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Who's the best defender in the Big Ten Championship Game?



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RDS... But don't tell the Big Ten that because they won't believe you.

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I voted RDS with a close second to Bullough. He plays for the opposition but he is a stud

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RDS - Best Defender in the B1G, not just the title game.  And hopefully will be recognized as such later today!

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RDS, best defender in college football, most likely to rock a hoody on game day.

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Michael Bennett makes life easier for everyone else.

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Roby is an option???? LULZ!!!!!!!!! How he made All-B1G 1st team is beyond me.........

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I would have put Noah Spence and/or Joey Bosa on the poll before Roby... 
****Roby would win the fastest defender award.

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Other: jim bollman
He is the guy most likely to prevent a Team from scoring.

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Shazier, only because Chris Borland isn't playing.

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Since when does Chris Borland have to be on the field to be the best player on the field?

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I think this game sets up for RDS to have a monster game.  If they limit our offense compared to our average, plus are able to grind out some longer drives, RDS will accumulate lots of statistics, plus limit them point-wise.
I see some folks criticizing Roby.  I'd like to compliment him on....
Tackling like a MoFo.  He really has had a TON of crunching hits this year.  He is the standard bearer for me from now on of a corner that takes care of the tackling part of the resume. 
Also, how many touchdowns has he saved this year by chasing down somebody on a break-away. 
I'm sure NFL scouts are taking notice that he's not just a coverage guy. 


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Half of the guys he chased down was the guy he was covering who caught the ball. Roby has been flat-out awful in coverage this year, I don't know why anyone would argue otherwise. He also dropped a pick thrown right to him on Saturday. Top corners make that play.
Yes, he's a pretty good tackler, but he ain't no Antoine Winfield. He's my standard bearer.

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First couple games he had struggled mightily. He has come on pretty strong for the second half of the season. Coverage skills are still pretty good, and he was fantastic last year. His 17 pass breakups were tops in the nation last year. I believe that he has 13 pass breakups this year with two games to go. He has gotten burned a couple of times, but he has been solid for the second half of the season.

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Michael Bennet honorable mention

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In my mind its:
everyone else.
But I am biased.

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Big #63 is invaluable

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Roby is still a stud don't get it twisted many blocked punts he had this year with an INT return TD also he did struggle vs Jared but other than that hes been beyond good ....he makes plays every game.


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I don't think you and I are watching the same player. I'm not hating on the guy, but he's been a huge disappointment this season.
He's great on special teams, i won't dispute that. But his INT return was on a tipped ball right to him with a wall of blockers in front. Joey Bosa could've returned that for 6.

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I'd agree with the votes.  Much has been discussed on other sites and sports shows about MSU's defense.  RDS is, after all, the leader in tackles in the B1G and almost top in the nation if I'm not mistaken.  Biased as it may be, RDS is the #1 LB in the B1G and I'm really hoping he'll be back next year.  This defense needs him!

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If this was a question of who has the most awesome name it would be a tossup for me between Shilique and Darqueze. Those are both 5-star names, you guys.

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RDS.  Period.

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He may not actually be technically a defensive player, but I gotta throw in for Cam Johnston.  He has (as a freshman) consistently pinned every team the Good Guys have played deep in their own territory on every punt.  Kid is a monster. 

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I voted "other" because I haven't seen enough of MSU this year to judge.  Can anyone recommend a particular game to watch to get a good sense of their strengths and weaknesses?

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Haven't watched a whole lot either, but I would assume their loss against ND would be the best to see weaknesses.

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Although I did vote RDS, I really feel like we all undervalue Roby. 

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oops, misread
would vote RDS

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i picked shazier. i do want to add for the laugher above, Roby's stats are very similar to last years. only two differences are the expectations we had of him and the fact he has covered the toughest cover every game! last year he split with Howard who came in as the top CB. Roby has played decently, just not to the expectations of some.

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