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Who will be the B1G's Player of the Year?



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When does Spring Football Practice start?

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I voted for the guy that plays for AACC.  Now I need to take a shower. :(

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Aaron Craft was omitted from the list, because we are really voting on the runner up here.

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I voted for Yogi Ferrell.  He is very good on both ends of the floor.  He is 2nd in the conference in scoring, and he is only behind Harris by a tenth of a point.  He also is doing it while shooting better percentages than Harris in FG% and in 3PT%.

Stauskas is shooting with better percentages than both of them, but his play has slowed down in conference play,  

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I voted for Marble, though he probably won't win.  Every time I have seen Iowa play, that guy just looks like a beast compared to everyone else on the court on both ends of the court.

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