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Where do you prefer to watch an OSU football game?



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Nothing beats The Shoe. Then again nothing beats my wallet like The Shoe. 

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I miss the 'Shoe. Luckily, i get to attend a couple game in maryland this year. Otherwise, it's going down at Rhino Bar in gtown.

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This shows the problem with filling the stadiums across the country. OSU is in a city where there are many fans with a good economy that want to see the bucks. Some colleges are the city. If it were not for the students, the population drops off dramatically. I think that with Detroit facing such financial hardships, there are fewer people who can afford to go to games. The middle class is shrinking and these are the people who fill the stands. The TV becomes the only option.

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It's a game by game basis for myself. For example, for big time night games such as this years Va Tech, NOTHING beats watching the game at the Shoe. Same goes for any Michigan game. Having said that, if I'm not at the Shoe watching the game, I prefer to watch the games in the comfort of my home. I just can't focus enough on the games if I go out to the bars. 

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I completely agree with you. If it is a big game, I love The Shoe. But other than those games, I love to be able to actually watch the game at home as opposed to bars.

My beef with bars.....I don't want to make small talk. I only want to focus and talk about the game, nothing else.

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I can save a ton of money and even watch more football if I stay at home.

I would probably only attend games against ranked opponents.

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looks like I'm in the minority here but I put at a tailgate cause honestly tailgating is one of my all time favorite activities period


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I chose home. Only recently would I say that. Not sure which of several things that maybe why.? It may be because of all the travel I do  and I don't feel like being away from home for the weekend, too. Or maybe I've just had my fill after dozens of games, road trips, flights for games at the Shoe, road games, and bowl games. Or maybe I'm getting spoiled by the amminities and services at pro stadiums on Sundays for about the same price. I try to be back in Reliant Stadium on Sundays for the Texans games. They are constantly battling Dallas for most advanced amminities. Example, Texans upped their high definition Jumbo Tron, again to have worlds largest after Dallas installed the former biggest. To eat fresh seafood from the Gulf, or quality Texas beef (both fresh and never frozen, Texans won't eat stuff that has been frozen and lost its taste) and never have to leave our seats as its delivered to us makes it hard to go pay for a frozen patty burger and some stale popcorn for the same prices and endure waiting in lines and missing portions of game. But honestly I think the biggest factor is, I'm getting old and the conveinence of being home suits me more. Then, I only extend myself on Sunday rather than all day Saturday and then repeating Sunday. I've had some great times at the 'Shoe that I wouldn't change for the world, though. I will continue to come back, but its on Texans away and off weeks now due to my energy level not being what it was. And also the best part is being able to see family and friends from back home while cheering on our beloved Bucks together. Go Bucks!

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I attended 2 dozen plus games in the shoe while a student and have had the opportunity for several more since I've left school. At this point, as much as I love going to the shoe, I prefer watching it with some friends at a bar or at someone's house. If I'm in town for a game, you'll likely find me over at Varsity Club for a bit, in the very least visiting some old friends who still work game days there, or somewhere else with some friends. I'm never opposed going to a game, but spending as much money on a ticket just isn't as appealing anymore.

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Having lived out of state for the pas 5 years I really miss going to the Shoe.  When I lived in Columbus I generally went to one football game/year.  I was a season ticket holder for basketball.

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The question is where do I prefer to watch? At the stadium is my preference! Costs & so on keep that from happening but I would love to watch a game at The Shoe more than any place else in the world.

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The Stadium especially in a game against a good foe because then you don't have to listen to asinine commentators. My friends and family said that being in the Shoe for the last two games against TTUN were good for me because I wasn't at home yelling at the TV for 4 hours, I was at the stadium yelling at the blue bastiches for 4 hours.

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Gimme the Shoe. The game day experience at OSU is the best in college football. 

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Any of the above. Really, you cant go wrong wherever you are at. Peace.

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I watch a few a year from the Shoe but I chose home. I can't watch at a bar or at parties. I'm too much of an idiot. 

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I waited until this past season, where I was a senior at OSU to watch a game in the Shoe. I got the Big Ten package and went to every one. It is truly like no other experience and it felt like I had never fully experienced a game until that moment. Even in the rain against unranked Iowa. Even in the snow against Indiana. Actually especially in the snow. Night games... oh man, it's special. Honestly, every game was thrilling. I regret that I probably won't be able to see many more in the shoe and if I do, not in the student section. For now, I'll have to settle for watching at home with fellow fans. But that's not bad; it's nice to be able to enjoy the games surrounded by friends. Though sometimes in the Shoe, it feels similar. How firm thy friendship.