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Are you satisfied with 2015's OOC? (at VaTech, Hawaii, NIU, W. Michigan)



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Playing Hawaii without going to Hawaii. Meh to this schedule.

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I'll probably travel to Hawaii that week anyway and tell my wife I looked at the schedule wrong.

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Va Tech under Beamer will be a nice environment, but their program has seen better days. NIU is very respectable, but they're still a MAC school.

WMU is also a MAC school, but not at all respectable.

I honestly know nothing about Hawaii's program....have they ever played a meaningful game? Maybe under June Jones a few years back?

Was hoping for a full course ooc meal, this looks more like a sack lunch.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.


Exactly what I was thinking Hove, a little heavy on the starch and not enough MEAT. VT is ok but I don’t think they will give us much of a fight, but the rest will be little more than “practice” games.  I don’t want a schedule that will leave the Bucks worn out before the B1G slate starts but some tougher opponents to help with the overall SOS would be nice.

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Hawaii played in the Sugar Bowl in 2007 against Georgia I believe.  It didn't go well.

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And that was when they had a good team.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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And didn't one of the staffers mention that NIU is trying to back out of the game? I swear I read that somewhere. How bad is this schedule when you're worried about a MAC school dropping out and it gives even less credibility to it?
We should drop WMU and try to add a lower tier team from one of the 5 major conferences. I'm sure if we threw some money at Utah, they wouldn't be opposed to heading this way. If you're going to pay an opponent to come here, at least make it worthwhile, IMO.

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Good chance it will be Bud Foster's VaTech team in two years. 

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

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Need a OOC schedule that counteracts our weak conference (whether perception/reality it's there). One SEC or Pac 12 game against a BCS team should remedy that. When we played Texas and USC, never heard about our weak schedule. 

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We keep trying, and they keep pulling out!

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“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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I agree, meh.  Someone other than Western M******n.  Is the Hawaii game a solo or is it home and home?

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Since they are getting $1.2M, no way this is a home and home.

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Seven homes games a year when 5-6 of them are shit < 6 home games per year with at least one of them per year an SEC or PAC-10 contender.
Lets get those home and home match ups rescheduled with Tennessee and Georgia, and/or go back to the PAC-10 and restart the talks on scheduling annual inter-conference scheduling of some sort again.
No directional Michigan teams need to be on our schedule, ever. Nor should Akron, Kent, or freaking Youngstown State (or Florida A&M sans their band).

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Agreed that more quality opponents makes for more entertaining games and a higher SOS makes for a stronger playoff resume. The athletic department has another issue and that is having a minimum 7 home games a year. It's one reason we have a self sustaining athletic department and a home game is what...8-9 million dollars in revenue? Sometimes those agendas don't always mesh. 

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The OSU Department of Athletics raising 8-9 million dollars in revenue on FAMU or Buffalo is a boondoggle. The season ticket holding public (i.e., the folks who put up the majority of that $8-$9 million per home game) won't stand for much more of that kind of nonsense.
That said, the future schedule (minus `18-`19) has some heavy hitters in it: Virginia Tech (`14-`15), Oklahoma (`16-`17), Oregon ('20-`21), Texas (`22-`23).

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Yeah, I don't think the OSU season ticket holders are going away any time soon. And if they are there is a long line to replace them.
However, if we win out and get left out this year because of our garbage schedule, the collective bitch session from Buckeye Nation may force them to do something a little more aggressive.
I'm beyond disappointed with the scheduling. I expected us to have a "we'll play anyone, anywhere" attitude under Meyer. SEC doesn't want to travel for an OOC matchup, except to a neutral field? Fine we'll go to their place, or to the neutral field. Whatever.
Doesn't look like that is happening.

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Actually, I believe fewer season tickets were sold this year than last. There was a pre-season public sale of unsold seats to every home this year - including the Wisconsin and Penn State night games. I know, because I am a season ticket holder who also bought additional seats to those two games via the public sale option. You may say, "So what - every game ended up selling out." To which I will point out that most of the season ticket holder community not only pay full face value for the tickets, we are also required to make a large cash donation to the Department of Athletics (minimum $1,500) or the University as a whole (minimum $2,500) for the right to receive a season ticket application. If tickets are making it to the "Public Sale" that represents a significant loss of revenue per seat.
I believe also that fewer alumni association member ticket drawing applications were returned this year - and I imagine the reason for that is no one wants to "win" the Buffalo or FAMU game and have the wonderful opportunity to pay full face value for a ticket that could easily be had in the secondary market for less than half of face value. (I know because I had to end up giving my FAMU tickets away.)

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Vandy canceled and we got FAMU (one year out is last minute in CFB scheduling), Tennessee canceled games against OSU in 2018-2019, Georgia canceled games against OSU in 2020-2021  - Gene Smith and Ohio State are trying to schedule SEC teams!!

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The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I feel like that should've been hashtagged...
But thanks for pointing that out, Nova. People think that FAMU was the throw in and they weren't. We scheduled them long before Vandy dropped out which makes it even worse that they were on the schedule.

