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What spring game setup do you prefer?



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Absolutely loved watching the player draft highlights. The players really got into it and had a lot of fun.

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is there a link to watch this video you speak of? Thanks!


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Not a lot of difference in the first and third choice, as it sort of works out that way. Having said that, one does get a feel for whom the team players feel are the best at their position by who they select.

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I think Urban is doing it the right way by letting the players draft.


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Urban has built his programs on one major theme: competition. If you win  you are rewarded. If you lose you suffer the consequences. I like the draft because it continues those themes and builds an underlying belief within the team that you must win the game. 

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Player Draft gives his team something to compete with and actually gives the Spring Game a "Game" atmosphere. Gotta say I love how Urban does things and love the way he gets his kids to compete, even in a Spring Game. Tonight's almost like the night before Week 1 ... I think some music from The Best Damn Band in the Land is going to be played today at work.


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I voted other in hopes of watching a "Past, Present, and Future" circle drill for 3 hours

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I voted other - continuously hand the ball off to Mark May and let the D eat him alive.  And to celebrate, every player gets leave the imprint of their rings on his forehead...

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where can you find the highlights of the player draft?