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Which Buckeye team had you most excited heading into the season?



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Went with 2003.  After the NC year, we had a lot of the team coming back.  I thought we had a good shot to run the table and get back there again.  We had the trip up against Wisky and TTUN, but made it to the Fiesta Bowl to beat a good Kansas State team.  All of these choices are pretty good and had great expectations, but for me I was most excited about 2003.  2013 is pretty close though, I think we've got a similar chance to be a really great team!  Let's hope it comes true!
Go Bucks!!

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Interesting..... I figured w/o Clarett they didn't have much chance to run the table. The B1G was much better back then.

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Well leading into the season, we had no idea he would be missing the entire season and never play in a Buckeye uniform again.  My expectations for that year were also very high especially since I went to the opener against Washington and we handled them pretty well w/o MoC.

Get your shine box, Gumar.

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1998 Damn Nick Saban....paybacks are in order!

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You're Goddamn Right

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Upvote for you, bitch.

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Every year has me the most excited.  The anticipation of this season will be eclipsed next year.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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My thoughts exactly. I've got a memory like a dogs. Football walks in the door, I run in circles, jump up and down, and knock the lamp over.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Exactly. I voted other because I feel the same as you.  Does not matter where we are ranked, always look forward to that first game and the rest of the season.  

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2006 = preseason #1 in every poll.  The weapons we were bringing back on offense were ridiculous and Troy was expected to do great things.  Pretty similar to 2013 in that the defense had quite a few guys to replace.

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2006.  It was our year.  Darn you, Urban.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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OSU was also 2/3 in '08, not number #1.

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I used Stassen's preseason data for this poll.


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2006.  The whole season looked like a coronation until the last game : (

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I went with 1998, b/c there was no doubt in my mind we had the most talented team in the country. The talent we stocked up on that squad was almost unfair. Then we got Cooper'd.
Also, i'm pretty sure the 2006 team was preseason #1, were they not? I also don't recall the 2008 team being #1. I thought USC was.

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I wish we had a crack at the vols. I think they would have rolled over Tee Martin and company.

A part of me died at that MSU game.

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Absolutely...... Tee would've still been having nightmares about Big Kat lighting him up, and Winfield would've handled Peerless Price.
My heart aches every time I think about that game.............

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I went with 98' as well. I will go to my grave arguing this is one of the top 5 (if not 1) College football teams of all-time! They played one half of uninspired football vs MSU. Uninspired and a few bounces going the other way and it was all that was needed to derail a season/potentially history. If you look at the stats and scores form that season there was not a more dominating team I have seen in my lifetime (MSU game aside). None of the games were even close or in doubt. That was also back in the early days to where if you lost early you could make up ground. If I remember correctly,  FSU lost to a similarly bad opponent as MSU (NC State?) but they lost early in the season so they got the nod to the BCS Title game.
Still SMH in disbelief of that second half! Sitting at that game was probably the saddest moment I have ever had in Ohio Stadium. Thats saying something as I sat thru a lot of Cooper Michigan Games!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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That team was awesome. 

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NC State was correct. And I'm with you, in that the ONLY reason why FSU got to play Tennessee was b/c they lost early. We lost late. End of story. No doubt in my MIND we were better than both Tennessee and FSU.
**wipes away tears**

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ugh, I remember sitting in the stadium long after the game ended, staring at the field in disbelief.  Having lived through the Cooper years myself, you kind of half expected to get your heart ripped out, usually by the Wolverines, but that game was in hand.

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This is tough but I think 2006 had me the most excited. This probably had something to do with the fact that I was also about to start my freshman year at OSU.

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2006 hurt a ton, but again the 1998 team had already deadened my buckeye soul to some extent. Perhaps the 1998 debacle saved me in a way from the full trauma of 06. I had a horrible bad vibe before the 06 game. In 1998 I felt more blindsided.

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2006 was special year which got me excited the most, Also we beat Texas at their home field and then there was no looking back.

