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Will you still buy NCAA 14 even though Denard will be on the cover?



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I'm cool with this year's edition coming with free toilet paper.

I'll then fix it with this:

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Is it safe to assume that this NCAA 14 is a new Atari video game or something?

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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So will we only be able to play one season of football and then it just stops working like D-Nard will experience in the NFL?


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I usually pick up an NCAA game once every three years our so which makes for more interesting updates than getting it every year for roster updates and tweaks. I'm due this year for a new version, but it won't happen now. I can't look at his mug on there every time I get the game out for the next few years!

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I'm the same way. I got 2013 last year after getting 2010 or 2011 a few years earlier. The game simply doesn't evolve enough in a year to justify getting it each iteration.

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I'm like that as well.  Now, I have the opposite problem:  I have to buy it a year or two early because Denard is on there.  I have '09 and '12, but would have probably waited a while longer.
To those below talking about getting it used, the last couple years that I bought any EA sports game, i waited until around black Friday and it was available for $35 new (Along with Madden and other sports).

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I would caution anyone on buyinga used EA game. They include one time use codes now (or at least in my last ncaa game) that are required for online play. EA in general is really hated in the gaming community right now because of that sort of stuff and because of all the micro transactions they are incorporating into their games.

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Thanks for the heads up, but it won't bother me to not be able to play online. I'm not an avid gamer, and prefer to play against the computer. But it does sound like a major dick move by EA to pull something like this. That's why I'm not into gaming...aside from the fact I have little time for it to begin with.

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Seriously people stop supporting EA.  They are possibly the worst company in the world.

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I just recently bought ncaa 2012...used. I'm not a big gamer, and I certainly won't shell out 55-60 bucks for a game I might play every few months. Usually during the offseason. Dig the road to glory mode though. D-tards face being on the cover doesn't bother me. The price tag does.

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This is the only way I buy Madden and NCAA series games anymore. Thanks GameStop and all other video game exchange stores. $24.99 is much more palatable than $59.99. 

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I voted no because of denard, but in reality the main reason I'm not buying it is the new systems will be coming out around Christmas time and I'll probably try to get one of those. Don't want a PS3 game for a few months before I grab the 4 or the new Xbox 

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Besides the playoffs won't be in the game untill the 15 version, and XBRAX will be a senior so the Buckeyes will be loaded, I'll wait untill then.

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I'll just tear off the cover like I did with Tebow's a few years back...

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I have an old copy of NCAA 2002 I dust off occasionally that I bought used for a dollar. From what I've played of the newer games I don't see that much improvement.

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It's a buy year for me (I usually skip a year) so yea I'm gonna get it & replace the cover with this:

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"No, and because of SimCity."  EA can DIAF.

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I don't buy EA products.

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I'm with those above, I usually only buy every few years for more drastic upgrades. I always do like having a highly ranked OSU team, and we'll see what they come out with in terms of changes and whether its worth it.

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I already can't stand the look of those awful colors on his jersey, no way I could handle having that in my house or the every day sight of his face. 

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I won't buy it cause it's not Galaga or Centipede & that era is about when I stopped playing video games. However, the fact that Denard is on the cover might give me pause if I was to purchase it, but if it was something I really wanted, I would probably purchase it & then throw out the cover.

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