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Would you welcome Tim Tebow to the Ohio State football staff?



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If he can further help wth recruiting, yes.

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I put no.  Nothing against him, but do we *need* him?  Seems like the coaching staff is in really good shape.  A star type personality might become either a distraction not necessarily to the players but the school as a whole, or it could become a too-many-cooks-spoil-the-soup situation.

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Tebow = easily one of the top 5 college football players of all-time, and definitely the best one in recent memory. He knows Urban's system, is a great motivator, and is a figurehead for Urban's two national titles.
Fickell and Vrabel are great for recruiting, as far as former players go (especially Vrabel), but Tebow played for Urban, he can offer firsthand anecdotes for what it's like playing for Urbz.

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Urban would have a three time Super Bowl Champion, a two time National Champion and Heisman Trophy winner working for him.  I say Yes, if he wants to come in, bring him

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Leave the Florida guys in Florida...hire a buckeye if you need a coach...Troy Smith was a better quarterback anyway

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I'm glad you're not making decisions. 

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I would say yes for what he did in college, and for how that could help with recruiting... But he is a far too polarizing figure and I can imagine WAY too much publicity either way for every little thing he did.  Plus the people who would take shots at him for his lack of transition to the NFL, I can just hear some ESPN spin guy taking shots at Ohio State for hiring a "failed" QB from the next level who would then only be able to instruct other QB's how to fail in the pro's... Gah, too much.

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Completely depends upon in what capacity.
I can see him being valuable in recruiting, but after that I'm not sure what role he could play on the staff. I think his best spot is actually Assistant Strength Coach. Get somebody to learn from Mariotti, and I think he could be that guy.
But QB coach? RB coach? Assistant Offensive Coordinator? No thanks.

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Really torn here. I think his collegiate accomplishments would make Tebow a great asset to any coaching staff but I wonder if the media clown show that accompanies him would overshadow the program. (Even one as big as Ohio State)

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I couldn't click no fast enough.  Keep him away.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I would take him for his motivational and leadership skills alone. If that was his main purpose, I would be all for it. I don't think I would put him into any really demanding coaching position though.
CPLUNK has it right. Just depends on what capacity.

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He's too polarizing. I can see recruits being turned off by his presence if he joins the staff.

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Very interesting point that I hadn't thought of.  Polarizing is a good word.  I don't know if I'd say he IS too polarizing, but certainly has the potential to be.

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Be careful what you wish for ladies and gentlemen.  Would he be a necessary addition to an already great staff?  Not to mention he sure has been a distraction any where he goes since playing for Urban.  Think about the down sides as opposed to how much of a cult following he has as well as recruits looking up to him.  Is it really worth that???

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As long as he is not a quarterbacks coach

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To me this isn't a question of would you welcome Tebow to the staff but a question of do you trust our Head Football Coach Urban Meyer in putting together a coaching staff? Most would say yes to the second question. I have to trust that if Meyer thinks and believes Tebow could be an asset in any manner then I have to welcome him. I trust that Meyer would take everything "Tebow" into consideration. Bottom line is if Meyer was to believe Tebow could help, I trust him enough to be OK with it as well.

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Meyer might be thinking about a new type of coaching position for Tebow to fill, one that hasn't been thought of before. A position that is more tuned in to the mental aspects of football, than with teaching the mechanics of a specific position. Some pro teams have sports psychologists on staff, so this isn't a stretch. Think Mariotti strength training for the mind................  

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I think the staff is doing a great job of getting them ready from a psychological aspect. matter what the capacity of his coaching position will be, does OSU really needs him...???  I'm not so sure they do.  

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Nobody from TOSU has ever contacted me about a hire at any level.If the boss wants him fine with me, I take what I'm given.GO BUCKS!

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For me, it's complicated. Kids obviously know him and many love him. Kids know that Urban coached him and all the success they had together. These are good things. And I think he's a good guy. I don't have a problem with him. But, with him comes a lot of other stuff, some of which might not be good for the OSU program. I think the guy could be a good coach and recruiter, but I'm just not sure he needs to be associated with Ohio State in an official capacity right now. 

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I would take him solely for recruiting and an occasional halftime speech.
As long as he stays the hell away from our QBs...

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One reason: motivation.  The dude was always intense on the sidelines and I still remember his postgame interview when Florida was surprisingly upset by Ole Miss (I think) - he VOWED that no one, no team would work harder from that game on.  And they won a NC. 
I agree with others that say, though, do we NEED him?  I dunno, but I would welcome him aboard in a heartbeat.

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I think it is funny that people don't want him as a QB coach.  This is a totally irrational reaction. Look at George Whitfield, he wasn't even good enough to play QB at YSU for Tressel, so he went to Tiffin.  Now he is considered one of the best QB coaches in the country.  Coaching ability has little to do with playing ability (just ask Isaiah Thomas).  Also Tebow was quite possibly the best college QB of all time so as a college QB coach that thought process shouldn't even apply.  

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I'll add too that Tebow had some pretty impressive throwing numbers - and not just yards (which certainly Percy Harvin would have helped with yards after the catch).  He had few INT's, lots of completions, and a good completion percentage. 
To me it's more of an unknown, which is a risk.  But I don't think we can all say we know for sure he'd be a bad QB coach.
EDIT: Oh, and he knows a thing or two about winning games (lots of them) and also winning NC's.

