most important player on defense?



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I think it has to be whoever the MLB ends up being.

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I think it's a very good thing that there isn't necessarily that One most important player on D, but rather a lot of really good parts

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I'm going with whoever lines up opposite of Doran Grant. I have full faith in Grant, but need to see the other CB step up big in 2014.

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On most of these polls I can guess roughly the answer within about 5 points, this one really surprised me. I would have imagined it would be Bell or a MLB.  The D-line without Bosa or Bennett would still be very good.

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I think the leadership of Bennett is being very much undervalued. 

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Curtis Grant

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I agree.  While others may have better numbers, I think Curtis Grant will be most important to the success of the defense.

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The question wasn't who's gonna have the most tackles or most sacks but who is most important. If Grant has a great year, this defense is top 10. 

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It's got to be Bennet... He is the leader and he has to keep it all together. He must be vocal/critical/encouraging and an example to all the other guys. A strong leader is vital (see: Bryant, Christian).

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Agree w that! Sure it's a great D line but if we don't have the middle/ interior line anchored down then Spence and Bosa don't get there pressure and that's the key for the LB's and back field! Sacks get headlines but the middle makes it happen and although we've got some talent in back that SHOULD be good, they'll need time.

Not to mention the senior leadership he brings also.

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I chose Doran Grant because he's the clear #1 among a group of hungry DBs. Having the responsibility to shut down the opponent's best WR every game is a huge responsibility and requires more individual focus than the other choices who have bigger unit responsibilities. 

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This is tough - you could say Bennett since he appears to be the leader/captain of the unit. You could say Bosa because he's perhaps the most freakish athlete and will wreak absolute havoc in the other team's backfield. Bell would make a lot of sense here because he may be the biggest upgrade to a unit that was the weak link in the chain last season. And the answers above about needing one of the new corners to step up are right on too.

I went with Joey Bosa though, because Nick Bosa wasn't an option.

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I think it's Bennett. He seems like the glue that holds the defense together. 

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I voted other--Curtis Grant, but my answer would depend upon the actual construct of the question. If you are asking, of the players listed who would be most impotant from a stand-point of if one is missing, then it's Bosa or Bennett. If it's which one of the listed players will make the most impact, I would again vote Bosa (or Bennett). If the construct is which defensive player will have the most impact from a total team defense perspective, meaning leadership, playing better than he has before, and impacting the game from a position that was not a strength last year...I say Grant. And Kwon by default, if he supplants Grant as the starter.

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Good poll question bt the way.

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We could argue for any of the choices - or anyone on defense really.

I went with Doran Grant. I think if the secondary is going to step up, especially with a new scheme and new faces, senior leadership is going to have make an impact.

My vote for Doran Grant is a vote of confidence, I think he's going to shine this year.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Based off what you said I do agree the secondary is key but I really believe the true importance is on the second and third corners whoever they end up being... because as we all know teams will pick on a weak corner all day, so if they're solid I believe this defense will strive.

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Noah Spence. Once he returns, he could be dominant and give us a truly dynamic player on D that offenses will have to compensate for. Our entire D-line should be great, but Spence could force an offensive coordinator out of a comfort zone and let our other talent flourish.

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Thought about him too...any way you slice it, we are blessed with talent.

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Michael Bennett is unblockable when healthy and fresh. I think he will draw double teams and open things up for Bosa, Diesel, et al. The straw that stirs the drink.



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I went with Bennett because i see him as our defensive leader more than anyone else. he has depth behind him, but u cant replace leaders by filling out a depth chart

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Bosa auto-corrects to Boss.

Bosa = il capo di tutti capi!

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I went with Doran Grant because he is the only proven DB and the secondary is what hurt us the most last season. All of the things being stated now about the aggression of the DB's and the scheme changes sound great. But we haven't seen it in a game against others yet. I believe that there will be improvements but Grant is the known product out of a very important position group.

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Tyvis Powell

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Whoever mans the Mike spot for the defense, so Grant or McMillan. 

They are the "QB" of the defense per say. They have to play fast (pre-snap recognition, make the correct reads) and pursue hard. Weak MLB play will kill the defense. 


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Everyone always underestimates the importance of the DT, especially one effective at eating up blockers and running backs.

That being said, arguably, the most important player to this defense is the offense sustaining drives.

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Bosa seems to be a popular choice, but I suspect the D-Line would still be pretty decent even without him.  Not sure you can say the same about the CB unit if you take away Grant.

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Have to agree with the first comment - it will be the MLB.

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I voted Curtis Grant. I believe the light bulb has turned on and this guy will show incredible leadership and outstanding play, good enough to elevate himself in the eyes of pro scouts.



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All Equal, thats why it is the ultimate team sport!!!!

Last year's defense taught us that!!

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I also voted "Other" in favor of Curtis Grant.

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I think in order for us to become a good enough defense to get to the Playoff we will need Doran Grant to become a lock down DB. Currently our D-line and LBs are good enough to stop most run games. If we can take away opposing offense's #1 receiving option then our D-line can go to work and hurry/sack QBs pretty much shutting down any offense we play

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Josh Perry because I have no idea who his backup is going to be.  Bennett and Bosa are the best players on D but there's a lot more depth at DL.  At other not-so-deep positions we have a position battle so there's a clear backup (whoever loses the battle).

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I think some people miss read the question. Its not the best player its the most important. It has to be a player in the secondary.

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I voted Darron Lee. Dude will have to do it all. Run stopper, pass defender, and sure tackler.

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I have to go with Noah Spence. I'm very much looking to our D line and if he plays well (we know what the other DE will give us) I think that helps our pass defense as we force the quarterback to throw early.


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When asking who the most important player is to our defense, I have to automatically disregard the known commodities. So I was tempted to give Vonn the nod. But I have to go with other, with cornerback spot opposite Doran Grant in mind. I believe in our front 7, but I think what kind of play we get from our corners will ultimately decide just how much of a leap our defense takes.

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I voted Bell because poor safety play really hurt us last year. I think he could be a game changer.

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If there is only one "most important player" then the defense will not be strong enough to win a championship.  When a program like OSU is in contention to win titles, there are several most important players involved, not one.  That's just how it works.  

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