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Your judgment on Carlos Hyde's punishment?



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When you consider that no charges were filed, it is essentially a non issue.  So when he gets a 3 game suspension and 'additional duties as assigned' to be determined later, it seems more than fair and sends a very strong message to the other players.  Oh, and when the ttun slappies show up today, remind them that Frank Clark had felony theft charges against him for stealing a laptop, they were pled down and he got a 1 game suspension.  You can also remind them about Campbell 'tripping' over a curb and 'falling' on a car.

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I thought 2 games would be enough. Was surprised it was 3. But to be fair, I never saw the video and was going on just what was reported. I suppose if charges had been filed, he'd have been kicked off the team.
I wonder what Roby's suspension will be now.
EDIT: I've now seen the video and to me it's inconclusive. Something happened, but the video doesn't allow you to see to what extent. I still think more than 2 games was too severe, but I think Urbz wants to send a message, especially after all the negative "reporting" lobbed his way recently despite it being largely unwarranted.

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He CLEARLY took a swipe. Anything after that is irrelevant. He swiped at a female. Charges or no, he clearly needed disciplined and 3 games is more than fair. That behavior is not acceptable at THE Ohio State University.

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Honestly, it's hard to argue that point. Well-said.

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Fair.  Whether he connected with her or not, and even though she started it, he should've just walked away.  If your going to be in a bar, you have to realize shit like that is always just around the corner.  If it was a guy, I'd guess one game.  But being a girl, he got 3.   So whatever Urban says, I'm not one to disagree with him.

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I think Urban expects more out of a senior leader and the three games says as much.  It also brings Hyde back for a tune up before the B1G schedule starts and Carlos ought to be plenty "Angry" and what better place to take that out than on our conference brethren.  ......112 yd/gm ave to get 1000 in the regular season

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I don't know if it's fair or not.  All I know is I'm really getting tired of seeing our starters getting into trouble like this and missing games because of it.

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I would venture to say that players have always been getting in trouble.  The difference now is the ability to know about it by the public. Cell phones, cameras, video, internet, security cameras etc all enable the public to be aware and to document the actions today, where yesterday they were kept in house and dealt with in house.  Do you really think all those players were really injured when they didn't start or missed a game or two? I don't.

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What is this "yesterday" of which you speak?  I started at Ohio State in the Fall of 2001.  That season we saw Steve Bellisari, starting QB, get arrested for DUI and miss the last 2 games.  In 2003, we saw the Mo Clarett, starting RB, fiasco, unquestionably cost us a national title run.  In 2004-2005, Troy Smith, starting QB, took money from a booster and missed two games, certainly did not help in game 2 against Texas when he finally got to play.  Duron Carter, Ray Small, ~starting WRs, the tat-5, all starters, a bunch of linebackers last year and now our starting RB and starting CB Carlos Hyde and Bradley Roby. 
These are all well-documented fuckups that were not "disguised as injury" as you suggest.
I'm sick of it.  As long as I've been a Buckeye, starters have been doing this.  Please point to another school that has had this many high profile players get suspended from games?  When is it going to stop?

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Yesterday was meant to describe events from a long time ago, and I don't consider 2001 very long ago.  Long ago was before all the instant communication (which I alluded to) and issues were not made public, they were dealt with internally.    

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Police reports are always public.

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I think you are too young to realize what I am getting at.  Many years ago (decades) people were not always arrested, they were taken home to their parents, and their parents were embarrassed at the actions of their children.  Sometimes the children were let go and a phone call was placed to inform the parents what happened.  The same thing happened in school, you got a call about your child, and you were embarrassed.  You then rehabilitated your child and showed them the error of their ways. The same thing happened with coaches.  That was what I was getting at.  Now, being taken home is not heard of and it's off to jail for everything.  That is why it seems like there are more players getting in trouble.  Nobody gets taken home and everything is instantly known so there is no chance to deal with it privately. 