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Yep. Not only did OSU schedule that terrible game, but they also paid FAMU a cool million to come to Columbus and get destroyed. 

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^This. It's a ridiculous game that should have never been scheduled. We should NEVER be playing FCS teams. It's a disservice to our players and an injustice to whatever team it may be. As Ramzy noted in the dubcast before the FAMU game, those players are more likely to wind up getting injured than ours due to the severe discrepancy in the talent level.
As I said in another post on this topic, if we're going to dish money out to someone to come here, at least make the competition worthwhile. Utah, Boise St., Iowa St., BC, Pitt...hell, the list can go on forever. They are bigger names but if you offer them half of that money, I'm sure they'd come in for 1 game. Just like we did with Colorado, I'm sure we can find a lower tier major conference team to come in for 1 game without a return trip somewhere. Just make this game worthwhile for both the fans and for the sake of competition for the players.

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But, but, but, they had a great band!

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Not my fault. iOS 7 hates 11W

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Tennessee canceled games against OSU in 2018-2019, Georgia canceled games against OSU in 2020-2021  - Gene Smith and Ohio State are trying to schedule SEC teams!!

Ohio State canceled the games with Georgia due to, at the time, the upcoming Pac-12/B1G alignment that folded shortly after that and with Tennessee due to the new 9 game B1G schedule. You might want to look some stuff up before you post as you swung and missed on all 3 of those...

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Whoops. Unky Buck beat me to it. Keep it real, homies.

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Ohio State actually backed out of the UGA series my friend. Due to delaneys dealings with PAC 12 to work out an annual OOC kind of thing. Like the big ten and acc have in basketball...but it ended up falling through anyway.

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Also, if there is perfect elasticity of demand as some suggest, why not just increase the price per ticket upwards a proportionate amount in the seasons with only six home games (to say $87.50 instead of $75.00) so the "8-9 million dollars" in revenue is held constant?
If the games are of sufficient quality I for one would pay.
If it's freaking FAMU, Akron, and godforsaken YSU I will not.

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You never know what you will get when scheduling teams. Currently Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois are better than Tennessee. That may be the case in 2015 as well.

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I agree about directional Mich. teams, but playing Ohio teams helps keep money in state, so one of those teams a year is not bad IMHO.

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In my humble opinion, the only Ohio team worthy of appearing on our schedule is Cincinnatti.

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Cincinnati's losing their BCS status next year BTW

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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UC should never befoul Ohio State's schedule. There's absolutely nothing to gain by lending any legitimacy to those Faygo swilling clowns.

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IF Urban is 53-0 as Buckeye HC at the end of the 2015 season we are 2x defending NC and the schedule just doesn't matter....... Just Win Baby!!

ONE Not Done!

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You, sir, just brought up a fantastic point... Thank you!

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Fair point. Unrealistic, but fair.
More likely than a historic 53-0 run is that a loss will come, and looking out at the opponents, none of them are currently "elite" really. Arguably Michigan, Va Tech, and Wisconsin are perennial powerhouses, but Ohio State (and especially the B1G as a whole) needs to dramatically improve scheduling and win some big intersectional matchups during the regular season.

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we had a chance to get louisville on this year's schedule and ohio state said no cause they probably didn't want to give up a future home game.  the brass hate giving up guaranteed money from a home game vs. the crapshoot that is the windfall that a national championship would bring.

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I think it's not a bad's an improvement. If Beamer is at VT in 2015, they'll be competitive. Hawaii I like for my own personal reasons, but they aren't good. NIU has been good - MAC or not, they're looking like the new Boise St right now. W. MI sucks...oh well.
In the past 5 years, 3 of those teams have been to BCS games, so like I said - improvement.

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I don't know why some OSU fans are selling the Northern Illinois Huskies short. They are a good team. NIU went to the Orange Bowl last year. That speaks a lot about their program, even if you think they were handed the invite by the BCS people and didn't belong there. If they didn't play in the Orange Bowl, they would have won their bowl game otherwise. I feel confident that if they would have played a certain Big Ten team in the Outback Bowl last year they would have beaten them.
Northern IL blew Purdon't out of Ross-Ade a few weeks ago, and if they played them tomorrow they would do the same. They won't have Lynch and many others on their team in 2015 but they probably will reload like the Buckeyes do every year. Their "reloading" has worked well for them over the past four years.
Western Michigan? Get rid of them now!
BTW: I'm a Toledo Rockets grad and fan giving the Huskies and the MAC some love. You have to respect what they've done in recent years.

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NIU also beat Iowa this year.  2-0 versus the Big Ten.  
Western Michigan is 0-3 versus the Big Ten, 0-6 overall,  and lost to FCS cupcake Nicholls State.  Will they still be that bad two years from now?  Probably.  

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Compared to this year's schedule, it's much better. VaTech should have a solid team and they'll have a year to figure out who takes over for Logan Thomas at QB. And the Hokies usually have a really solid defense.
The other 3 are meh, but there is no FAMU or FCS school, so I like that, and NIU seems to be building a consistently good team. But, who knows, we'll see what the look like when Lynch graduates.


