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How would you rate your faith in JT Barrett?



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Cautiously Optimistic - because of what Herman said, and because he shouldn't have to win any games for several weeks, but rather just not lose them. Some thrive and some wilt under the spotlight, until he wilts I'm, cautiously optimistic. 

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Guitonish? No, not yet. Not at all. Cautiously optimistic for sure. I think you have to earn being "Guitonish" by proving that your Guitonish in games.

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I'll say Guitonish because the coaches say he is, there is a possibility he could be better because he took the majority of snaps in the spring and knows he is starting with two weeks to prep. KG was special because he would be considered a closer in baseball.

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The coaches also said Miller was "100%" too. It's coach speak, and although we love them, that's one of the things that bothers most about this staff (vs. Tressel).

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Uhhhhhhhhh, yea.  Urban uses WAY less coach speak than Tressel.

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Braxton also said he was 100%, so there is coach speak and a coach repeating what a player told him. Bit of a difference

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Cautiously optimistic is the perfect way to describe how I feel

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Cautiously Guitonish

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With all of the young talent on this team, I'm cautiously optimistic(ally pessimistic).  It's going to take some great coaching this year.  Defense will have to be the rock of the team and the young players will have to live up to their potential.  As far as JT, there's absolutely no reason why he can't lead this team with solid, mistake free play.  Even looking back at the loss to clemson, we were two mistakes away from winning that game. 

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JT just has to follow the gameplan, which should be get the ball to the athletes and don't turn it over. I'm most excited/scared about his running ability. Zone Read with Braxton/Hyde was a possible TD every time. Now what's it going to be with JT and Elliott?

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Cautiously optimistic.  Urbs knows how to recruit - so the kid has talent.  Obviously, he's young ... but so were Famous Jameis and Johnny Football.  Maybe we'll go to some double TE sets this year to give him easy 5 yard passes to big targets .... or maybe he'll just make a living getting the ball to Dontre in the slot.  In any event, I don't know that he'll have to win games by himself.  I think VA Tech will be a challenge just because I expect their D line to be pretty good and our O line will be inexperienced.  Our new look D might have to dig deep that night and use the crowd for that little bit of "extra."  Even with JT at the helm, I still think our entire season hinges on the trip to East Lansing.

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I hope I don't get 'Guitonish" too soon just because that would mean JT wins by driving for a last minute tie and win in overtime to prove he has ice water pumping through his veins.  I want these 1st games to be blow-outs with lots of returns for touchdowns, pick 6's and sacks from our D-line that cause fumbles and subsequent short drives for touchdowns (all in our favor obviously). In short, I'd rather see the D get the job done so we don't have to score 40 to win.  Ease the young fellow in and the confidence will come with time!

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Guitonish for sure. You don't have to earn how you feel. To be Guitonish is a different matter.

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Cautiously optimistic is probably the perfect phrase for what I'm thinking.  Barrett does have quite a bit of talent, but of course, zero experience in a game against guys that don't play for Ohio State.

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The poll results suggest that reading the comments after the first loss won't be worthwhile.

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I think it all comes down to confidence.  He has the talent and the players around him to put up huge numbers and go undefeated this season.  But even he has to wonder what it's gonna be like since he hasn't played a game in 2 years.  If he starts off well against Navy and Va Tech, he will be a stud.  If he struggles, we are in trouble.

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He's getting the keys to a pretty good car, so all he has to do is not run into anything and keep it running. I wouldn't say he's getting a Ferrari, but I'd say the offense is comparable to a nice Mustang.

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Id like to think it's at least a Corvette. 

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I said "moderate" because while he was a significant recruit, there just aren't any guarantees until you see them play, and Barrett hasn't played at this level. 

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Barrettish will be a future poll option.

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excited but a little worried at the same time 

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I'm looking forward to seeing JT this year but I have to be honest: I haven't seen anything from him that shows me he can throw the deep ball. Eventually, without Braxton this year, we are going to have to pass the ball as teams are gonna load up in the box against us. If he can't pass the ball outside of screens and the intermediate routes, we are going to be in for a long season. But we'll see. The last couple years have been very kind to redshirt freshmen QBs. Go Bucks. 

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If Urban likes him I like him

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JT has talent and him and Cardale have been taking almost if not all the snaps w the first team since the end of last year. So, in a sense this whole preseason has been like Brax went to NFL early, except they haven't, until now, had to be under the media/fan microscope.

I was excited when they signed him and think he'll do well. I just hope he isn't compared to first.

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 With as many reps as he has gotten since Spring and the weapons around him, why wouldn't I be Guitonish....Guitonlicious...

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It was a lot higher before I read the article about all the other freshmen QBs who had to take over from missing seniors . . .

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He'll be just fine.  Sure there will be some bumpy sections of the road, but by all accounts he has a good head on his shoulders and all the support in place any young man can ask for.  I'm not predicting we run the table, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen either.