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Is the Big Ten cool and does this matter?



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My Pop always says "Be your own man." It's what the Buckeyes do and what the Big Ten should do as a whole.  If your shit is in a pile, the hell with what others think! JMO

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I'm really confused by this poll question... Since when has a Conference been "cool"? In fact, I can't think of anything "cool" about collegiate conferences.
The new Acura NSX is cool. Brax360 is cool. The 2012 Ohio State Pro Combat uniforms are cool (still need one). Iron Man is cool. Urban Meyer is cool.

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Since when has a conference been cool, you ask? Please direct your attention to #MACtion. 

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I live in SEC country, so the B1G and OSU are highly hated.  I catch quite a bit of grief from SEC homers.

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I think those choices need to be expanded. What if it is cool but it doesn't matter. Or it's not cool and it does matter? So i went other because i'm not sure if it's cool or not but think it does matter.
For those that think it doesn't matter, i think it would affect being able to attract talent and viewers, which equals more money, which equals even better things.

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I went with other for the same reason. I don't really think it's cool right now, the entire conference that is, but I do think it's important from a national perception in order to draw not only the best recruits but the best coaches as well.

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Have to admit this must be the worst poll ever. Two questions are asked and one answer doesn't fit both. I don't care whether we (Big Ten) are cool, I don't know if we actually are or not. Simple answer is I don't care about the coolness of it all. All I care about is beating our competition, primarily TTUN and the SEC or whatever bowl opponent we face.

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I don't understand the question

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Well, the B1G has the Buckeyes, so therefore YES it must be cool and it matters. 
Go Bucks!!

d1145fresh's picture of the B1G are cool but I think they could do better. You have three stadiums of 100k+ which can provide a top 10 atmosphere. Northwestern is starting to become the Stanford of the East and they have Chicago to help make the push. Rutgers may (probably not) but may bring NYC into the mix which would up the coolness factor. Maryland is trying to become the Oregon of the East but they need to match the on field productivity and not just the jerseys.
The problem with the B1G is the lesser matchups are not just bad but boring. Nobody is tuning in to watch half the teams in the conference play. However as they keep bringing new MACtion coaches (where I think some great coaching minds are coming from) I think the quality on the field will continue to improve. Still, if you win you look cooler. 
Also if pooping your pants on the field is cool then call Joe Pa, Miles Davis. 

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Other: the poll asks "A or B?" and "C or D?" then only gives two options (plus "other"). The options should be "A and C," "A and D," "B and C," and "B and D." Or the question should be reworded.

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Consider Jim Delany Miles Davis


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The B1G is not cool.  It's ice cold.

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Poll needs to be reworded, split into two polls, or provide expanded choices. There are two questions. Is it cool? Does it matter? The choices dont allow someone to answer both.
That is all.

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I thought the poor wording was part of the joke...

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I think being "cool" only matters for recruiting. We have seen plenty of examples of highly rated prospects in the Midwest spurn the likes of Ohio State, UM, and ND for the allure of the SEC. 

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Is it cool, no, does it matter, yes

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Don't care if it's cool, I only care if it wins.  Cool is perspective, and the B1G will never be "cool" to people not living in B1G country.  Just as the Big 12 is not cool to me and never will be.

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What is wrong with you guys??? You wouldn't say the Pac12 w/ USC, Oregon and those west coast teams is waaay cooler than the Big East? At at some point, you can definitely say whether or not a conference is cool.
I clicked yes w/o thinking, strictly out of pride. But living on the east coast, I'd say the Big Ten (and the midwest in general) is definitely NOT perceived as cool

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I think Ohio State and TTUN are seen as cool to people, but as a whole the conference is not. Our second tier teams like, MSU, Wisconsin, Iowa, PSU, and Nebraska, just need to step up to compare with the second tier SEC teams like, Georgia, S. Carolina, Arkansas, and TA&M.

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How can any conference lead by this guy not be considered cool? I mean the guy just exudes cool-ness, right?

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Well, his eyebrows certainly do. I've seen him somewhere else before though...I just can't quite pinpoint it...oh, yeah, that's right...

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When the question is asked like that, it definitely makes it seem not "cool". But I don't think the cooler talk is "man the B1G is so not cool!, but our conference is so cool!!"
Just my .02
Now to take a term from Urban Meyer I would say the B1G is most definitely not the flavor of the month. But I like that Pat Fitzgerald is recruiting so we're on the upswing guys!!!

I like football

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I SAY YES, because i don't want to explain why in the comments.

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I think it's cool. But it would definitely be a lot cooler if the B1G, specifically Ohio State, could win an NC in football or basketball.



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The Big Ten used to be "cool," when the name of the conference actually accurately described the conference (even if in reality it was more like the Big Two and the little eight).  I liked the addition of Penn State, but it just feels like the whole B1G has spun out of control. All of this would be okay if the competition in football was a little better.

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