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NIU was pretty good when Kill was there, shouldn't be too much of a dropoff

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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The Rainbow Warriors.  The Rainbow Warriors.  The Rainbow Warriors.
Let's hope they don't dazzle us to death.  I'm sure the game will be fabulous.  I just hope they wear their Dolce jerseys.

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Maybe the rest of the B1G will start taking notes on Urban and learn how to fix themselves. Then, we don't have to worry about scheduling so much anymore.

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good point.. if the B1G wasn't so crappy, we wouldn't be so concerned about our OOC schedule.. you don't see any complaints about Alabama's OOC schedule this year.. Colorado State, Georgia State, Chattanooga, Va Tech..
we don't need to bust our balls outside the conference if we have decent matchups within..

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This certainly isn't the worse OOC schedule we've ever seen but it makes me go "meh."
Virginia Tech is a quality program and a team definitely needs to prepare for and NIU is a solid MAC school and is finding a good amount of success lately.
What makes me go "meh" is W Michigan and Hawaii
My feeling on scheduling is :
1 upper tier team from a BCS conference
1 obvious cupcake 
1 middle of the road team. I'm thinking a decent MAC school or a team from a non-automatic BCS conference 
compared to years past this is by far not the worse

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I think its a decent schedule.  I am always a fan of having one big time matchup, a mediocre major conference school and a couple cupcakes.  I liked our 2009 schedule a lot.  Major game against USC, a good team with Navy, with a Toledo and New Mexico State to gain confidence and get younger guys experience.

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We need to keep the EMU matchup every year, u need one preseason game (even if it is not opening week).  NIU is a quality MAC school, and Va Tech is the big OOC so all good there...  Hawaii is the disappointing game... 
With the playoff in place, I was hoping we would move away from the previous formula of one big OOC and three MAC or lower conf schools, and add an additional (mid to lower level) power conference opponent such as Arizona or Wake Forest etc...  Understand that would most likely mean giving up a home game every other year, but rotate it opposite the big ooc home and home series...  
overall just a little disappointing...

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This is an OOC schedule you can pull if you play in the SEC.  The present state of the b1g is weak enough.

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Not a big fan what so ever.  Better hope Hawaii and W. M!chigan get better.  Not to mention, we better hope NIU keeps winning.  I thought OSU was getting away from playing MAC teams...???

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Get some medium-hihg level AQ teams in there. I wouldn't argue against beating up on a low end ACC team like Notre Dame, though.

-The Aristocrats!

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There's nothing wrong with the schedule, and I'm really stunned to see so much criticism of it. Who, other than teams that need the paydays and are willing to go on the road and get killed by powerhouses for the cash, plays nothing but ranked teams in their nonconference schedule?
Any season where you're playing a traditional power on the road puts you ahead of most of the teams you see in the top 25 year in and year out.
Something that I think those are saying "schedule more SEC teams!" don't seem to understand is that very few teams at that level will come to Columbus without a return trip--and there are only so many home-and-homes this program can afford to have. I'm pretty sure we're spoken for on nonconference road games for the next decade or so.

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We can do better than 3 non-BCS teams...Throw in a Kansas or at least an NC State for pete sakes..

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Northern Illinois fields a better team than either of those programs.

You can&#039;t spell chump without UM's picture

VA Tech and Northern Illinois are good teams, Tech is not like they were a few years ago but they're still good. Northern Illinois is a good team now but we'll see what they'll be like in 2 years. The other 2 are garbage though.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Need a marquee matchup. If VT is going to be it then you need another higher quality opponent, like Arizona, ASU, Texas Tech, something around the lower top 25 team range. I am not overly impressed with VT and sure they could be a top 10 team by the time we play them but realistically they will be top 20, maybe even barely and itd be nice to have a team that is equal quality to have 2 of the middle-high quality types since we wont have a game like Texas and USC were. NIU is the 2nd best team in that group, and no offense to them but after their QB leaves, they'll be a pretty average team. Two MAC schools (no offense MACtion) and Hawaii who is awful on there, its not FCS but man its very low FBS. 

741's picture

I want a home and home with Boise State.
(Before Peterson leaves to take a real job.)

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Did all of you just turn off espn. Every year deserving teams are left out of the ncg. It will continue to happen in years to come. It isn't the end of the world. We will win some and loose some of those battles. Unfortunately the influential powers that be don't like us very much. As long as the lower two thirds of our league loses bad games it won't matter much who we schedule. We need 7 home games a year. It's as important to the vendors and community as it is to the university. We have a good thing going with urban and co. and we will knock down that door no matter what the so called experts at espn think. I have a feeling this off season is going to be big with fox and the big twelve and the big 10. If so it will solve some our problem. GO bucks 

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I voted yes.  Anyone that voted no, I will be happy to take any game tickets you have off your hands.  Just let me know.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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By the way, I believe that they have TCU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, and USC scheduled in the future. They have some "quality opponents" scheduled in the upcoming years.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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1.  One top 10 team.
2.  One top 25 team.
3.  One quality MAC school (regional)
4.  One top Ohio school.