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How many points are needed to beat Sparty?



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Q: How many points are needed to beat Sparty?
A: One more than they have.

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Hovenaut gets credit for this. It looks like 35 is the magic #.
  Ohio State 279-0-1 all-time when scoring at least 35 points. MSU hasn't allowed 35 since 2011 B1G title game 

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I think 28 will do it tomorrow night, but I'd feel a helluva lot better if we topped 35.

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And I voted 10 in error.....(coffee, coffee now!).

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I completely forgot about that magical 35 pt. stat. Kinda crazy how close that first "L" was last week.


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28 ought to do it, but why stop there?!?!
GO BUCKS!! Beat Sparty!!

ONE Not Done!

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If we play like we did against Wisky, 28 should do it. If we play like we did last week, 35+.

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28 will beat them...but I think we score 35+. 

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I had to laugh this morning, listening to the local AM station on the way to work.  Not sure who said it, but the person being interviewed felt MSU would win the game.  He then said if tOSU did not win impressively he would vault Auburn over tOSU.  Now how does this exactly work?  He feels MSU is a better team and should win but if tOSU does not win by a significant margin he will place a 1 loss SEC team ahead of tOSU ... and he (assuming) gets paid to say this stuff!!!! 

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That's the same thing Mark May said when OSU played Wisky earlier this year.  Before the game he said he thought Wisky would win, but when OSU won he said they didn't have an impressive enough game to stand out.  But I would expect nothing less out of fat Urkal. 

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Right, couldn't have felt better when May picked MSU to win during halftime last night.  He doesn't understand that he wasn't ask to pick a wish...

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I voted for 10, which in binary is equal to 2. Yep, we're going to shut their asses out and therefore would only need a safety to win the game

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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If we NEED 35+ points to beat Sparty, we are not going the NCG. Pollsters are looking for a reason to 'vote against us', and an MSU team scoring 30+ points would be their perfect excuse.

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21 will do it. 42 sounds more like the actual number. 

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"Need to win."  Whoever is voting 35+ must feel Sparty will score 34.  LOL They put up 14 against Purdue.  Come on now.

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I voted 28 because I could see MSU putting up some points while Dantonio throws caution to the wind in a big game atmosphere with very little to lose (MSU is very likely in the Rose Bowl either way).
However, I expect OSU to play much, much better defensively than what we saw last Saturday in The Game.
Ohio State 34, Michigan State 23

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I think 21 will be enough, but I think we score more than that.


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I voted 10 because all we need to beat them by is 1.  
And Oyster nailed it!  Upvote from me...cept I can't upvote you yet, but I will.  

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I picked 28 because I think if we play decent defense we can hold Sparty's offense to 14, and their def/special teams is always a threat for another 7.   I do think we top 28 though if our defense helps keep our O on the field.

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Shit i misunderstood the question and went with ten thinking how many points more spread than what we need to score all together. All together i would say we need at least 27 but who has really stop tOSU from scoring over 35 points or more a game?
The only one to really stop tOSU from naming the score has been tOSU and i believe that is the way this game is played out as well because no one as been able to shut down tOSU offense without the help tOSU yet.

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You only need one point to win, but you can't only have one point in football. So I'll go with two. They only need two points to beat Sparty.

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Don't forget the defense can score points too.  I'm hoping they rebound strong from the performance against TTUN ;)

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I said 28. Buckeyes are 27-1 when scoring 21+ (20-0 when scoring 25+)points, the one loss 24-28. Bucks are 28-3 when scoring 17 or more.When the Bucks score 20 or less we are 1-12.
MSU is 5-8 when scoring 20+(2-0 when scoring 30+; 3-8 in the 20-29 range). They are 7-22 when scoring 20 or less.
I don't see this MSU team scoring 30+ on our team. They could score in the 20-29 range.
I believe the  Bucks can score 28 blind folded against most teams, but this is the #1 defense. I still believe they score at least 28.
We've never lost when we've scored at least 25, I don't see that changing.

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Watched the Big Ten replay of last year's game this afternoon and we had like 3 giveaways and survived that game.  I sure hope we don't have 3 giveaways tomorrow night.  Hopefully it's our turn.  

First ever undisputed National Champions! OH! 

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MSU is chippy.  They'll gouge at the bottom of the pile, get cheap hits and hold whenever they can. Maybe last week's scrum will be beneficial in avoiding a fight.

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Zero confidence in defense so I voted 35+.....