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Will Braxton Miller be taken in the first two rounds of the 2015 NFL draft (as a QB)?



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I think he would have gone in the top 50 of this year (He's a better QB than the joker the Browns took), another year of hard work and experience and Brax could be a first round pick when all is said and done.

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Pretty much agree.  Time will tell how regarding Manziel.  Braxton probably has some ground to make up in the passing game, though not a lot.  Both are incredibly gifted athletes, but I'd wager that Braxton is leaps and bounds ahead of Manziel in terms of film study and work ethic.  

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I love Braxton, but he's NOT a better QB than Johnny Manziel. Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't.

If we have Johnny on this team with these weapons, the offense would've obliterated everything x2 then what they did. Braxton is obviously the better athlete, but JM2 already proved his superior as passer and as a rusher in his Heisman season alone, let alone improving as a QB by throwing for 400 more yards, 11 more TDs, +2 yards per attempt, and improving from 68 to 70% while throwing 5 LESS attempts than his Heisman season.

Like I said, I love Brax, but right now, it's not even close.

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Wtf are you smoking. Manziel threw for over 4000 yards last season on 70% completion percentage. Braxton is an awful thrower. Love the dude but all he can do is throw the ball hard. 

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There is nothing JM does that Brax can't, or at least can't learn to do. However, JM will never throw 45 yd lasers like Miller and he surely will never move as fast. Hard to compare the two at the college level because JM is a southern QB who had spring ball and spent his summers playing 7 on 7, mix that in with a pass heavy offense and lack of a Carlos Hyde and JM SHOULD be ahead of BM right now. Numbers may not lie but they can be misleading... OSU out rushed aTm by 2000 yds while also outscoring them even though aTm passed for 1700 more than OSU.

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I think it's possible. I think it depends more on what Manziel does this year than what Braxton does. The NFL is a a copycat league. 

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Lets see how he does this season but as of right now I would say no.  Injury concerns, Spread QB, Questions about his passing...

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Too early to say, It's always a position of need for a few several teams, so it's quite possible!

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I think for Brax he must improve on his touch and his ball placement. Those are among the toughest things for a QB to do, but are absolute necessities to have any success in the NFL. 

He also is injured fairly frequently. Some of that is due to running, but if you were to take him in the NFL draft, you'd be doing so because he can offer the run. He isn't going to stop running in the NFL. He'll run less, but if he's injured in college he'll be injured in the NFL.

Love Brax, hope he really develops this year. If I disassociate myself from OSU fandom and just evaluate him versus the other prospects, I don't think he would have been drafted at all this year, let alone in the top few least not as a QB. Connor Shaw from SC is (right now) a more NFL ready player, and he went undrafted. Jordan Lynch is a better runner, and he went undrafted. Just too many holes in his game.

This is the year for Brax. If he shows improved mechanics, improved touch, and better ability to read the defense, he can make it happen.

I voted "yes" despite these comments because I want him to succeed and believe in him.


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Jordan Lynch is not even close to being a better runner. I know our schedule wasn't too difficult but Braxton would have ran for 2000+ yards in the MAC against NIU's schedule. Lynch has played terribly in the past 2 years whenever he has had to play a good team. They couldn't even move the ball at all against a 2-loss FSU team in the Orange Bowl. 

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Only way is if more NFL teams use spread option. His best quality is his ability to run. He has a very strong arm and can make strike-type passes, but he needs to develop his touch passing. Also, I still think he is slow with reading defenses. He is improved, but not an early round type of guy in regards to reading defense pre and post snap and working the pocket. I don't see him as a pocket passer ever, so the only way he goes early is if more teams adopt his type of offense. Mariota is ahead of him right now IMO, just because I like Mariota's ability to throw the ball around. This is not to say Braxton can't develop into an elite NFL QB prospect, but there are a few things he has to clean up. 

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If he is healthy all year and is consistent, (Puts him top 3 in Heisman minimum) I think he will easily go in the first two rounds if not the first.  But we all know his health is a bigger concern than his consistency...

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With his injury bug, I'm doubting it. It'll take a pretty incredible season for him to go in the first 2 rounds of next year's Draft.

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I think he could. I voted yes because I want him to succeed and I believe in him. However, it isn't going to be easy. Braxton is obviously an amazing athlete and runner, and he also has a very strong arm. He needs to work on reading defenses and touch passing. Right now, Winston, Mariota, Hundley, and Petty are ahead of him. After that, I'm not seeing any other QB's next year who are really that good as far as an NFL prospect. And with teams need for quarterbacks, I think this helps him even more to go in the first 2 rounds. He must improve and stay health next year though. 

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Depends on how much he improves this year.

Braxton was a bigger threat than anyone else we had on our team. In terms of running the offense and hitting the open man, Guiton was a better quarterback.

If he doesn't make big strides with his passing, for his future I'd almost wish he'd start working on his catching and running ability. He has feet like no one I've seen in the last decade, and I'd hate to see a great player wash out in 3-4 years of being a backup quarterback.

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Kid just doesn't have the pepper to make it in the league. He will get drafted but there is a reason he came back for the degree. 

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Right now? No chance.

Maybe after a heisman winning senior season (for passing accomplishments)...


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We gonna act like the NFL isn't ENTIRELY about passing....and Braxton is pretty much the opposite?

My goals for Braxton this year are 3000 passing and 600 rushing.

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jonny who?

Go Bucks!

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He'll go high if he plays complete games and doesn't get rushed into the locker room after every hard hit.  He has the RGIII skills the league likes these days, but his toughness and leadership are really suspect.

Keep calm.  It's only a game.

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The rookie salary cap makes this a definite possibility without even having to see his senior season. That cap is making it more and more likely that QBs that can run will get drafted earlier and allowed to play QB because the financial risk has been lessened.

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Depends on if he can make a large development change going into next season. If he can make the jump, much like TRoy Smith did his JR to SR year, then there is no doubt he can be a top draft pick.

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As an ATH, he could probably go in the 1st round...

As a QB, he will probably go in the 4th round or later.  

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Yes, with shades of gray.

In order, Braxton will need to:

Stay healthy

Win with his arm (not all the time, but he has to show he can)

See above, in big games

Contend strongly for the Heisman (make it to New York)

I am not comparing one to the other - but those things did wonders for a guy named Tebow a few years back.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I fear he will suffer a similar fate as RG3 if he does not consistently make the throws into tight coverage no matter which team he should play for.

As much as BM thrills and wins games with his feet for us, this year is going to test his decision-making abilities a lot more with an unproven line than many of us are foreseeing (read: less protection and time).  I love what Ed Warriner can do with 'little', but we had some moments last year where I thought Braxton was going to get hurt due to lapses in coverage, so this year is giving me some anxiety.

I hate to say it, but Braxton will have to hone his already crazy instincts that much more to avoid sacks, and really look to throw, a la Troy Smith in his senior season IMHO


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Brax has all the physical tools in the world but he is not a leader of men also Braxton doesn't make the guys around him better players.. I do believe he will be drafted and he'll be one helleva back-up qb but him not being a leader will hinder him the rest of his career. .

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As of right now, I don't think so.  He would need a very strong senior year to push him into the first two rounds.  I'm sure hoping he can get there. 

Go Bucks!!

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My vote yes was with the thinking that he would show improvement like he has so far every year.