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How do you feel about Urban Meyer's comments suggesting Carlos Hyde might play on both punt teams upon his return?



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It's a team sport, right?  If that is what is asked of you to contribute to the success of the team, you do it.  Additionally, you do it with a smile on your face and a positive attitude.

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I think UFM is absolutely serious about players needing to contribute on special teams first to earn playing time otherwise. It might only be for the FAMU game but I'll be surprised if Carlos isn't out there on a punt or three that game....punt return obviously!

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I might be mistaken given that multiple people can wear the same #, but wasn't Hyde on kickoff coverage last year? I don't see a big deal here, and I highly doubt he'll be returning any punts...

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Any approach will involve certain types of risks/rewards. Urbz's approach to special teams might somewhat increase the chances that a starting player will get dinged up, but it also contributes to a competitive and blue collar attitude that permeates deep into the lockerroom culture.
In contrast, if special teams are made up of 2nd, 3rd string offensive/defensive players, that would probably somewhat reduce risks of injuries to the 1st string guys, but might contribute to sort of a caste system in the locker room. Urbz was accused, after the fact, of favoring star players at Florida, but this approach to special teams belies that concern.
With the 2013 team still trying to develop leaders (after the veteran-led 2012 team), some of the bigger "risks" for this team might involve intangible elements.    

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Hyde is a beast. One of the best hits from last year was him crushing MSU's Nick Hill. The hit was high and to the head, but a beauty none the less. I'm hearing rumors that Tom Brady wants to "break the wedge" this year on a kick-off, so I think special teams play is in fashion right now.

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It's funny; I was about to use Brady as an example for the ubiquitous coach-speak saying, "Every position is up for competition"
Brady's job is not up for competition and he won't be breaking the wedge on kickoffs, either. I can't see Hyde, for that matter, playing more than one play on special teams.

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Are you trying to say that Tom Brady is afraid to "lay the wood" on a ball carrier?

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Why are we fine with Roby on special teams but not Hyde? 

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Roby knows how to tackle and Hyde is challenged in this area. I think you want to play your best players always. Hyde does not make special teams special, but he is an absolute stud on offense. I don't have a problem with Shazier playing on special teams because he is one of the best. Each player brings a definite set skills to the game and it is up to the coach to determine when and where to use those skills. 

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Well we know Chris' stance from his Skully and from the way he worded these answers. I see no problem with having to earn your time by making special teams plays. It shows how important special teams can be. It makes everyone earn their spots. It brings the team close, bonding over shared experience.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Urban is playing the game.  The young kids see this and say "Oh gosh.. I think he's serious.. He's going to make Roby and Hyde start over from the bottom to earn their starting spots back.. I had better behave myself.. I don't want that to happen to me.."
I love the fact that Urbs keeps saying this stuff.  It scares the bejeezus out of everybody to the point where hopefully they stay away from any potential legal situations in the future.. Of course he has no intention of not playing his best players.. But in the meantime, he'd might as well use the situation to his advantage.

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I totally agree.  I want Hyde/Roby back in their starting roles, but I like the added punishment of having to earn those roles back.  Like Run_Fido_Run said, it also avoids special treatment. 
Now, on the other hand, if Braxton were in that situation...

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Upvote for you sir.  I can't get the upvote button to function, so I'm doing a write-in.  

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Play the best players where they are needed most. If he isn't going to get as many carries at RB because we have a full backfield then let him play and show he's dedicated and he will slowly make his way back in the starting role eventually ... but if Hall keeps on piling up yards it'd be hard to give Hyde more carries. 


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If you don't have to put a starter on special teams, don't.
Exhibit A: Blake Countess vs Alabama (torn ACL)

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'Fine' on punt returns but 'no thank you' on punt coverage... I know he can break tackles, but can he tackle? We already have that issue with guys who play defense... I can picture him trying to throw a shoulder instead of wrapping up... *sigH*

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Seems to me, Hyde does just fine on punt coverage...


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Yes, he was in great position to make a tackle or potential game-changing play.  However, he had an obvious personal foul that gave them better field position.  Obviously, it's Sparty, so they did very little with it.  That said, I'm fine with him on special teams.

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He's fast, he's physical, and he's a tank. And now, after this suspension, he has a chip on his shoulder. And Devin Smith has been great on punt coverage, so I think Hyde would be great on special teams.

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Filed under: ways to put yourself in Urban's and/or Coombs' doghouse.

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I love giving Hyde the chance to crack some poor guy trying to return a punt. Much like Zach Boren last yr, I'm sure it feels good to Hyde to put some hurt on people in a defensive capacity.

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I think the starters should play special teams all the time and I have no problem with it.  Last year, our only 2 corners with real game experience were flying around trying to get punt blocks the entire year.  I didn't see people complaining when Howard blocked a kick that Roby fell on in the endzone. 
It's how Meyer has always done it

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I wouldn't look into this too much...

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I could see making special teams participation part of the conditions for reinstatement.  It shows me that the coach is serious about zero-tolerance for any rule violation, and that no individual is above the team.  
Football is hard.  A coach can't go soft on the players.  Whether you think Hyde should be punished or not, he is in line for it, and it needs to be firm both to be effective and set a standard.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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If I'm not mistaken, Hyde played on special teams last year vs that team up north.  I remember him being in on tackle on punt coverage, yea so Urban is serious.

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Jamal Marcus is also #34 and is often on special teams.  Might be tricky to figure out.

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I won't pretend to know better than Coach Meyer. If he thinks it's for the best, then I'm sure it is.

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You will most definitely see Hyde playing on special teams.
Urban is going to set an example with him that the other backs will have to follow.  We have too much depth at RB to be giving them all handoffs.  If Hyde goes out there and plays on special teams then the others have no excuse.  Having your best players contribute to special teams legitimizes it for all of the other players and brings a lot of respect to those roles. To refuse would basically be implying that you're better or more valuable than Carlos...which is probably not the case for 98% of the team.