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Which game on the schedule most concerns you?



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Cal. Mostly young defense against a balls to the wall new offense under their new head coach, and early in the year too. We should win, but I expect heart attacks from that game.
Northwestern is second. They are a solid team.

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I'm concerned with Cal as well...Mostly because it's early and the offense may not have Gelled just yet.
Also, Urban knows how to get the team up for Michigan and it's the last game of the year....should be seasoned and rolling at that point. I really don't think Michigan is going to have the horses to run with us offensively and our defense may not be dominant this year but it will be enough to hold them off.

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Yeah, I know he is working with a different roster at Cal and its his first year, but last year at La Tech, Sonny Dykes came within two of beating Johnny Football (59-57!!), beat Illinois at Illinois, beat Virginia at Virginia, and only had one game where the team scored less than 40 points. They averaged something like 50 a game.
Cal's offense gave us fits last year, and now those players that are left (no Keenan Allen, thank goodness), are playing Dyke's offense. If our d-line doesn't gel early in the year and that other linebacker sport doesn't shore up, that is just a much, much more dangerous game than people are thinking.

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We return nearly everyone from our offense, so I don't think that will be an issue.  I could see Cal's offense not gelling given that they have a new coach.  

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Nerdwestern. I just keep looking at that one, a night game, and it feels like one of those uber-frustrating games where we're just struggling.

I think we benefit from playing Cal early. They're breaking in a new system with a new QB, think our secondary plays a big role in that game with turnovers that shift the game in our favor.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I chose 'Bama. 

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I like the way you think.

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@Cal with this young team. OSU has the talent to make this a lopsided win, but the first away game gives me an uneasy feeling.

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I picked scUM, simply for a lack of a better option and b/c it's a rival on the road. But there's no reason why we shouldn't be favored and shouldn't win every game on our schedule.
I also have no idea why everyone is so worried about Nerdwestern. Isn't that considered Columbus West? (Or at least Part 2, after Bloomington?) Yes, Fitzgerald is a good coach and they have a solid team, but we have better athletes across the board, and an even BETTER coach. This isn't 2004, people. I'd be more worried about going all the way to the west coast early in the season. But it's Cal..... not Stanford. They are breaking in a completely new offense with a new QB and coach. That will take time to develop.

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I would be very surprised if this team isn't undefeated heading into Ann Arbor. In fact, I would be surprised if any of the earlier games even provide much resistance.

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I'd say Northwestern will be the toughest opponent at this point.  If Garnder has a better season than last year, my choice could change by seasons end.  I do believe he could be good, but think he lacks the overall competence that a starting QB needs.  We'll see I suppose.

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IMHO, this poll would be better without Michigan on it... They are and always should be the highest priority. Wisconsin is next, but that's just because we've struggled lately against them...

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My only concern is after we destroy scUM by 60 they cancel their football program  and I lose the enjoyment of beating them.

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sympathy vote for SDSU

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There is one game people should worry about most & that is the rival. Just as the coach & the team should never take them lightly, neither should us fans. That said, I think Cal is the most unknown of the games listed, because whatever they bring to the table will be something of a surprise...On the other hand, it's year one for that team & very early in the season. I don't think they'll have their sh*t completely together yet, but it won't be easy either.

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Northwestern scares me. It's the week after Wisky, and the week before an unimpressive Iowa group. Northwestern feels like a trap.

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Or..... Northwestern feels like another ass-kicking.

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I went with NW as my biggest concern. I get people saying UM but I know UM is going to be a battle because it always is. That isn't a huge concern because I know what OSU is facing going into the game. NW is a bit more curious because we haven't seen a NW team of this level in 10 years. 

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I went with Wisconsin because if we don't beat them, there is a good chance we may not go to the Big Ten title game. I'm look more to go to the Rose Bowl this year vs. the national title game and if you want to win the Big Ten, you need to beat a champion in Wisconsin. 

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I voted for the @Cal game for several reasons:
1) It's early in the season and we don't know exactly what we have. It'll be a good early season test for the young kids, but I"m concerned how the young line, especially young D line, will play. On top of that, we don't know how our O will function. 
2) No one would see it coming. Remember last year? How they gave us one heck of a fit? Just because they have a new coach (who knows how to take down power conference teams). They are also the wrong way across the country, which will not help at all. 
3) This game can make/break the season in more ways than we're willing to admit. If we win, it's "expected" and we can continue rolling on toward our title hopes. However, a loss to Cal ruins any hope at a shot at the title or any kind of national respect (unless Cal decides to be a monster this year and wreck everyone in the PAC and postseason, which is extremely unlikely). The hype train will crash and burn right there, and we'll be included in the "B1G Sucks" media storm. 
The third point is kind of a stretch, but if you think about it a bit, it would inhibit us from going to anything more than the Rose Bowl. And we all know what we're really aiming for this season.

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I'm voting Oregon.  Even with Chip Kelly gone that Oregon offense will be high powered.  I see them taking the Pac-12.  I think the SEC beats itself up and Alabama and LSU each have losses.  We take the Big Ten.  Then it is the Bucks and the Ducks for the Crystal Ball.  I see history repeating itself like we we beat 'em in the Rose Bowl!  That was a great win!
Go Bucks!!

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I don't know... that Florida A&M game REALLY gives me the eebie jeebies...

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Cal for me. Early in the season across the country, We struggled terribly against spread passing(indiana comes to mind), we lose our entire defensive line and that chemistry.  Cal will be better off without maynard at QB,  I thought he held that team back after watching a few of their games. To me that is a game we have to come out on fire, I think if we start slow we can lose that game easily. That Bigelow kid scares me in that type of offense.

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I think @Michigan is the toughest game, but are they really going to be a top 10 team like some people think they are going to be? I just can't see them being that good this year.

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At TSUN is definitely the one for me.  It's the easy answer, sure, but looking at it, I don't think that a) Anyone else on the schedule has the talent that TSUN should have, b) No game that I've ever watched OSU play in the Big House has been a cakewalk...the easiest wins were 11 point wins in '07 and '09, and those were pretty bad TSUN teams, and c) Hoke does get the rivalry, so he'll have his team ready to go.  Urban will have our guys ready to go, so the good guys should take it, but that's the only game I'm significantly worried about.  NW at night and at Cal are interesting, but unless they lay an egg in those games, they'll win.

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