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The 2006 season still haunts me to this day.  So many great memories, but always that last game comes to memory whenever I think about it.  I always think something had to have happened in the locker room to make a rift or something.  I've never seen a team that good come out and play that bad.
Oh well the future is always bright with Ohio State Football !!  

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I'd heard many times that during the weeks leading up to the Florida game, the locker room started to split. They younger guys were pissed that Troy was missing practice time to travel and collect all of his awards. The seniors then defended him from the younger guys. Bad situation if true.

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The last drive of the MSU game was so strange. If I recall correctly Coop just ran the ball all the way down the field from our own 20 to the MSU red took like 8:30 off the clock. Then we threw three or four times to the endzone, the last attemp being an INT. The runs were only getting a few yards at a time but were clearly working. It has provided a lifetime of nightmare fuel. I can't imagine how the guys on the field that day must feel.

One of those "you'll take this to your f-ing grave" moments Herb Brooks warned the 1980 Miracle on Ice team about.

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I marked down 2013 because I'm freaking pumped for this season, but I remember being insanely excited for 2006 as well. So it's kind of a tie but 2013 wins out because of Urban and the talent we're going to get to see this year.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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1998 and 2008.  I was at the Illinois game in 2008.  That SUCKED!  

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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We won that game. Why did it suck?

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We lost that game. At Home Vs ILL, Just could Not stop that QB(forgot his name), But we still went to NC after everybody ahead of us started losing and But again we lost to LSU In NC.

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AC is correct. You have the wrong year. We lost to them in 2007. We beat Illinois in 2008 in Illinois by a score of 30-20.
*Edit* I didn't downvote you. Not that it matters, but I was just pointing out your mistake...they happen.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Unky said it for me.

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I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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This would be #1 if I was around back then..........

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Can you imagine how insane 11W would be if it (and the internet) existed back then?  Especially the pre-season build up.  I wonder what the topical GIF's would have been back then.  Maybe some Walter Kronkite (sp).  Or some woodstock mess.


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1998 for sure, but 2006 was a close second.

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Since the question is what season was I most excited about heading into and not what season was I most disappointed by I'm going to go with this season. 2013.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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'06. I put money on The Bucks to win the MNC before the season (forget the odds, I'm thinking like 6:1 or 7:1) and I also bet on Troy to win the Heisman (5:1). I would have glady traded the Troy-Heisman bet for the other one.
That offense had so many weapons; hopefully this years O will be just as explosive. 


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I said 2006 because I was in college and turned 21 that fall.  I went to 4 games that year but don't ask me to give you a breakdown lol.  A lot of these choices are good ones but this year gives me memories of a wonderful time with no real responsibility like a career, wife and kids.  I would say it was the best season of college football for me until my heart was ripped out at the end.
** By the way, love my family more than anything just not exactly allowed to pull a keg into the living room anymore on gameday. :(

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Those rankings are wrong. 2002 went in something like 12 and 13th (AP)
2006 they were preseason #1
2008 #2 AP coaches #3
Where is the 2005 team? It is arguably the best team this decade even though they played like crap against a good PSU team and Hamby dropped the game winner against UT.
IT was an MNC quality team.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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I got the consensus ranking data from Stassen:


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2002 isn't in this poll.

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My vote was for the '98 team
1) I was in junior high and had yet to see a Buckeye win against Michigan during my Buckeye fandom (1995 was my first year) 
2) 1995 & 1996 was heart wrenching so 1998 seemed to be a year where the stars were aligning themselves that not even Cooper could screw up
3) This team had so much star power not only on offense (Germaine,Boston,Wiley,and Miller) but the defense was stacked (Katzenmoyer,Winfield,Moore,Berry, and Plummer with an underrated Na'il Diggs) 

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Went with 2006. Though recency is a real bitch and almost made me click on 2013. That being said, these next 15 and a half days need to hurry the fuck up and be done with. 

