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What are you most excited to watch for on Saturday?



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The running backs.

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I dont know if the running backs should be much of an issue, unless Hyde gets injured. RS has shown some bursts of greatness, and we've all heard nice things about Ball pushing Dunn and RS for some playing time. If RS can sure his fumbleitis, he will emerge as a star next year.

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All the above!  I need a "hit" of Buckeye Football so so bad!  I'm very curious to analyze all the previous mentioned positions and players to see if we can zero in on whether or not our incredibly high expectations have a fighters chance of becoming reality...

Hovenaut's picture in all of it.

Oh spring game, how I adore you so.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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D-Line must be dominant.  Look at the past 7 BCS games.  That's the biggest commonality.

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I'm most excited to see some of the recruits I've been following for the last year in S&G.

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Grant needs to show that he was worth all the hype when he signed. The LB position could definitely be a glaring weak spot in the defense this year if Grant doesnt show up. No matter how bad ass Shazier is (which he is as bad ass as they come), and no matter how much nickel and dime is played, without a strong MLB to hold up the center of the D, it could be quite the issue. I'm not so worried about what Grant is going to do, as I am worried that there isn't anyone else who seems capable enough yet to play MLB. He pretty much has to fill the void.

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Grant is who I am most curious to see. Our line backers are unproven with the exception of Shazier. If the middle level of the Defense (linebackers) looks good then I think we could have a hell of a defense. Braxton will improve, I kind of treat that as a given, but dang! if the linebackers live up to the potential we have a defense that could be...............special.   

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As much as I'm curious about all of those things, I most look forward to finding out the Bam-Childress-Taurin-Washington-Memorial(eventhough no one died)-Spring-Game-Trophy winner.

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Braxton followed closely by Grant.

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i'm assuming 'other' means the masters, right? i voted other.

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take that noise to a golf blog
(bubba watson surprise repeat, pls)

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#gobucks #xbrax360

How firm thy friendship

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Kill that nickname Kill it with fire!

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Is it a bad thing if one of the first thoughts of my day today was "I can't wait to see Miller throw the ball on Saturday"?

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Other: I'll be looking to see how disruptive Noah Spence really is.

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I will be focusing on Braxton's reads and mechanics.  I'd also like to see David Perkins get some quality reps.

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Braxton and his mechanics.  Everything else will be a watered down version of what we see this fall.  Braxton's mechanics will be the only thing "really" on display.  IMHO.

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Cant wait to see the progression of Miller in the passing game

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I heard a lot about Grant doing well last Spring too. I'm going to take a wait & see approach on that one, but I certainly hope it's all true.

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Ditto much of above on Braxton - got to see him hit the cross routes and underneath stuff with touch and accuracy.