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How likely is it that Carlos Hyde rushes for more than 1,000 yards in 2013?



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I'd say it's the same odds as the sun rising in the east this morning. It will happen.

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Rod? Warren? Jordan? Bri'onte?

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I wish I could share your optimism Cajun....I voted 60-80% because even though Meyer is aware of the benefits of recruiting by having that 1000 yard rusher, he'll never force the issue.  He'll always take what the D is giving him to get the win.....even if it means less yards for El Guapo.  
Never mind the fact that he has a whole host of other running backs that want/should get the rock too.  

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I would hope that Miller is less fleet of foot this season due to his improved passing skills.  Add in the fact that Hall is not in the equation as the #1 back, like he was last year, which took a few games out of Hydes hands and I see it as very possible.  

When you reach for that ball under a pine tree, do you ever think about who just peed there a little while ago?

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I share your concerns. Rod Smith really performed well when he got reps last season. Miller is still going to get his carries. Jordan Hall is back. Bri'onte Dunn is going to get carries. Throw in new guys Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Ezekiel Elliott who could get carries and it's just going to be so hard to find a 1,000 yard rusher. Like at UF, the ball will be spread around. 
Not to say Hyde's season will be a failure if he doesn't get to 1,000 - he should have a great average per carry and will get in the end zone, but we don't need him to shoulder a large load of carries.

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as long as he is healthy enough to get 18+ carries a game I would say 100% confident

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In response to OBB, UFM has stated that he wants El Guapo to help lighten the load for Braxton this fall. It definitely will happen.
El Guapo will bust through defensive lines like a stick through a pinata. IF he stays healthy, I'm going to go out on a limb and say he'll get between 1200-1500 yds.



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I hope so man! I really do.  
I think it's right around 80%.  I'm just trying to factor in that Hall, Dunn and Smith should all carry the ball plenty....and Miller is going to carry it quite a bit too regardless of how good of a passer he becomes.  He has to keep defenses honest by making them pay with his feet once in a while.  
I would love it if all five of these guys could go for 1000 yards this season, haha! But I don't know if theres enough to go around, ya know? No doubt Hyde has the best chance as he'll surely get the lions share of carries.  

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The stable is full, the pass game looks ready to contribute and Brax will still have his share of carries.

But the Buckeyes still operate under the offensive premise that is the power run. There has to be a workhorse.

El Guapo shines in the role, I keep seeing him wear down AACC late in last years' contest. He has a good line in front of him, with phenomenal athletes spreading the field.

I think it's safe to say he wants it, and he's due.

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If he stays healthy, it's a lock that he'll get 1,000 yards.  OSU will more than likely be playing 14 games this season.  That's an average of 71.43/game.  I'm sure the issue at hand will be number of touches, but going into the season knowing he's your clear cut number one, along with all of the postgame interviews with Meyer saying how he should've given Hyde the ball more, I don't think there is any doubt.
FWIW, I actually predicted 1,279 yards this season with a friend of mine who is trying to bet me.

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The number of games is definitely the biggest factor helping him this year.  He only played 10 last year, so despite sharing the offensive load more this year (I hope that we get others involved like the WRs), he is fairly likely to get there if he stays healthy.

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Agree completely...

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He'll get 1,000.  This will not be the same style of offense as we saw last year with designed runs to Braxton and him running a majority of the time. El Guapo will be the feature back...he deserves it. 

I have to agree with Hail above and he must stay healthy in order for it to happen.  Only bc we have SO many RBs that if he goes down, someone will step up big time.  El Guapo will get carries when he comes back but will he be 100%?  Hate to say that but I agree with Hail;-)

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There really isn't much doubt in my mind that he will.  The only thing that could stop him is an injury.  I'm not saying he'll run for 1,500 or 1,800...I'm thinking he'll go for 1,000 to maybe 1,200.

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I think the only things stopping him from eclipsing 1,000 are:
1. Braxton Miller and his legs, if he's running around like last year it will take yards/carries away from El Guapo. Hopefully he's running less and handing it to his RB's a little more this year to alleviate some pressure from him and also to save his body from injury.
2. Injury - If Hyde stays healthy and the line is opening some holes (year two of the system can only mean better coordination between the big guys up front) he should hit the 1,000 yd mark no problem.
Time will only tell, is it August yet?


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Last year Hyde got 970 yards. Lets look at how he got those yards and determine how close he was to attaining 1000.
1. He missed 2 games early in the season due to injury
2. in the other 3 games of the first 5 games of the season, he ran for 158 yards TOTAL!
3. In the final 7 games he ran for 812 yards, or 83.7% of his total.
in just over half a season he ran for more than 800 yards. If given a full season, he would have easily eclipsed 1000 yards. keep in mind too, until the 3rd or 4th game, Hyde wasn't considered the lockdown starter yet.
and for those who are still doubtful, he had 970 yards in 10 games (missed 2). This coming year, there will most likely be 14 total games they will play. Think about what he could do with 4 more games than last year.
I will be stunned if he doesn't end up with over 1200 yards!

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Archie Griffin would be a 100% lock to eclipse 1,000 yards against the 2013 schedule, and he's damn near 60...

