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What best describes your thoughts on the Big Ten's new divisions?



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I am pleased that the East appears to be stronger. The B1G has not been very good. There is a playoff coming and we need to have a good strength of schedule for the committee to see. Playing a better in-conference schedule, combined with more power conference teams out of conference, is exactly what we need to position ourselves for title runs.

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I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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B1G East = SEC West (perception of multiple good teams)
B1G West = SEC East (perception of one or two good teams)
Er, something like that... 

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I like that we are going to an East/West split.  Are we going to see Nebraska or Wisconsin in the championship game 90% of the time over the next decade?  It just seems like there is a better way to slit up the teams.  Also, there is a lot of speculation that we'll go to 16 teams at some point.  I wonder how that will affect the alignment - will the new teams be in the east or west?  Probably still a few years away from that, but you never know.  Sould be interesting!
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I like this will us with Ncaa playoff system. It possible if 2 two teams from the east have 1 lost they will make the playoffs with strength of schedule.

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I think the realignment gives the strongest possible strength of schedule.  There are only 2 possibly 3 teams that can be presumed as good in the west, and we should see one of them in the B1G game. Sounds like a win to me!

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Here is one idea:

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I've said this on other threads, but yeah, I'm for it. I love it. Gives OSU a strong strength of schedule argument on a yearly basis. The only scary part now is adding more than one powerhouse opponent to the OOC schedule...with a schedule like the B1G East, some easier games early on won't be a bad thing at all...

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If you are going to have divisions, I think you need to have East/West divisions that are easily recognizable (for example, who the hell remembers who is in the ACC Coastal or Atlantic divisions, or the B1G Legends or Leaders divisions, outside of some of the fans of those schools). That being said, if the B1G were to go to a non-East/West format, I have always thought that the Lakes/Plains idea would be cool; of course you would be running into the same problem outlined above.

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I never understood why they dismissed "Plains and Lakes" out of hand. Obviously bo/woody was just a joke, but they seemed to treat that suggestion with the same lack of seriousness.
All I can say about the West is that Illinois and Minnesota need to get their acts together.