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How much longer will Urban Meyer coach Ohio State?



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Crystal or Chasing Crystal will keep him hungry for several more years. In the end I think he's our HC for 10 years (give or take) so 6-8 seems right to me. 

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Six to eight puts him close to the 10 year mark, that seems about the shelf life for (successful) coaches these days.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Yeti's have feelings too.

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However long it takes for Tom Herman to coach at a lower to mid-level school then pick up the reigns for Urban.

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The 10+ year contingent is high as hell.

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As long as he delivers crystal, he can do what he wants. 

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Joe Paterno style, he's here until he's 85. 

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Cant see him making it past next season to be honest. He's already starting the health crap here, and Shelley just came out and said she can't see him coaching much longer.


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Dude, lately you've been all downer and shit.  What gives?

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The 2018-2020 time period is the max I am expecting for Urban to be the head coach. 

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