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I consider myself somewhat of a student of Ohio State football history, so maybe you could provide some examples of what you describe as "let the parents deal with it" and when they actually occurred with a high profile starter at Ohio State?  In the end, I don't really know what you're getting at, because it doesn't really relate to what I'm getting at.  To me, it appears that a high profile Ohio State starter is getting suspended from gametime just about every other year over the last 15 or so years.  This rate seems inordinately high to me as someone who follows a lot of college football.  Whether this was handled internally in previous eras is irrelevant, because I'm claiming it happens more at Ohio State than at other schools IN THIS ERA.  Perhaps this claim is wrong, but even if it is, I'm still tired of it happening at Ohio State.

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This stuff happens at every big time program, and with the advances in communication in the past decade it has become more and more noticeable. ESPN's coverage of college football has also magnified everything.

I think it is because we are fans of Ohio State and (in my case) live in Columbus that we notice everything.

Also I've read that back in the days cops used to take the players directly to the parents or even coaches comes and let them.punish them.

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Man, I'm with Bucksfan on this one. I know its easy to say it happens everywhere but that's a comment of convenience. I still don't see examples of such high profile guys all getting into trouble at other schools. Dude asked a fair question to challenge the idea that it happens everywhere and no one came up with anything yet.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Was friends with a guy who played linebacker for PSU in the late 70's back when when we lived in NY. The stories he would tell after a couple of scotch and waters. Members of the team were brought to Paterno, not the police station. A talk from Paterno and extra stairs or whatever usually was the punishment. The public never knew. Had a couple of friends on the OSU team under Woody. Pretty much the same thing. In both cases, the players would have rather headed down to the police station versus being brought to Paterno or Woody. It even happened at BGSU, although it was more likely that the hockey players were getting into trouble-at that time, BGSU hockey team was a perennial Top 10 team. (Good God those Canadians could drink.) I do agree with Oyster. Believe me when I tell you, it was a different era and a different sensibility. Not only for D1 football players, but other teenagers or young adults. "Zero tolerance" was not a known term, 'boys will be boys" was. Not saying it was good or bad, it just was.

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I'd like to see if he made contact with the girl. Are there any pics of her with a bruise or a bloody nose? If not, he probably made no contact... but in the video, people (guys and girls) seem to be seeing if she is ok.
Either way... like BUKYZE said... be a man and walk away.

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We know she embellished her story to some degree, but very few are arguing he didn't make contact with her at all after watching the video.

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I think 1 or 2 games would have been more fair remember she was the one who hit first and no i don't think a man should ever hit a women. But remember when someone hits you it is only human nature to re-act by swinging back because your not thing at the time and in the Vid it looked to me like she stumbled backwards on her own. She knew what she was doing and figured she good could get away with it because she knew if he responed back she could cause all kind of problems for him or because she knew Daddy was a cops and nothing would happen to her.
Either way nothing every good happens after midnight in bars and Hyde or and other players should already know that. So yes a 1 or 2 game would send a message to the players if you to put yourselfs into places like that after midnight then there is a price to be paid for doing so.

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The real question is does this punishment have the impact Meyer is looking for?  Will other players think twice before going / doing something stupid?  I think the punishment reinforces the stance Meyer has regarding violence and women, so from that perspective I am ok with it.  After watching the video (errr 3-4 times) I came to one important conclusion.  Hyde needs to surround himself with dudes that have much better game!  There is no reason Hyde should be the one to go get a phone number (or pick up a chick) for any one of his boys! 

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As others have stated, the video is inconclusive. For example, some folks are assuming that Hyde initiated the verbal  hostilities (and/or was aggressive, got upset because she shot him down, etc.) but that's not at all clear from what we see/know. For all we know, the young ladies and/or her friends were the first to get "out of line." 
If Hyde had not been the verbal aggressor, I'd have a hard time suspending him for more than 1 or 2 games for his physical reaction, given the poor quality of the video, etc. 
It wouldn't surprise me, however, if Urbz had a heart-to-heart conversation with Carlos and that Carlos was forthcoming about the situation.

