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Indiana has the second ranked scoring offense in the Big Ten (39 ppg). How does it do on Saturday?



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Lockdown. Can't even imagine the practices Urban has been putting the D through since the Illini game.

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And our Defense gives up an average 18.8 per game. No reason to think Indiana will score much more than that.

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I think (and hope) that last weeks game at Illinois was an eye opener.  Coach Meyer put it bluntly and perfectly as usual when we came off the field for halftime last week.  We're not playing disciplined and professionally; we're getting a lead and not keeping our focus.  I don't think there will be a lapse this week.  Last seasons game will be a great example for motivation.  63-17 Ohio State.

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It depends on whether we're playing with or without Grant, Perry, and Bosa.

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Hope to see less, can't refuse what I've seen so far this season.
Come on D!

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Indiana seems to have a better offense than Illinois, and with some of the starters for TOSU banged up, i see the hoosiers scoring 45, but, i also see TOSU scoring 63 or more. Earlier this week i predicted a score of TOSU 63 and indiana 45.

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With that kind of score, we'll probably drop out of the top 10!

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Illinois was on the road, this game is at home. Senior day, Indiana has scored 20+ points only 6 times (32,31,31,21,20,20) in 58 tries. They have score 9 points are less 35 times out of 58. They average 11.4 points the last 5 games since 2002, Last time we shut them out 1997. Buckeyes top score at Home against Indiana 56 (1957), 45 in 2002 the most since then. Buckeyes top the 60 mark, maybe even 70, if Bosa back look for no more than 10 points given up.

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I'm thinking they'll get either 14 or 21 based on their ability to score points. I also believe we'll get at least 63. 

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Indiana will put up points.  See: Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois (and Indiana last year).  I went with 31-40 because we seem to take the foot off the pedal when we get up by 4 TD's, which will occur in the first half.  Indiana will rally in the 2nd half a bit before we put it away in the 4th quarter.

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Are you predicting the Indiana game or recapping the Illinois game?

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Both?  Haha, no.  I don't think it will get to 12 points in the 4th quarter like Illinois, but Indiana has a really good passing attack, which we often struggle with.  Throw in the uncertainty of some injuries, and I think Indiana will score a few touchdowns.  Indiana's defense is awful, so I think we score pretty quickly, giving the Hoosiers the ball a bit more and keeping our D on the field quite a bit.  We'll see though.

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Final home game.  The crowd should be emotional and I know the players will be stoked and focused as well.  Every point counts down the stretch, and every point defensed counts even more.  IU scores less than 10, IMHO.  

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Didn't Wisky hold them to 3?  Let's do whatever they did....

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That is why I think 10 to 21 for us. Wisconsin usually slows the game down more than us (less plays), but I think we will be more mentally prepared this week than last. I think holding them to 10 would be huge for us.

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Good point, hadn't thought of that.  Wisky probably dominated time of possession. 

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Time of Posession was 37:45 to 22:15 Wisky. 

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Monsoon conditions for a heavy passing attack spells doom...see Oregon Vs CAL this year (not to say CAL would have won, just that they would have put up more stats/points). The stats for the Wisky V IU game are only relevant if it is raining heavily. Break out the rain dance...

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17 points, with 7 coming in garbage time at the end.  We don't need a repeat of last year.
We go up 35-7 at the half, 52-10 going into the 4th, and 59-17 as the final score.
IU puts up a decent amount of passing yards, but we keep them in check with 3 interceptions.

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If they give up more than 21 points I will be disappointed.
On my drive home from work last night, I thought to myself "The Buckeyes could literally score 80+ on these guys" and I talked myself into believing it's going to happen.

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Who the hell picked more than 40 points? 

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I upvote this ^ C'mon 40?!?

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I assume that the fact IU put up 49 against the Buckeyes last season has the team's attention.  Couple that with the grief that the D is undoubtedly getting from the staff about giving up 35 to the Illini last week, and I'd say the D will come out with a point to prove.  I'm still putting my faith in the players and coaches that this team can play solid if not spectacular defense and will hold IU to 17.  If the Buckeyes give up 30+ at home on senior day to a team that scored 3 points last week, I will officially be worried about our ability to hold our bowl opponent to under 50 points.

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I'm hoping for 12 or less. Teams always seem to start out good early, but we hone in after. The d-line was getting in the backfield all day last Saturday, I hope for more of this while getting in the WRs face causing some turnovers.

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I'd like to say ten or less, but let's be honest with one another....the LBs are hurting and so are a lot of the defensive guys.  It's going to be at least 14 or more.  It's a shame we're even worried about this, but with the never ending style points situation doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.  

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