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Ohio State finished 112th in pass defense in 2013 (268 ypg). Where will it finish in 2014?



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Top 10. I'm not lowering my expectations. Especially when the BigTen doesn't have that many good passing QBs.

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Even a modest improvement (get into the 70-80 range) would lop off about 35 yards and put our defense in the top 15 for total defense. 
I like your expectations though, 70-80 is not acceptable for the Silver Bullets.


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Jumping 62 places (did I really just have to type that?!?) to get into the top 50 seems both reasonable and necessary!

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I'd have a better idea if I were to know who the coaches would be come next season. If they stay the same, I don't have high hopes for much of an improvement, sadly. If we actually get a defense that attacks QB's and our DB's actually learn to jam the opposing receivers at the LOS and can stay with them, we could be great. Lord knows we have the talent for it, but it's the coaches and their horrible schemes of 2013 that scare me the most...

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I think 2 years from now is when our defense will be pretty close to being back to normal if not all of the way back.  We will lose Curtis Grant (assuming he starts), Doran Grant, Bennett, and Spence after this year.  Maybe one or two other guys if they have big years.  But we will probably be starting 6-9 sophomores and juniors this year, so the following year we'll have a lot more experience and depth.

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You say that like it's automatic.

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I mean is anyone really expecting a 4th year?  I would be very surprised if he stays a 4th year.

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I'd be very surprised if he stayed, assuming he has a slightly better year next season, stats wise.

I like the bux.

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I think it depends on how his junior year goes.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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We need a few of them to go after some people like some spider monkeys.

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While it will be better than 2013 it will not return to early 2000s level. Its not a complete knock on the D either. The offense puts up more points which causes opposing teams to often have to play from behind. This leads to more passing. Also the offense has a much faster pace which (while awesome for the offense) is often very difficult for the defense because the opposing team has more possessions and a chance for more time on the field. Part of Tressellball was that the offense would sustain long drives to keep the opposing team off the field.

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There are 112 teams in the FBS??

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I think the defense will be better, mainly, because I believe Urban will bring in a new D coordinator. I also think Fickle stays on staff unless a job comes open for him. He's a good recruiter

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Until you fire some of the defensive coaching staff little will change. Two years and Meyer hasn't shown that he is up for making coaching changes....other than words about the need to "get better".

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I agree with you, but I'm thinking about urban maybe keeping him just for recruiting. I will say I agree with you 100%. 

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
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I voted 51-75, and I feel like that's optimstic.  My expectation is to be top 10 in every category because this is THE Ohio State University, but I'm attempting to be realistic.  We lost our best CB and LB, and I don't know how much confidence I have in the staff right now to really coach these kids up and have an identity on Defense.
I'm definitely eager to find out who replaces Withers at the very least.

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It's a shame when I expect our pass D to be in the 50s. Had it been there this year.... Well it doesn't matter.

Michigan sucks.

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If there's no coaching changes or changes within the defensive scheme / philisophy then I don't see any reason why the pass defense wouldn't be equally as bad if not worse. There's going to be three new starters back there in the secondary, and while they have some experience, all three could be sophomores. 
I went 51-75 and I feel like even that's being optimistic. That's only if major changes are made. 

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whats sad is there are plenty of teams that are genuinely shitty ranked ahead of us. Time to put this behind us, close the book, and get better. If we struggle again in pass defense Ill be very surprised. Hope we hire an awesome coach to replace Withers and get OSU defense back to where it should be.

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Depends on what changes are made. If Fickell is the coordinator and the scheme/philosophy is passive, well... keep doing what you've always done and you'll keep getting what you've always got. If an aggressive, competent coordinator is hired then the talent can surface and great things might happen. I'm hopeful changes will be made, and I mean more than hiring a coach for the safety position...

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With all the good defensive recruiting Urban Meyer is doing, I think it is only a matter of time before our defense is a top-10 defense. However, I do not think our defense will improve substantially for next year though it will improve with the likes of Vonn Bell and company, I say Top 51-75. I hope I am wrong and it will be a top-10 defense.

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I think the pass D gets better and we improve to the 50 to 75 range.  Run D we will still be strong at - Top 25. 
Go Bucks!

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Look at that bell curve distribution. Beautiful.

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Just by schedule alone, we should drop since we go from pass heavy Non conference to run heavy non conference in '14.  Take a look, these are 2013's final passing team rankings:
2013 Non Conf
Buffalo: #68
SDSU: #38
CAL: #10
2014 Non Conf
Navy: #122 (out of 123)
VaTech: #61
Kent State: #100
Cincy: #18  (QB graduating)

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Nice research there, bud.