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Does the game against Cincinnati make you nervous?



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4th game, after an open date, 6 p.m. start at home.......NO

If they aren't ready to play, because they are certainly more talented than UC, then they aren't the team I think they are.  I'll give 20 and take the good guys right now. 

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After the 2011 Nebraska game and the 2012 Indiana game, unless we are leading by 50 points, I am always nervous. On paper we should win. We have better talent, schemes, and coaches. Also there is no way in Hell Urban is going to overlook this game. However there is a reason we play the games instead of just getting automatic gimmes. That said I am confident our team is hungry and our defense will actually show up this year. I have faith that Chris Ash will give us a unified secondary that actually works together and can stop Div III QBs from looking like NFL QBs.

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if Passing D improves then no, not nervous at all...If not, well then I'm with TMac in that this wouldn't be the team I thought it'd be anyway.

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The same team that lost 45-17 to Illinois?  No, I'm not nervous.

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Only because the risk of injuries.

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Somewhat - but I'm always nervous before any game.

Hoping (thinking) the nerves will be subdued by the end of the first quarter.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Like a wet fart makes me nervous...

I might worry about it for the first minute or so but once I know I'm good it's really just a fart...


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I'd be more neverous driving thru Cinci than playing them on the football field

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I'd be mildly concerned if it was the first game -- which is why Navy makes me a little nervous despite the massive difference in talent (they almost got us in 2009). Sometimes you don't know that you have an issue till you see it tested against an opponent.

But we should have everything ironed out by the time we play Cincinnati.

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With Chuck here. More "nervous" about pesky Navy in Baltimore—the first game—than UC. Neutral location (Annapolis isn't that far), noon kick (ugh), FIRST game. 

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If the game was in Cincy, either at PBS or Nippert, I'd be more nervous.  They typically play everyone very tough there (Ohio State, Purdue, Oklahoma, etc.).  So, good thing for Buckeye fans that Ohio State paid them ~$900K to move the game to Columbus.  Still, Ohio State was something like 118th out of 125 in passing yards allowed last year, and virtually all new starters on defense are in the defensive secondary.  What does Cincy do?  Pass the ball.  And Cincy plays pretty good defense.

It's definitely a trap game.  Cincy isn't a MAC rollover.  If they're healthy, there is more risk than any other Ohio school.  They're probably going to win their conference this year.

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More nervous for Navy than Cincinnati, but I like us at home at night against anybody, let alone an in-state school.

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Hell yes I'm nervous. Because of two people: Tommy Tuberville and Gunner Kiel.

Tuberville is an extremely accomplished coach who knows his X's and O's. He's 4-3 against Saban and 2-0 against Meyer, the only coach to have a winning record against both coaches in that span. In 2003, when Saban won the national title at LSU, his only loss came to Tuberville. In 2006 when Meyer one is first title, his only loss came to Tuberville. Clearly, the guy can coach.

Gunner Kiel has yet to prove anything. However, he has the tools to absolutely burn our secondary. He's got a cannon for an arm and is very accurate. They also have a veteran offensive line in front of him, with possibly one of the most under-rated left tackles in the country to protect his blindside.

They have a coach that is familiar with Meyer and how to stop his offense (Tebow, Harvin, and Co. could only manage 17 points against Tuberville). And a QB with the potential to give us nightmares, especially if we're too aggressive in our new system.

I think we win. But I think they give us a serious scare.

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I'm somewhat nervous, but I get that way for every game. I can't help it. Every Saturday in the Fall is like Christmas day to me. No joke.

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I ain't neva scurred.

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I'm somewhat nervous because living in Cincy, I would have to hear about it from UC fans. Let's just blow their doors off and let them keep saying we're afraid to schedule them.

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The only reason I'm slightly nervous about this game is because I'm tailgating w/ my ex for a late game and both of us are likely to be drunk as f*** and have no inhibitions or filter. But on that note:

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I am nervous because scheduling Cinci is a no win situation. tOSU rolls and its "oh, thats expected." However, Cincy is good enough to upset Ohio State every now and again. If that were to happen, the season is shot.

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I could not give and answer on this one because of the way the answer i put out there. I say NO if i remember right their QB played his last year last year so they have a new QB this year.