Should Ohio State use both J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones this season?

41% (601 votes)
59% (866 votes)
Total Votes: 1467


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Why change out a distributor if he is effective?

I detest quarterback platooning...the Cooper era frustrated me with (among other things) the Jackson-Germaine experiments of the '96 & '97 seasons.

I understand UFM made things work with Leak and Tebow, but that's an exception and not the rule imo.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I don't like a 2-qb system unless they both prove they're not the guy.  The only way I'd be in favor is if Jones is brought in to pick up 2-3 yards on a run play. But even in that situation, I'd rather have a RB pick those yards up and leave Barrett in.  

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If Urban thinks it will work i'm all for it. I think Jones would be good in short yardage and goalline situations.

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I like one drive packages for Jones to give him experience since JT has been injured in the past. I think it will take a little pressure off JT.

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I don't like the 2 QB system. It can be disheartening for a young QB when they bring in the other QB, especially if he isn't playing well. Stick with 1 guy and fully support him. We have several incredible running backs, including a beast of a man (size wise) in Rod Smith who should be able to get us short yardage first downs/touchdowns.

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I think we will play two because of the different skill sets each can provide. They will have the season to separate themselves just like Smith and Zwick. Stanley Jackson played in the two QB system and he has said recently on TV that he did not like it. They made it work until Germaine became the better passer and took over the reins.

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I voted no only in the event you meant platoon them. I am not in favor of a 2 QB system with the likes of Barrett and Jones. It looks like Barrett is:

A. Better Leader

B. More accurate passer

C. Better runner

d. Better decision maker (distributor)

Jone has a stronger arm, but the buck (no bun intended) stop there's!

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Unless Barrett is an turnover machine keep Jones on the sideline.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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I like a platoon.  as long as JT blows them out the first half... anyone can play the 2nd half no problemo



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This is what I was thinking.  I hope they will in this scenario.

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I have hope JT is the man...because I think Jones is NOT.

Ahhh, the smell of Chris Spielman's Dirty Socks...

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I agree....

I am not a fan of Jones only because he's not an OSU caliber QB in my humble opinion.

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I do not buy into the platooning of both, but having a # of designed plays for Cardale will be used at some point. 




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Yes. It's invaluable having multiple QB's with game experience in case of injury.

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Jones should come in on 3rd & 4th and 1 plays simply because of his size. The question did not say that they both had to alternate between drives, only if they both should play. 

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As an internet idiot, I think Urban Meyer should consider bringing Cardale on in a defined, specialized role. Perhaps 10-12 plays a game. 

People don't realize how big Cardale Jones is. THE DUDE IS A TANK. He also throws an effortless deep ball. (Size/arm strength are two of Bennett's weaknesses.)

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I would agree if it to run certain plays or packages like he did with Leak and Tebow. I would not be in favor of platforming them

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yeah, i like that.

i'm wanting to see cardale come in with 3-4 of the fastest wr's, all lined up at once, and have them all just outrun the coverage, desean jackson style, and have cardale launch one downfield to one of them. i don't think any of the first 4 opponents on our schedule have enough fast corners to run with more than 2 of our receivers.

also, if they decide to play 10-12 yards off man. cardale can just quickly wiz one out to them and let them run after the catch and make big plays. keep it simple and play to the strength of our team and to their weakness and inability to defend speed and elusiveness as well.

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Yes. Maybe Cardale comes off the bench and is a natural. You wont know what you have unless you see it in live action.

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I said yes because, why not? if they can make it work and jones gets in there for short yardage situations and bowling balls his way through the line then sure

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Get both time (mostly the starter: 70/30) for as long as it is valuable. It is valuable to give the backup reps unless it may cost you a game. Hopefully we will be able to give the primary backup lots of reps.

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Yes.  Early on I want to see them both play.  Over time I want one of them to take over.  I don't care which but early on I want them both to get some real game snaps.

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NO. Let a distributer distribute. i hope jones only comes in during garbage time.

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