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Will Braxton Miller be Ohio State's leading rusher this year?



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With the stable of running  backs available, and BM's statements about the punishment, (& his history of injuries) we have to believe the called runs will be decreased.  I love that he has that ability.  But I'd love more if he only used it when there were no other options, and then minimized the hits he takes...I prefer a QB who CAN run Vs a running QB.


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NO, IF he is, then our hopes for this team (B1G, Playoffs) will be nearly impossible to meet.

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Time to trust his arm, as well as some of the other talent at the skill positions.

Have no problem seeing Brax work a little ground magic here and there, but he cannot be the focal point of the rushing attack.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I can see the situation of 3RBs getting carries making Braxton the leading rusher. I hope he can get it done with his arm though.

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My goodness, he better not be.  Let me count the reasons ...

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I said yes, assuming we will have 3 RBs rotating in and the ball being spread around.

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No mention of EZE specifically yet.  I'm not expecting him to have a Carlos Hyd SR year right now, but isn't a 1500 yd season well within reach?  That'll probably be tops on OSU rushing table this year.

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That is pretty much exactly a Carlos Hyde season

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I say NO because if he is then were in trouble because that means none of the RB's are seprating them self from the pack and taking over games. Either that or the OL is not what we were all hoping for it to be and he is running because things are breaking down and not having the time to find his recivers.

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I think barring injury he is the most likely option to lead the team in rushing. Like others I believe his carries will decrease, but due to the stable of running backs and the division of carries at RB I believe Miller would only need >750 yards to lead the team. Unless Elliott, Smith, etc. breaks out and nails down the RB1 spot, I think it's going to be difficult to beat Miller who is out there every snap. 

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The only way this can happen is if we have a true running back by committee. Even if he does, I don't expect it to be by more than one hundred yards. If he does, something needs to be reevaluated in our system.

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It'll be a bad thing if he is, so I would hope this year, he isn't.

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There is no reason he should be the leading rusher with the stable of RB's we have at present. That being said, he needs to get a fair amount of yards and rushing TD's if he wants to have stats that get the attention of Heisman voters. Hopefully those stats just come naturally as a by-product of a high-octane offense that features his arm, rather than his legs. And I assume that a Heisman trophy is secondary behind the team goals for the other words I'm sure Braxton would rather have a NT than a Heisman.

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I think so. Even though I believe Braxton's main focus will be improving his passing game in preparation for NFL scouts, he can still extend the play on virtually any play with his legs. However the RB position is probably one of our deepest position units and the ball will likely get spread around quite a bit. Not spread quite like Wisconson because I view Elliot will take the majority of the snaps, but spread out nonetheless. So even though we will see Braxton passing more this year, I won't say its that far fetched that he also leads the team in rushing yards.

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I voted with my heart and voted No.    We need him in the pocket most of the time and EZE to carry the load.    I agree with some of the other comments that if he is the leading rusher we will not likely play for a NC.  

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I sure hope he isnt...

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I would like to see Braxton rush for 819 yards in 13 games. That would be an average 9 carries per game and 7 yards per carry. That would bode well for all involved, especially the stable of backs and receivers we now have.

I think EZE is going to rush for a lot more yards that what most people think. I live in St. Louis and after he committed to OSU I watched him play his senior season and this young man is very gifted. 1407 yards rushing is my prediction for EZE.


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I don't like that you would like to see him only play 13 games. That means he's either injured or we're not making the B1G champ game and the playoff.

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Zeke Elliott should be our leading rusher. If Braxton is, I would think we might be in trouble.  

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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No way.  Run Brax far less this year than previous years.  That should be easy considering I believe we're going to have  by midseason, the best backfield tandem in the Big Ten with Rod Smith and Ezekiel Elliott.

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