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Will any of Ohio State's 2014 recruiting class make the Freshman All-American team?



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Isn't that almost a given if you start as a true freshman for the National Championship team!
(No Pressure Buckeyes! Just the customary expectation!!)

ONE Not Done!

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I think Neurnberger has a great shot.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I voted no simply based on how hard a feat it is to accomplish. However, having not even thought about Neurmberger, I would recant my vote. He has the best opportunity to be an AA, followed by Kwon. Thanks for steering me back on track Hov, can always count on you!

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No worries, here to help.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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My picks are McMillan and Neurnberger. My "dark horse" pick would be Erik Smith (don't know why but I have a good feeling about that kid.. think he starts day one).

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Yeah, McMillan if he starts I think will almost be a shoe in and Nuernberger as long as he is somewhat accurate will also be a heavy favorite.


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I am not sure he will start over Grant, but he will get ALOT of PT I am sure. It will be tough to oust a senior, but Grant has certainly not lived up to his hype so it is more than possible I guess (just looked up his stats and he has all of 24 tackles in 3 years).  I am excited to hear what he is like during spring training and spring game.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I doubt backups will make it.

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Neurnberger would be the odds on favorite in Vegas, but I could easily see a receiver such as Samuel or Dixon making a splash. My dark horse is Mclaurin who has a knack for going and getting the ball.


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It will be a tall order, but I think Meechy has a chance to come in and make an impact in a big way on the O-line. 

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I will say no, don't think anyone this class will end up having a big enough impact to get All-American honors. I believe the last two classes are going to step up and take all the starting spots.

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Neurberger and McMillan as the favororites.  Samuel, Knox, Jamarco Jones, and Damon Webb as the dark horses. 

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Didn't even think about Webb, good one. I can certainly see him as a possibility. Knox and Jones would probably be the worst odds on favorite to do this. O-line is crazy hard to adjust to from HS to College level.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Curtis and Raekwon.

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If he sticks with his commitment, I could see JJ becoming a Freshman All American.

pat cozzens

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Yes, and the most likely place would be the secondary. It is a position of desperate need, there are a number of open spots, and the Buckeyes have the nation's top incoming group according to 24/7. Furthermore, freshmen tend to break in more easily in the secondary than OL or LB, our other positions of need. My top candidates are D Webb, and  E Smith. My dark horse is Knox at OG.

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Knox.  Nuernberger possibly. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Raequan definitely Damon Webb possibly and my dark horse Terry F1 Mclaurin

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Besides Nuernberger I don't see anyone that would really get enough playing time to get Freshman All-American accolades. How is this poll at 83% "yes" right now? Lots of optimism out there as usual haha.
I think it's a good thing though when your stud freshman are going to have a hard time seeing the field, which I feel is the case with the '14 class. There's opportunities at certain positions (LB, DB, WR) but there's a lot of good depth coming back and I think it'll be hard for these guys to contribute too much. I mean, how many guys played much at all from the '13 class? Bosa, Wilson, and Bell mainly, and Wilson and Bell were part-time guys.  

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But someone is going to make it.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I said no only because I think we've got so much talent in the top 3 classes that I think most of those guys will be playing.  I'm not sure how many freshmen will actually be starting, but I don't see too many on O.  Possibly a couple on D.  We will see.  Bosa was just a beast last year so it would be great to get another player like him as a freshman!
Go Bucks!!

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Going out on a limb here, but I think an 11w poster will make freshman All-American next season. 


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A few possibilities (ranked by how likely they are)

  1. Sean Nuerenberger, kicker
  2. Curtis Samuel, return man (might get some good offensive touches, too)
  3. Raekwon McMillan, ILB
  4. Sam Hubbard, OLB (Booker and Berger have decent shots too but I think Hubbs is the guy)
  5. Erick Smith, DB (think he could lock down a nickel or safety spot)
  6. Damon Webb, CB (he or Lattimore could steal one of the CB spots)
  7. Johnnie Dixon, WR (seems skilled enough to challenge for playing time)
  8. Jamarco Jones/Meechy Knox, OL (two open spots, you never know)

As for non-Dream14 guys who are elligible...

  1. Jalin Marshall, WR/Return
  2. Eli Apple
  3. Gareon Conley (I think either Conley or Apple will start at CB over Reeves)
  4. Mike Mitchell (I think he'll start at one of the LB spots)
  5. Evan Lisle (dark horse at RT)


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As highly touted that they are, there ought to be at least one of them on the all-Freshman All-America team next fall.

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Meechy just in case your reading. I'm going with the big fella.


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