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How many combined rushing and receiving yards will Dontre Wilson produce as a freshman?



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After considering how many yards that Braxton, El Guapo, Rod, Dunn, Ball, Philly, Devin, and all others will get.. It's kinda scary imagining Dontre getting 500+  We might score 100 every game!

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Way too many horses to feed in this backfield. I see him making a significant contribution but not the 1000 yards type of year some are calling for.

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No matter how good he is, he won't be set up like MoC in 2002 with freakin Maurice Hall and Lydell Ross backing him up plus a Senior's physique at age 18.
So yeah, too many horses indeed. 500 all purpose yards would sound about right, along with 4-6 TDs, and if he is asked to do any more than that we are going to be in trouble because it would mean that like 10 really talented players got injured or suspended.

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Last time we had a kid this electric (and maybe hype) these were his stats as a true freshman:

  • Total Plays: 38 (13 rush, 25 rec) 
  • Total Yards from scrimmage: 472
  • Avg per touch: 12.4
  • TDs: 4

He also had four punt returns for TDs...

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I'm assuming we're talking about TGII here.... who was Bollman'd in to those numbers. Bollman was why we couldn't have nice things. 

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Yeah Ted Ginn, bless his heart, was f***ing crazy to come to Ohio State right at the height of the Tresselball frenzy.

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I wanted to vote for 1.21 giga-yards but that wasn't an option.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Well played shookster; now bring it Back to the Future. :-)

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I'm second guessing my choice (C/3). I think B/2 is the better choice. The ball is going to be spread out alot within the offense with a few guys seperating themselves, yardage wise, as the season rolls on. I think Devin and Philly will have really nice years, and the Rod Smith/El Guapo combo should rack up some yards on the ground.


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Just no real way for me to make an educated guess not knowing how urban is going to use him or how much.  I am going to make the educated guess he is gonna make some WOW plays.

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I'm not buying the hype.....yet. I'm sure he's a great talent, but I'll keep my expectations low. 0-499.

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SOunds like hype that Mo Clarrett got and well you know what happened that year....
Woo Hoo

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Man I hope this kid isn't letting all the preemptive praise go to his head.

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I don't think Urban would let it.

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I went 750-999 which I think is high when we're only county rushing and receiving yards. There are a lot of weapons on offense this year and the ball will be spread amongst them semi-evenly. Braxton still has to get the ball to Brown, Smith, Spencer and the TEs in the passing game along with Wilson. And then carries get split between Braxton, Hyde, Hall and Wilson with a couple of others sprinkled in as well.  If he hits those numbers I think it bodes very well for the offense as a whole. 

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I'm on the low end as well.  Between sharing the load of carries and the assumption that a good portion of his touches will be on screens, more than 500 rushing yards sounds like a lot. 

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I just don't see him getting more than 750 yards when we have so many other playmakers on offense.

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Don't drink the freshman Kool-Aid.

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I love video game numbers as much as the next guy, but the fact of the matter is that there are only so many balls to go around.

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He's fast enough to be both ends of a fleaflicker.
How would you score that?

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Over 500, because I think he will get a lot of action after we are blowing teams out (which I do think will happen often).  IMO, we will have 2 types of games: blow outs, the odd ball nail biter.  On the blowouts, I see Dontre getting lots of safe passes.
That said, there are a lot of guys to get the ball to and only so many balls to go around...I just hope that when he gets the ball, he is "electric" as advertised.

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I think he's got a shot to get up near a thousand, but will fall just short because there are now so many play makers on offense to spread the ball around to.  Such a good problem to have.  I see him getting in the 800 to 900 range. 
Go Bucks!!