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If you had to attend a B1G institution besides OSU, which one would you choose?



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Might as well get the best education you can, so it's a no brainer for NW.  Just remember their chants years ago: 'That's alright, that's OK, you're gonna wok for us someday!"

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I didn't realize they offered a major in Chinese restaurant management.

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My 'r' broke and I just got it repaired.  I was hoping to come back and fix this, but I see you have now taken that option away from me.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I do what I can to preserve such typos for posterity when there is an opportunity for a cheap pun.  "You" welcome.

Your Noble Savage is a Straw Yeti.

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Apparently one of the member schools didn't make the cut.

Had I stayed in the Midwest, and if I had to choose I'd either go Indiana, Illinois or Purdue based on my chosen fields of study.

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If you look at the other poll about fans, I think the just decided to not waste the keystrokes.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I almost went with NW for the same reason as OYSTER.  I ended up voting for Iowa because when I was in High School this was one of the ultimate wrestling schools.  I picked Iowa for that tradition. 

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I went with IU 'cause Bobby Freakin' Knight was the BB coach when I attended college.  Awesome entertainment value!

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Went with Minny for two reasons: good biology programs (what I do) and the Twin Cities are pretty swank. Check em out if you haven't been up there. Good local music and bar scene.

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Everyone will hate me for it, but I went with Wisconsin.  Now that Bart is gone, I no longer hate their football team.  I'd continue to hate the Weasel Bo Ryan until he leaves.  Madison is an absolute party place (been there many times, have a lot of Wisky friends), great night life, good music scene, and the only city in all of Wisconsin with good looking girls (mainly b/c all the students do a ton of outdoor activities).  The campus itself borders a huge lake, and it's nice to hang out outside at one of their bars, and drink a Spotted Cow while looking at the big ass houses a mile on the other side of the lake.  If I went purely for education, it would be Northwestern, but I doubt I would last very long there, academic-wise.

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The fictitious North Western - as all these choices = failure - I was only ever going to tOSU. 

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I went to PSU for my master's program because the commute to CBus was way too long! I did post grad work at UMD (it was closer than PSU) that was a great institution, and as an academic institution definitely on par with the rest of the B1G

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NW for the education access to Chi-Town.
I agree with BUKYZE - Madison is a fantastic pace to party.

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I almost went to Northwestern for graduate school. Wrote in my entrance essay that I thought NW was a very attractive school because every other year they played a certain football team in Evanston.


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Purdue for engineering.

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I've honestly directed a lot of the young students I've mentored in Engineering toward Purdue over Ohio State.
My OSU degree has definitely served me well, but their engineering school is top notch and a bit more challenging.

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NW for me too. Although I think I'd go to the version that is one word (Northwestern vs. "North Western").

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Purdue for Agriculture Economics - one of the best programs in the country.

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I'm not surprised Northwestern has such a commanding lead.  With one of the best educations, if not the best education in the Big-Ten, that would be hard to turn down.  Add to the fact Evanston is 30 minutes from Chicago and with Northwestern's vast improvement in football, the college game day environment would be a lot of fun.   

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Big fan of the alternate reality where I'm smart enough to get into Northwestern.

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I chose Nebraska because they have a great school in my field.
But: Be it known, in selecting a grad school back in the late 90s, ALL B1G schools were out.  Not an option, period.

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Northwestern because, Chicago.

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Northwestern because of Chicago/academics.

But I've always liked the vibes at MSU. 

I'd say IU maybe, but, Tom Crean is just such an unlikable human being...

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I chose Illinois because they have the best engineering program in the Big Ten, particularly my field - materials science and engineering.  Also, I'm a grad student here.

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I chose Nebraska, for the corn.

In a year, if they rehash this poll, I would choose Maryland. UMD is close to home, has a masters program for me, and is a quality school (like any B1G isntitution).

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Indiana, Purdue and Iowa are chucked full of corn as well.  I'd bet Illinois has mega acre cornfields too. What a great crop corn is.  Too bad it makes for lousy beer, but whiskey is another story (and I don't mean the shitty type of Wiscy).

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


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Purdue. Good veterinary college. ;-)

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Their Engineering program was the shit, back in my day. USMC was my decision after high school, but I seriously considered the Boilermakers.

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Depends on your major, so I picked Purdue for Engineering (almost went there but chose OSU in the end).

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I picked NW, not that I could get in. Just glad that ttun was not an option

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You left Michigan off the list.... :)

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who?  You mean TTUN?

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or maybe TSUN instead.

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


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In the grand scheme of things it has to be Northwestern for me - I work in marketing and it's one of the best business schools around.
For undergrad, because undergrad is where you have fun, UW Madison would be my 1b - great campus, awesome scenery, fun game day atmosphere, and the parties / bars / restaurant are excellent.

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i love that fact that TTUN isnt even listed.

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If Missagain was my only choice, the hidden cyanide capsule could possibly come into play.

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I went with Indiana.  Indy is a pretty cool town.  I like the downtown area there.  It is also a pretty well regarded school.  Although I don't think I could handle Tom Crean!
Thank goodness for OSU!!

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I went with Minnesota and made my choice based on important things like quality of life, academics, jobs, scenery over collegiate sports, partying and so forth. MN has a great program in my field and its one of the few cities in Midwest that's great for people in the medical field. Coupled with the fact that its one of the healthiest cities and has great fishing and hiking all around, the choice wouldn't be to hard to become a Gopher. 
I am shocked Michigan wasn't included in the list though. 

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Indy seemed like a great campus, and there would be no peer pressure not to root for tOSU

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For me it came down to Illinois and TOSU,  but the distance away from home made me decide to go to TOSU. I wanted to be home in 2 hours. Not 6.
Loved the campus, and the students. Basketball is my first love anyway, so the crappiness of their football team didnt phase me that much a the time (OSU basketball was in its dark days just before Oden and Conley arrived) Lol,  I had no idea that OSU would go on to become the class of the B1G.

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Not surprised about the results here. Northwestern is a great school. It's, by all purposes, in Chicago, which is a fun city.
Indiana or Wisconsin would probably be the backup for me. Indiana is a great school. I work with somebody who is from just outside Madison. He still talks about the lakes there and the party atmosphere. I would probably be in trouble in MadTown.