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I wish there was a right on or spot on choice.  I believe three games is perfect for Hyde's situation.  To say it was too harsh is not being realistic to the direction of the program and the way things should be from now on.  To minimize the events that have happened in OSU's recent history is a disservice to the university and a disservice to your loyalty as a fan IMO. Punishments will be handed down for the most mundane of situations from now on (pee-gate and many more things to come unfortunately bc we're dealing with young kids who are bound to make mistakes).  Now the best way to make them learn for their mistakes it to have harsh (if that's what you want to call them) types of punishment.

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Okay, as long as you're not suggesting that the punishments ought to be calibrated with consideration to public relations.
If the idea is that harsher punishments will deliver better results in terms of team/lockerroom behavior, morale, culture, etc., that's one thing, but the punishments must be an internal matter.
If the hype machines - and the likes of eSECpn hacks, Clay Travis, et al - are influencing how you manage program policies and mete out lockerroom justice, then you got much bigger problems that a few bad decisions by the kids on the team. 

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"Okay, as long as you're not suggesting that the punishments ought to be calibrated with consideration to public relations."

Not what so ever Fido.  I just thought the fair choice should have been great or spot on due to how Urban's been handling business since taking the job at OSU. As I stated on the other thread, Hyde's choice was a poor one. Worthy of a years suspension, NO WAY! Now if he attacked her, then most definitely.  Trust me, after Tat-gate, I don't listen to much of what the media says OSU should do.  Especially ESPN! ;-) Trust in Urban and all will be fine. Many of the media don't seem to think that Urban's learned from his time in FL.  I tend to think that's why he's ruling with an iron fist and I tend to think it will continue.  

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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Hyde put himself in a bad position, no way this could be a "scott free" situation.

Think (hope) we will be feeling the same about Roby at some point.

I also hope this serves as a wake up call to Carlos, and his teammates. We all look forward to the season and the goals this program strives to attain. I look forward to an offseason where this program doesn't have to deal with such trouble. Tall order, with history against that sure, but here we are debating about something that should have been avoided.

Instead of a non-incident, or a best case scenario, the suspension is a fair result and on the much better side of the spectrum to what could have been.

Already stated it last night, and I reaffirm here....make the most of this Carlos, I'll be rooting for you. On and off the field.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I'd say they only people who would think 3 games isn't fair would be ttun fans or some random eSpin talking head.


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Yes the video is inconclusive, but what the hell is that place and why was one of our senior leaders there two weeks before camp and getting mixed up in what appeared to be an ugly situation from the start.
Whether he made contact or not, he at least lunged at a woman when he should have walked away. Urban has said he will have no tolerance for violence against women, and now there is a public video of one of his senior leaders in a shady bar, demonstrating aggressive behaviors toward a female who is probably less than half his size. I understand that she swung first, but retaliation, just like on the football field, isn't excusable in this case. It wasn't self defense, it was retaliation.
I was expecting three games, but I think four games would have sent a stronger message. Carlos really screwed up and the issue is now very public and looks bad whether charges were filed or not. 
I voted lenient because I think four is probably right, but three is fair, I guess. 

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The fact that Urban said at least 3 games makes me wonder.  Wouldnt surpise me to see it pushed to 3.5 games to make sure his point is made.  Side effect of that would also be the booth/ media coverage that would follow. 
Note: Northwestern tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow.

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I think the "at least" part pertains to other obligations Carlos has to fulfill before he is reinstated, much like with Stoneburner and Mewhort last year.

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First, props about the NW reminder. 
Second, my first assumption was that Urban was simply referring to additional terms (i.e. gassers, community service, etc.) that, if not completed by the time he has served the 3-game suspension, would prolong the said suspension. At this point, IMO, it's clear-cut enough with the video and I'm sure they've talked to him that there's nothing left that would cause him to change his mind and add games.
EDIT: Earle beat me to it!

