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Will Aaron Craft and/or LaQuinton Ross be drafted tonight? (7 PM, ESPN)



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IF you could combine those two skill sets, in the 6'8" body we'd be talking lottery. 

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Haha well said... Like I've been saying: Craft simply is not a good shooter; his defense is great but at his size you gotta be able to score buckets.  And with Q I know I'm going against the grain but I just never thought he'd be an NBA player....It seemed last year (and the year before) he just buckles under pressure (literally defensive pressure, not the kinda pressure when you're down with a minute to go). He can score no doubt and create his own shot but I just felt he was always very slow and his defense was borderline pathetic..

Love them both and hope Dr. Craft has a great career and Q plays well overseas.

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I read what you said bro. But the last part, you said you felt he was always very slow and his defense was borderline pathetic. Say what? Maybe we were watching different games thru the years. Peace.

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Craft is going to get drafted but won't make an NBA roster.


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AC will get a chance to go to  the D-league and improve.  In a year or two with some hard work, which we know he'll do, if his shooting improves he could find his way to a roster.

As for LQ maybe he can call up his former teammate and find a spot on an Italian squad cause he ain't got what it takes to be in the NBA.  Like Thomas he needed to stay and listen to the scouts and work on his game.

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I still think Ross can get drafted based off of potential. 

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I said neither...but hope to be wrong. Ross has NBA size and can score a lot when he wants to. As much as we rip on Amir, I don't think Ross looked very interested out there either. From what I've heard, Craft has improved his shot this offseason and I think he's got a shot to get drafted and then go overseas...but if I had to place money on it I wouldn't.

He ain't even stretch doe!!