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There is also the chance that the Bucks play in 2 more games than last year... I voted 60-80, because that is still a high probability

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I voted 60-80. but more towards 80

  • He missed 2 games last year, plus missed playing in a BIG 10 championship so 2 more games
  • I think Braxton gets less carries this year with more offensive play-makers and more confident with Herman in throwing the ball
  • I think Hyde could pick up some of the carries they will take away from Braxton but I also think other playmakers like Smith, Hall, Philly Brown, Fields, Dunn, Ball and (hopefully) Zeke, Marshall, Wilson could get those carries too or even take carries away from Hyde with having multiple threats
  • The reason I didn't vote 80-100 aside from the other playmakers we have is if our offense is really clicking like we think its going to in year 2 Hyde could get pulled early from several games with our week schedule if were up big

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I think he's capable of it certainly, the question for me will be whether the staff chooses to feed him as much as they did last season (he would have made 1,000 easily if he'd played every game), or whether they'll opt to spread the ball around a bit more. It's fair to argue that Hyde, Hall, Smith, Dunn, Ball, etc. could also see the ball depending upon how they choose to use them.

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I'm still pushing for him to get 2000.
But in all seriousness, i think the only thing that could keep him from the 1000 yard benchmark would be an injury.

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I certainly hope that Hyde hits the 1000 yard mark, not just for himself, but for future OSU RB recruits, as I would assume that other schools' coaches try to use that as a way to lure prospects away from Ohio State. 
However, if he doesn't hit the mark, then I hope it's because he ended up 900+, Braxton had 500+, Smith had 500+, Dunn had 300+, Ball had 150+, Wilson/Marshall/Elliot had 400+, and so on...

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Probably not since there are a lot things that need to happen for Hyde to get 1000 yds, but only a thing or two to happen for him to fall short.
When you consider:

  • potential injuries
  • a system not as focused on power running as in the past
  • a QB who can run
  • and a deep stable of RBs

I don't look for him to do it.  I do think he has a decent shot at it though.  It will probably hinge more on how many big runs he can break for because I'm not sure he's going to get a large number of carries.  One thing I think Hyde has going for him is that he will probably get an extra game to accomplish the feat with the Buckeyes eligible to play in the B1G CG.
If I was a betting man, I would bet against it.  But I'll certainly be rooting for him to get there.

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The only thing I'd disagree with you on this is the power running game. The Bucks might line up in a spread, but they're going to be doing some serious power running. Both Meyer and Drayton have both expressed excitement over Hyde's ability to be a power running back.
Now injuries, deep RB stable, and such could stand in the way of Hyde getting 1k, but it won't be because OSU's doesn't have a power rushing attack.
EDIT: I do think Hyde will get to 1K as long as he stays healthy throughout the season.

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They do have a power run game, and a very good one at that.  But the power run game in CFB is just not used as much as it was in the past.  Ohio State will still use the power run, but not nearly as much as in the past when 1000 yd rushers were more common.  And even when the game plan goes heavy on a power run, many coaches try to spread out the carries.  I think Ohio State used more of it last year than you might see this year, due to the personnel they were working with.  But if the receivers play better, Braxton throws a better ball and makes better decisions, and Meyer uses the h-back more and more, I think you may see less power running than in 2012.  So that's why I said what I did.  There's a reason why 1000 yd rushers used to be much more common than they are these days.

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I think you are confusing power back running plays and power running game. Does Urban and this coaching staff run a power I formation? no. Do they constantly run the big, power back in between the tackles on early downs? no.
but Urbans offense has a name, its called Zone Read Offense. He uses a base spread offense but runs a power zone read more often than you would think. Hyde might not get all the handoffs but they run that zone read a lot. 
and with the thought process that they are going to encourage Braxton to not run as often, that means the zone read will be handed off more often than last year. So a few of those Braxton runs will go to the incoming freshmen, passing plays and h-back. Hyde should and probably will get the same amount of carries he did last year. and when they build early leads more often this coming year, handing it off to Hyde will become more the norm because he 1. doesn't fumble, 2. always churns out positive yards and 3. gets stronger as the game goes on. 
He got 970 yards in 10 games in a sporadic offense that barely knew how to use him in 3 of the first 5. It is easy to think he can reach 1000 in possibly 14 total games in an offense that might be a lot more consistent and will probably average about 5-10 more plays a game too. When this team gets a big early lead, Braxton will most likely come out early. Hyde is durable, he will probably keep running up until the 4th quarter. 

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We have a long list of talented backs, but as the old saying goes, "You've got to dance with the one that brung ya." No one enjoyed Hyde's ability to burn the clock last year more than Urban Meyer. Carlos Hyde will lead the "rushing attempts" category by a large margin.

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No doubt.
But hopefully we won't be in a position where we need to use our feature back in "run out the clock" time too often this season.  I like to think we'll be in "Let's show case who's going to be kicking your ass next season" time at the end of most games this year.  

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Well need big scoring games. Ball is going to go to a lot of guys...

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I like his chances to get to 1000+ yards!  I also like his chance to get 20 or more TD!!
Go Bucks!

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Haha that game against CU must have been such a joke.  My friend's sister was one of the starting QB's hook-up girls (his name was Tyler Hansen), and she swears to the fact that outside of practice and games he was stoned, drunk, or taking painkillers.  Often he did this with teammates.  That whole football program sunk faster than the Titanic.
I could never imagine Braxton smoking weed tbh. I know a lot of college football players do but the starting QB at Ohio State? Doesn't seem plausible, doesn't seem like it mixes with 12-0.

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You're the defense.  You see a read option.  You swarm Braxton Miller so he does not make individuals look ridiculous by breaking their ankles in all sorts of ways while breaking free for a 60 yard dash.  Hyde gets the hand off, runs for 5 yards and as usual falls forward for a total run of 6 or 7. So lets say 20 carries a game multiplied by 6 ypc.  Yeah, he should easily eclipse 1000.