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I wanna say too harsh as in the punishment doesn't fit the crime but I wanna say just right as far as setting the tone and expectations for the younger players

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Considering that if he'd actually struck and landed a blow on her, he'd be off the team, I'd say that whatever he did (looks to me like he swatted/slapped her after she struck him) was worthy of three games.
The message is clear: if you find yourself in that kind of a situation, walk the f*ck away.

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Fair to say Hyde won't be Urbans first 1000 rusher. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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Prob not. :(      
Crazy shit if he pulled it off though.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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He got 970 yards in 10 games last year. He'll play at least ten games this year if he meets the criteria. It's not impossible

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I voted Fair.
I Would have been fine with any length of suspension. As others have stated the point needs to be made to keep yourself out of these situations. To me people who think it is too harsh are looking at it from a Football point of view. It isnt about football, its about teaching a young man how to handle these situations in the future. Thankfully, he is only suspended for football games, fast forward 5 yrs from now and (assuming not in the NFL) he could have lost his job over situations like this one. Employers in the "real-world" arent nearly as forgiving as coaches. I like the stance Coach Meyer is taking on this and I hope he has a similar stance with Roby. Buckeye Football will be just fine whether these players play another down or not.

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Swipe or no swipe. Contact or no contact. Charges or not.
Urban has made it clear what he expects from his student-athletes and disrespecting a woman is a BIG NO NO.
After everything that Carlos had to endure at the hands of previous players transgressions, it is all the more disappointing that he put himself in this situation.
3 games is fair. I hope he takes the time to honestly think about why he IS sitting down for 3 games, and that it could be a whole lot worse.

I hope we see an angry, determined, yet contrite and matured, Carlos Hyde come out pants on fire against A&M

Oyster has { Material }....

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I think it's a calculated move by Urbs..  
1) he appears tough against that sort of behavior, especially in the face of these "phony scandals" conjured up by the media
2) he knows he has a stable of beasts looking for playing time behind Hyde.  This way, they get some game time work, not just garbage minutes, before the B1G starts.
Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, everybody wins!  Except maybe Hyde, but that's his own fault..

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Any guesses on what Roby's suspension will be? More or less that Hyde's? He was arrested so does mean he will be dismissed since Urban said Hyde would have been if charged? Or does the fact it didn't involve a woman change things in Urban's mind? I'm suddenly really concerned about what will happen here.

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I think Roby's charges will be dropped. I think he'll get 3 games though, just for poor judgement. 

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According to the police report, he was escorted out of the bar after some kind of altercation, tried to return contact friends who were still inside, was stopped by bar security personnel, allegedly punched one of the bouncers in the chest “causing a complaint of pain,” according to the report, and promptly was subdued while police were called.
According to court records from Monroe (Ind.) County, Roby has a pre-trial conference ssheduled for Aug.26, just five days before the Buckeyes’ season opener against Buffalo.
Whether video will aid his cause remains to be seen. According to the court records, his attorney Phyllis J. Emerick, based in Bloomington, has asked that “audio and/or video recording” from the bar be produced as possible evidence.
Insiders on the OSU football team who saw Roby after he returned to Columbus told The Dispatch he looked like he had been roughed up. There was no speculation in regards to who did the roughing.

I hope you're right but if not it looks like this might drag out until days before the opener. This was from the Dispatch today.
Roby's status in limbo

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Three games seems right. One for going to that douche bag club and two for flinching.

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 I need to sit down with Urban and Carlos, and get a better grasp on the situation. I voted to harsh, but that's my "fan" overriding reality. I'm just glad he's still on the team.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Urban has spoken and said he doesn't condone hitting a woman. I agree with him and his decision to suspend Hyde who was proven to be less than a gentleman. Walk away and show you have more class. 

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I voted fair.  When I was thinking about it I thought 3 games was a little high, but I can't really argue with it.  There needed to be a consequence for the negative attention brought to the university.  So I'm in support of a 3 game suspension.