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Who gets your "freak" award on this Buckeye football team?



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I know the love that Shazier gets on here, but I would think that it would be Miller.  When you consider all that has been said about him by Coach Meyer as to the potential he has, and that he hasn't even shown his true abilities yet, my choice is obvious.  I also don't recall Coach Meyer making a mention at his opening press conference about Shazier like he did with Miller.  We all remember the comment, the one he said he couldn't mention in mixed company about his initial "reaction" upon meeting Miller.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Other....ALL OF THEM!

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I think when you have the world 'Damn' in your name, that kind of seals the deal for Shazier.  But I think Spence will end up with this title at the end of the year.  

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That big, that strong, that fast.
Even at 19/20 years of age he is a grown man.

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Even at 19/20 years of age he is a grown ass man.

I think that's better.

Long live the southend.

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I might want to see a bit more this year, but I'd probalby go with Adolphus Washington.  Sure Spence is quick and Shazier is fast too, Braxton can cut on a dime, but Washington moves so well for a guy his size, that, to me, is more impressive than what the other guys can do.

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XBrax, for sure.

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This works too:

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I think Adolphus Washington should be listed. He's big enough to be a DT, but has the speed to blow by players like Taylor Lewan.

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All great choices. Ryan has a different skill set than Braxton but both are fast and athletic. Braxton has the quickness, agility and drive. Ryan has speed, athleticism and power. The reason I would choose Shazier over Miller is that he plays angry!! 

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I went with Shazier as well. Once he got straightened out on the field he became a monster. Hell the fact that he was still making tackles his freshmen year with a leg injury tells you how much of a freak he is.

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Other Rod Smith. Can't have a freak without him. Stan Drayton called him "Tarazan". 6'3 238 with 4.5 speed and moves.

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Too bad he's not that good.


One Bad Buckeye's picture linebacker should be that fast.  I'll say the same about Mike Mitchell once he proves himself.  

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Why is Norwell an option?
Speed- Roby
agility/acceleration- Miller
size, speed, AND the two named above- Shazier
Physical looking freak aka Vernon Gholston award- Curtis Grant


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If I had to choose one Buckeye to start a team, it would have to be Brax. He has been the engine since his freshman year.

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I chose Braxton but come on, Adolphus is the quintessential FREAK! Kid is a monster. He is the size of Norwell, not that much slower than the others and looks a lot like another freak down in south Carolina.

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. He is the size of Norwell

Norwell goes about 6'5" 310. Washington 6'3" 290.
I wouldn't call them the same size. Also the others are ALOT faster then him!
The Clowney comparison is way off as well.


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I would def say Adolphus Washington. Athletically for his size, the kid is just a monster.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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That's a tough list to pick one player from. I'm going with Carlos Hyde. Everyone one listed has crazy talent. Hyde pounded out some tough yards, late in some key games, and made me a believer.

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Went with Spence.  I think his size and speed is going to open a lot of eyes this year.  Braxton and Shazier are great too, but Spence is my choice.  Isn't it great to have all of these guys on the same team.