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I know this poll is for the top ranked preseason Buckeye teams, but I was more excited for the 2012 team just to see what Urban could do with them. It didn't hurt that Kerry Coombs (my former high school principal) was hired to the staff as well!

"So when you get knocked on your butt, get up, get over it, and then next time, kick their ass." - Woody Hayes 

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When he needed to call a student to his office, did he even need the intercom? 

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The 2006 team was nasty. I think the Florida loss is still worse than the '98 loss to MSU. It really exposed Eric "Advocare" Lichter and Walrus Bollman. I've never seen an Ohio State offensive line get dominated like that. Woody had to be turning over in his grave. Urban outsmarted Heacock (had a completely different gameplan than what he'd done all year. Urbz threw it 25 of the first 40 plays, which was WAYYY more pass heavy than Florida had been that year), but our inability to move the ball and turnovers caused by pressure in the backfield really hurt us, which is why I blame Bollman more than Heacock. Yeah, Ginn went down and that changed things, but we still had three NFL receivers in Gonzo, Hartline, and Robo. Not to mention Beanie and Pittman in the backfield, though drunk Alex Boone probably made it impossible to allow us to run any DAVE plays to the left side.

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Mine was hands down 1998!  A lot of it had to do that i was going to OSU then but that team was loaded.  I still have nightmares about that MSU game.  My roommates and i booked hotels to Tempe for the First ever National Championship game and got to watch FSU vs Tennessee it was still fun but it sucked knowing that we were hands down the best team in the Nation.

Michigan Sucks!

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I too went with 2006, I was a junior in high school in Atlanta and I talked soooo much shit to all of my fans who were fans of various SEC schools... karma came back and bit me right in the ass! But for 12 straight weeks I was on top of the world!

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After going 12-0 last year, The hype this year has been unreal.

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Mine was actually last year. After the misery of the previous year and a half and the "revival" we were all hoping we would go through with UFM. I was so excited for the change of pace on offense and to see what Braxton could do in that offense. Everything we were hearing out of camp and out of Meyer's mouth was so different and exciting. I didn't expect us to be perfect 12-0 by any stretch but it was just exciting anticipating the changes we were about to go see on the field. Outside of that, probably '06 because that was right in the middle of my college experience at OSU. I was living around Woodruff and High and we had the marquee game with Texas looming right at the beginning of the season (which I had the pleasure of attending), the #1 ranking, two legit Heisman hopefuls, etc.

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I didn't expect us to be perfect 12-0 by any stretch

Really? I did.

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We were definitely ranked #1 in 2006 FWIW. I remember all the talk about them running the wire being ranked #1 every week. Also that season was devastating. I watched the game at the Schott and after Ginn's kickoff it was bedlam, which quickly turned very quiet. I remember there was a dj who kept bumping music and there was one kid who kept dancing on the basketball court during the commercials and I was so pissed at that kid and that dj for dancing while OSU burned. I remember after the championship game watching OSU lose to Wisconsin in Basketball the next day and not even caring about anything. Absolutely despondent.

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Yeah, 1998 here.  I learned my lesson at that game.  Just because you can and should be someone, does not mean you will.  That experience has tempered all subsequent preseason prognosticating on my part.

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

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Damn.  I voted 2010, seems like I'm one of the few!  That team was probably the most loaded of any of these teams except for 1998, and they played like it in all but 1 game.  That offense was unbelievable, and the defense was just awesome.

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2006, my freshman year at OSU.  Couldn't wait for summer to end and get to Columbus to start class.  Pair that with the hype for football season and I couldn't wait.  Things went so well until January.
I still have the SI with Downing, Smith, and Datish on it and also the one from after The Game.  

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It's this year for me and it's not close. First of all, this year will be my freshman year at the greatest university in the world. Also, one thing the other years did not have that this years team does have is urban frank meyer. Oh and possibly the most exciting player in ohio states history-braxton miller

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1969 -coming off the NC and a win in the Rose.  Super sophs going into their junior year
Only one little hiccup