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Is Brady Hoke the man to restore Michigan?



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Until he can prove he can develop talent and make strong in-game adjustments, he will only be a hope and not the answer. Most delicious part...he'll be here for many years as he recruits good enough to make UM look bad if they fire him. 

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Apparently he throws a good BBQ, but coaching, not so much. 

ONE Not Done!

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Not according to MgoBlo Saturday evening.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I was just about to say that you could have run this on the MGoBoard and gotten the same poll numbers.

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I don't know if you meant to leave out the 'g' in 'blog', but I like what you did there. 

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Darn tpyos.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Not according to MgoBlo Saturday evening.

After they beat Indiana, they'll be back to saying Hoke is one of the best coaches in cfb.

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No, but I hope they keep him as long as they did LLLLLLLLLoyd.

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It's looking like Brady is the MI-Man to restore ttun to mediocracy.

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It depends on how one defines the word, "restore."
I'm fine with where Michelin's at right now. I like owning them like we do.



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Yes, he is perfect in every way!

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Seems like a hell of a recruiter but his hands off, laid back, "family styled" approach does not seem to be garnering results for them. If OSU can beat them yearly though, I like him. 

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He is fine , it's his two main assistants that are the biggest problem.Remember he is not even involved enough in the game itself to ware a headset.GO BLOW! Face it The Li'l Eleven will never compete with Ol' UM. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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He stands on the sidelines with his arms crossed, no headset on.  How does he communicate with his staff up in the booth?  What is it exactly that he does during games?

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but if he stays, who has to restore the buffet line? 
No, he's not the One.  No one would ever mistake him for a Woody, a Bo, or an Urban

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Restore them to what, exactly?

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I like where he's taking them.  To the all you can eat line at Hometown Buffet and that's about it!!  Keep up the yeoman's work, Brady!!

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I think he's doing a fantastic job...

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I've said this before. He had 1 good season at Ball St. in 6 seasons and managed a 9-4 season in his second (and last) season at San Diego St. Prior to going to Michigan, he had 3 winnings seasons in 8 years of coaching. I don't know how that constitutes successfully turning programs around that so many pundits claim he was doing. He had a good first year, but it's starting to look like an "every squirrel finds a nut" kind of scenario as opposed to actually being an elite level coach.
He may be a Michigan man but that doesn't solely constitute being a good coach. I think he's too detached from the play to play dealings to be considered a great coach and I just don't think he has the ability to lead them beyond a few early New Year Day bowl games and on occasion an At Large bid to one of the major bowl games not included in the playoff scenarios. Barely being better than most of a weak B1G doesn't mean success...

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Careful, UNKY. Comparing Flounder to a squirrel is going to elicit a strong response from SQUIRREL MASTER :-)

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Also, when you settle for the 3rd choice (and those people will say the other 2 were not offered the job, so 'technically' he was not the 3rd choice), you have to prop him up to make it look better than it is. 

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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You're absolutely correct, Oyster. In fact, not too long ago some AACC fans who post on here (and are usually somewhat reasonable) were saying Flounder was their first choice all along. Many of us challenged them on that, and I pointed out they would take Harbaugh (or even Les "I love to eat turf" Miles in a heartbeat if they could axe the Fat Man.

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It was the UConn game when I started too believe Hoke could be in some trouble in AA. Seems to recruit well, says the right thing, etc. However, they came out flat against Akron and went through the motions. I will give him every team has those Saturdays. Got through the game with a W and as a Blue fan you got to believe that performance would have been a wake-up call. Then to follow it up with a terrible performance vs UConn was shocking. How can a coach not get his team up to play or use the Akron game as motivation? Either he didnt try to use it as motivation or he did use it as motivation, they were "up" for the Uconn game and he is just a terrible coach with bad X's n O's. Either option falls on Hoke.
If he starts to lose the fanbase (judging by Mgo he may have started to) the players will begin to follow. If he wants to stick around there he better right the ship fast.

