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Would you be in favor of an "Updyke Law" to disassociate those who destroy other schools' historic icons?



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I voted yes but after thinking about this more I should have put no.  If we have to create a law for every stupid person or every stupid act we will have a lot of stupid laws.  (See law that fines drivers for having their dog on their lap because one person got into a accident). 

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Exactly why I voted no. We don't need stupid laws to force us to do something that common sense tells us we should do.

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In theory, you're right. But I think you're assuming the irrational fans will act like responsible adults.

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I love Ohio State more than most things, but I would never destroy something iconic from M*chigan due to the fact that I'm an adult. 
If we started trying to police all the stupid actions that people take we'd be going down a very slippery slope.
Let's just hope most people start to think and use common sense when it comes to destroying rivals icons.


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Aren't there already laws to deal with things like this?  Criminal Damage, Criminal Mischief, Injury to Property, Malicious Destruction of Property, Malicious Damage, etc...
I don't want to start a political debate, but if the current laws aren't stopping the idiots from doing these things, why would this one?  Is being disassociated from your alma matter really worse than jail time?

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Odd as it seems on its face, I do think there are some who would feel more threatened by a complete dissociation from their favorite university than they would be the prospect of jail time. Just thinking of the priorities of someone who behaves in the manner of Harvey Updyke, etc.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.

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Is being disassociated from your alma matter really worse than jail time?

I think you might be surprised.  If you enough of a maniacal fan to be doing these kinds of things, you may very well be maniacal enough to value your fanhood of your alma mater/chosen team more than a clean record or some jail time. 

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I voted no based simply on my lack of faith in the NCAA.  I think deterrents for this kind of behavior would be good if effective and fair. I don't think the NCAA is capable of either of those criteria.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.

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If this were even to be considered by Mark Emmert and crew, the issue would likely take a back seat for who knows how long.

They have some loose ends/hurricane warnings to deal with.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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This is proof that Foxworthy is 100% correct in stating " might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but run by idiots."  I'm also looking at you, NCAA.

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I don't think we should have a law. I am all in favor of a cultural norm among universities that this should happen. Universities have banned people from campus/booster events for lesser crimes.

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It'd be an over-reach at best to make a local/state law (read: completely stupid and unnecessary) or a codified university-level (read: extralegal) shunning system. Most of the shitheads who do things that would require a sort of retribution aren't actual alumni of the schools they're fans of; an excommunication would do little to stop them. 


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You can't manage, legislate, curb, or marginalize crazy.  Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

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Vandalism is already covered under civil codes - we should let the law work.
That said, of course, this is a special kind of vandalism we're talking about here; it's personal. So as a society we have a choice: we can 1) say there's no problem; 2) increase and enforce the security and the penalties; or 3) let vigilantes handle the personal cases outside the law.
There is a problem in our society already with enforcement of existing statutes, so case 2 is out. Case 3 brings out bad things in us, so we can't let that one happen. Case 1 (when was the last time anyone did significant damage to a Buckeye hallmark? A TUN hallmark) seems to be working for us. Let's keep our eyes open, though, for anyone suspiciously walking around our Buckeye trees....

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We have enough laws.

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I don't think it should be a government law, but yeah, universities should do this on their own discretion.  And they should do it.

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Jail isn't enough of a deterrent.  Force the assholes to mow the field of the school they attacked while wearing said schools jersey, record it and have the video play every pregame to allow the fans to point and laugh.

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As long as it isn't called that. People do these things to get attention so if you punish them and don't give them the time of day other people won't be inclined to do it. 

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idiots are why we can never have nice things

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If a law was passed there certainly needs to be an amendment allowing wolverine poaching.

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Bama fans are crazy . People  have told me I believe curry was the coach . He lost his first two games there and  they though bricks front winds of his home. They don't takes loses easy there like uk bssketbsll fans.