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Which remaining Buckeye is the best fit for your NFL team?



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No Matter which team, the answer is Smooth Jazz, Kenny G!

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Kenny Guiton to the Bengals. We need someone who can distribute the ball well and not choke. Smooth Jazz is that guy.

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Bengals need a center.  Corey Linsley can be that center.

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If I had to pick a team, it'd be the Redskins, seeing as they're local. Kenny Guiton would be a terrific backup for RGIII.

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I'd love to see Kenny G play for Cincinnati, and see Andrew Norwell play for his home town Bengals, but any of these guys would make sense for Cincy therefore it won't happen.

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I still believe in Jay Cutler, but... 

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This is really all to easy....

Kenny is from Houston

Houston needs a QB

Kenny's skill set is a great fit for the O'Brien offense

Come back home Kenny G.

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None. I'm a Browns fan, wihich means that all logic and common sense is thrown out the window.

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Barnett is a steal as a late rounder or unsigned free agent.

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Kenny Guiton to the Bengals. He will be a very good backup for Dalton. And if Dalton sucks in a few games(which is very likely), maybe Kenny will get some playing time if he keeps improving. 

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I would take C.J. Barnett too. He will be a steal as a 7th rounder/UDFA. 

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The Bengals decided they would rather have that spawn of Saban McCarron. Smh.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Philly Brown to the Patriots.





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I voted right after the start of the 7th round so some of the guys on the list were already off the board.  But for a late round draft pick I like Marcus Hall. 

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Andrew Norwell would be a great addition to the Browns for depth purposes on the line.