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Would soccer-style transfer fees be feasible in college football?



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Wouldn't that make them professional athletes?
(even more than they are already?)

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I couldn't see how this would work. I think the better alternative to allowing transfers would be the previously mentioned yearly (or multi-year) scholarships. Signing a player to a 2 year scholarship then not having a penalty after the 2 years if he wished to transfer for example.
I liked the idea of adopting some of soccer's relegation and friendly ideas, but I can't see how this is any real benefit or can be utilized practically.

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Don't see how this could be considered for cfb student-athletes, emphasis on the student part.

Curriculum, class schedules, etc?

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Yeah, to expand on that thought, Hove, many athletes do pick a school based on the education they're going to receive and for a specific major. I don't see how you take them away from what they're striving to do...

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This would encourage schools like Miami (Ohio) to try and turn a profit for their football program by selling someone like Rothlesburger.  If we are talking about the same sort of astronomical amounts of money as soccer, then this would do no good at all.  The problems this would pose both ethically and athletically to schools would be off the charts.