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Get out of here with your sane and rational thinking!  We're Buckeye fanatics! We don't need rational thought!

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Assuming the reason for not wanting him on board is the fact that he was a Florida Gator and the beat the hell out of us... Why the hell would anyone not accept Tebow as an asst. coach?  We "let" Urban come on board and Ohio threw one giant party.  The results have been pretty good thus far.  
Assuming the reason for not wanting him is because he's a "distraction".  All non-negative publicity is good publicity when it comes to recruiting and the guy obviously knows how to be a leader and a role mode.  
I highly doubt Urban would let him give up on his pro career, however, unless all other options had been exhausted.

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I don't want him because of the hypercritical circus that follows him around.  He'd probably make a great coach someday.  But I don't want him at Ohio State.  I don't need to hear "Oh, Braxton Miller threw a terrible pass to the sideline...must be Tebow's influence" every time he throws the ball away.

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If nothing else... hire him to make half time speeches when the team needs a little extra motivation.

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Repentant sinners are always welcome. He can not be the QB coach. That is about all I could rule out. He could be a great D-Line coach for all we know.

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Why not?
Understood he is polarizing, but he is polarizing as a player and mostly just in the eyes of the media.  When has he gone out and sought the limelight?  He doesn't go out of his way to promote himself or anything like that.  And, if it brings media attention... what better attention than everyone talking about Meyer/Tebow being reunited and reminiscing about the success they had together previously?
He's a good guy, recruits do and will love him (and, just as importantly, parents do and will love him), and he's one of the most successful college QB's in history.
As others have mentioned, he may not have had ultimate success at the NFL level, but why does that preclude him from being a tremendous coach?  If anything, he's had as much if not more individualized and specialized QB training than anyone else.  He's had mechanical fundamentals pounded into his head.  He just couldn't be accurate enough and make enough of a change to his natural mechanics to have success in pro football.

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If he's here for recruiting help, yes. If he's here for coaching, maybe, as long as he's a low level assistant, like a video coordinator or something. But as a QB's coach, I'm leaning toward now. He knows the system and he knows how to play it firsthand, but he can't give any kind of coaching on technique.

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I need to pray on this before answering.

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I think Tebow would be a good asset but he brings a lot of baggage and invites criticism. It's complicated.

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You can never have enough star power on a coaching staff. Tim is arguably the best college quarterback in the history of the game. When he left Florida, he held 5 NCAA, 14 SEC, and 28 UF records. Add that to 170.8 career passing efficiency, 67.1% completions, 9,286 yards, 88 TD's, 15 interceptions. I don't know how many recliners we would all have to stack up to rival that career. I really don't understand the knocks on the guy. If he was gay, he'd be a National hero. He's a Christian, and not afraid to express that, so he's treated like a pariah. Where's the tolerance? Great athlete. Great motivator. If he chooses to try his hand at coaching, I think he'll be successful. If he comes to tOSU, I think he'll prove to be an asset.

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Well said. 


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No, because what the hell is he going to coach? Quarterbacks? He was a horrible mechanical quarterback.

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In a heartbeat!  Put Meyer and Tebow in a room with a recruit and their parents and you don't even have to speak.  The halo over Tebow would shine so brightly they would be dazzled in an instant.
Plus Gator fans would absolutely go insane if he came to OSU to help out.  He is their golden child and no one else can have him!

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Tebow was a guy I found easy to hate when he was wearing the other teams jersey.  I think he a combination of a young Coach Coombs, and a Chris Spielman at QB.  Would love to see him as a  Buckeye.  TT would be an awesome recruiter, a highly energetic coach and role model.  I say yes for sure!


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The media circus wouldn't be worth it!

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I could see this happening with the relationship that Meyer and Tebow have.  I think Tim would be a really good recruiter in some cases especially where a recruit may come from more of a religious background.  He would have that in common with them and be able to help build a relationship with them. 
I also think Tim's future would be more in the area of working with Mickey Marotti, the OSU strength coach.  Tim was an intense player in college and focused on strength and conditioning like not many others. 
If Urban thinks that he would be a good addition to the team then I would willing to give it a shot.  Give Tim some time and she how he does.  I still think though that Tim will try to play football for a little while longer, maybe not in the NFL, so this may be a year or two away from really being considered. 

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I still don't get tebowmania. He has never done anything on or off the (NFL) field to deserve to be so heavily scrutinized and hated on. I would welcome him with open arms. Imagine the motivation he could give a group of 18-22 year olds. 


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What position could he actually fill?  By most accounts, he isn't smart, he cannot even remember plays, and isn't good at football.  Do we have positions that require no ability to teach, no ability to strategize?  If so, I'd consider it, but until then, it looks like he's best suited for mutilating infant boys in third world countries.

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If Tebow got hired, I would actually follow college football less.

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Just think how unwatchable the games would be.  Nonstop coverage of him.  It would be like Danica on NASCAR.

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Football staff, no. Weight room staff yes.

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tebow on the buckeye staff?