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Who is Ohio State's most underappreciated linebacker over the last 10 years?



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That was a really tough question to answer.  They all were great linebackers.  I just Rolle'd some dice to pick my winner.  I think Schlegel would be the #2 on the list.

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Isn't Grant the only guy still in the NFL?

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Like many of these choices, Rolle did more with less...

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He anchored the team for our Rose Bowl win and Sugar Bowl win. He's the choice.

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Schlegel was overshadowed by AJ & BC but was a good fit between them.

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yes he was - for me i was a tough choice between him and Freeman, but Schlegel did real yeomans work there

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Could have gone with any of the choices here, they were all solid players.

Voted other, for Zach Boren, for how he was able to save the LB corps the latter half of last season.

Along with that iconic pic of him towering over Gardner post-hit.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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You got your stuff dialed in Hove!

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My thinking as well - Boren saved last season's defense.  Team player all the way!


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 I wouldn't say Boren was ever under appreciated because I know most of us were all too happy to see him fill in and produce at the weakest position on the team last season. At least that's the way I felt. I was very appreciative of his production.

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" I was very appreciative of his production."

I avi-solutely believe you AB.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I voted Rolle, but I don't think he belongs on this list.  I appreciated the hell out of him.

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I agree, i didn't think he should be on the list either.  I loved watching him play and fully appreciated everything he did.  I always thought he was kind of a fan favorite.

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I went with Homan.  I was a big fan.  Not flashy, but always seemed to make the play.

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I voted for Homan, but it could have just as easily been for Rolle. IMO, those defenses of 2009 and 2010 are the two most undervalued of the past decade. I only voted Homan because I thought that Rolle got more love from the fans/media while they were playing, thus making Ross the more under appreciated of the two.

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Cie Grant, anyone?


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Hard to believe,  but that's 11 years.

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Cie fell just outside my 10-year window starting with 2013 and going backward. Definitely a stud though.

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I swear I used to be able to count....


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Yeah, I wanted to vote for Cie Grant just for his rendition of Carmen Ohio.  Thanks for the explanation on the ground rules.  I had wondered why he wasn't on the list.  (Pity that the really good recordings of Cie Grant's Carmen keep getting taken off YouTube.)

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In an early game this year, Joey Galloway referred to Curtis Grant as "C. Grant" presumably because that's what is on the back of his jersey. I decided the better story was that it was a Freudian slip hoping for things to come.

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Voted for Homan, only because I thought that Rolle did get accolades.  I was looking for Matt Wilhelm on the list, but that spans just beyond 10 years.  He may be our most underrated all time LB.

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I am surprised that Larry Grant didn't get more votes (maybe a sign that he really is the most underappreciated).  Heck I still think he is underappreciated in the pros.  He stepped in for Patrick Willis when he got hurt last year and the defense didn't miss a beat.  He is one of the most athletic players ever to come through Ohio State, maybe since he was a JUCO transfer people just didn't notice him as much?

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Scout had him as a 5-star JUCO recruit.

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He is the ONLY one who showed up against LSU in the NC, either side of the ball.

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Homan, I don't think I ever saw him miss a ever.

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I voted Schlegel, it's kind of easy to get lost in the conversation when you've got Carpenter and Hawk to either side of you. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he transfer here from Air Force?

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That's right, he transferred to tOSU after his sophomore year:

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.


Same here, I also voted Schlegel, I think it was very hard to get noticed when you’re playing alongside Bobby Carpenter and AJ Hawk. That was a great group, my sister got me a photo autographed by all three when they visited the Cameo in Sandusky. 

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Man when are we going to rename that town? I guess I would prefer Upper Sandusky if I had to chose. Let's just name the town Cedar Point. I'm being serious. The name Sandusky should never be a part of Ohio.

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I always thought John Kerr deserved more of an opportunity than he got.

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Rolle was not under-appreciated. I was a student when he played and people were crazy about the guy. I'll always remember him for the pick-6 when Navy was going for 2.
I'd say Anthony Schlegel or Ross Homan for sure.

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I really liked Grant. He to me was a glue guy, a ala David Lighty for football. Nothing spectacular, but he got the job done. And he could wrap up. I liked Grant a lot. 

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I voted for Rolle seeing as how he isn't talked about and venerated like Laurinaitis or (my favorite) Hawk, but I think should be.  As mentioned above, those defenses he was a part of were extremely underrated, at least in current memory.

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I can tell you, packers fans are really big on Hawk.  I think it's the name. ;)

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I went with homan...guy just had a knack for always being in the right place at the right time. Loved the way he played. Wasnt flashy, wasn't a big time hitter. But he played solid, fundamental football. And questions like this remind just how good our lbs have been. Great problem to have.

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Voted Homan.  I don't think Rolle or Carpenter were underappreciated at all.  They got a lot of (deserved) love.  I think Freeman would've been my second choice.  James Laurinaitis got all the publicity but Marcus more than held his own.

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That's funny, I thought Rolle and Homan were the only two that were under-appreciated.  I voted Rolle.
It's funny how people look at the same thing and have totally different recollections.

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Ross Homan was easy to overlook, but he stood out to me. Homan was consistent, coming up with stops and interceptions at critical times.  In my opinion, he was the best defensive player on the team, which included Rolle, Heyward and Chekwa. He was all Big Ten in 2009 and 2010.  
From Wikipedia:

During his college career he had a major impact on the defense of the Ohio State Buckeyes. He recorded 253 tackles, two forced fumble, and seven interceptions. Asked by recruiters why he had "only" 120 tackles his senior year he admitted he had played with a broken collarbone.

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This probably isn't the right crowd to ask about players who were "underappreciated," because all of them were pretty popular.
I voted for Carpenter for a curious reason: his NFL career was such a disappointment that I sense people sometimes use it to retroactively belittle what he did in Columbus (something that's an even bigger issue with Vernon Gohlston -- there's not a Jets fan who will believe you if you swear he was easily the best defensive player in the Big Ten in 2007). He also had the issue of being overshadowed by a better player at the same position. But he was a terrific player for us.

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I voted Rolle but Homan was just as deserving.

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It's a tie for me, between Rolle and the "fullbacker" Boren. I always liked Rolle, he played with a lot of intensity for a guy that was a little undersized. Boren shored up a shaky defense and provided needed leadership on that side of the ball. And who can forget his sack on Gardner?

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Mike D'Andrea

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I voted other. Etienne Sabino is a guy who is forgotten because he never really lived up to the 5 star hype. But the 2012 defense never got fully turned around until Sabino came back from the broken leg. People credit Zach Boren coming in for turning around that defense, but it always seemed to me that as much or more of the reason for the outstanding November defense was the return of Sabino.

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would put rolle last.  never impressed me.  can't get the thought of him continually getting steamrolled by wisky a few yrs back.