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The guy they want is in the NFL because he wasn't good enough for the gig when they hired RR.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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He's at TSUN, he'll always be able to recruit some talent. He's from Ohio, so he's already a bit smarter than most "Michigan-men." But he doesn't seem to be all that great. I'd give him about two more years, if I was running the program up there...give him time to bring in more of his people and see how they develop those talents. If he's still pulling bone-headed crap like Sat against Ped-SU, time to go. A step up from DickRod, but still no Bo S...


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Restore Michigan to what? There is always this notion of a return to Michigan greatness, but when was that era? They won a split national championship in '97 led by Lllllloyd Carr. Is that the greatness they wish to return to? Their great hero Bo Schemblekner never won a national championship. Maybe that's the era they wish to revive. It seems to me the only man for the job is the ghost of Fielding Yost.

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Mentioned this in another thread, but it seems like it works here too:

Hoke's a good guy who seems to be an earnest "Michigan Man," but he doesn't seem like he is -- or will ever be -- an elite coach.  His team is too damn talented to be playing the way they are now; it's like watching us in 2011 -- an incredibly talented team squandered through a timid head coach and a shitty offensive coordinator.  I don't know if Hoke's timid or not, but he sure as shit could have told Borges to adjust from ineffectively "Bollman-ing" all game; it's obvious to me that he didn't do that-- in fact, I don't think he ever has.
And while Borges's playcalling is suspect, his QB tutelage seems even worse: I expected Robinson to make a huge jump last year and Gardner to do the same this year; he's made me look like an idiot twice now.
Not that I'm really complaining or anything, but Michigan deserves (or at least should be able to draw -- and afford) better.

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I have the feeling that michigan will never be good again.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Restore them to what, exactly?

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Poor Flounder.  Out kicked his coverage, and now is being exposed as a mediocre coach.  I'm sure he is a really nice guy, but he isn't a very good coach.  At least when LLLLLLLLoyd was there they challenged for a B1G championship on occassion.  I say keep him around.  Let him get his on the job training and learn how to be a good head coach.  Isn't thats what community college is supposed to do?

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I really wanted to vote no but the longer he stays the longer we have them where we need them.

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They need Harbaugh.

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Not even Michigan deserves that.

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I voted yes. ........... to Mediocrity!

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why yes, Hoax is the man to restore the WWs to national prominence

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I think he can have UM competitive in every game with some good end-of-year records. Elite years/seasons? I just don't see it with him or the current cadre of assistant coaches he chose.

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I said no, in part because I don't like the guy, but also due to my sincere doubts about his track record. 
This is something that isn't widely recognized or understood, but you can make a case that Michigan isn't any better now than they would have been if they had just held on to Rodriguez. I'm not saying RichRod was any sort of genius, but it's unusual for someone to get fired after his team actually improved in each of his last two seasons. The trend here doesn't exactly prove that Hoke has Blue going in the right direction:
2008 3-9 (Rodriguez)
2009 5-7 (Rodriguez)
2010 7-6 (Rodriguez)
2011 11-2 (Hoke)
2012 8-5 (Hoke)
2013 5-1 (Hoke)
And that 5-1 includes some pretty sketchy wins. I'd say they are solid favorites in just 2 of their last 6 games.
What the trend there reminds me of, in fact, is what happened at Notre Dame after Weis showed up: early success in recruiting, early success with Willinghams's players (like Rodriguez, Willingham was also fired after a season where his team actually improved), and then a collapse. I'm not saying Michigan is going to collapse, but it they go 4-4 in a weak B1G in Hoke's third season, I think the natives are gonna get restless.

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Hoke has had success at his other stops.  He could be in over his head, or maybe he is adjusting and if he gets enough time he will have better success.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Hoke's pre-Michigan success was pretty modest.  
I think they keep him around awhile and he mixes some 8-4s with some 10-2s and 9-3s. 
There will, however, be no happy endings to the regular season - just a lot of long, cold off seasons interrupted only by a week in Tampa and a lot of M fans telling everyone that football is really not that important anyway....


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Great recruiter, can't coach a lick. Maybe he should pretend to be a real coach and wear a headset.

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I voted yes because he is recruiting good talent, just can't develop or coach them up. So when he is gone someone else will step in with that talent and do fairly well. So in essence Hoke is restoring Michigan to national prominence, just not as head coach.

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They will quit committing when they figure that out.